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Thursday, August 4, 2016 // 9:09 AM


Santorini was like a dream. Actually only 2 parts of Santorini were like a dream - Fira and Oia, they're the two places with the white houses and blue roof tops! The rest of it actually shocked me, it was sparse, dry land peppered with a few houses and goats. 

This was my favourite place in the entire trip! I got to do all the things I love to do - beach, boat, snorkel, ATV, ride around on a motorbike, u name it & I probably did it haha. 

Y'all know from my previous post that I really love Greek food and the food in Santorini was just as amazing as the one in Athens! We spent a lot of the time out of the house too cos we were quite central. I loved this! On the first full day, we hiked to Oia from Fira. This takes about 2 hours and we were walking along a highway for about 70% of it lol. The scenery was quite nice but I felt very uneasy walking on the side of the road, a few buses came quite close and I freaked every time lol. 

We reached a point where we got off the road and walked along a dirt path up the cliff side. This was when the real hike began! It was a raging 30 degrees and we had already walked for a good 2 hours. We were sweating up the incline, trying our hardest to avoid the donkey poop. We were rewarded with 360 panorama views of the island and we could see Oia in the distance. 

Oia was like a dream, we passed many houses that faced the water and had their own private pools. Super jelz of those people. Will probably fork out thousands to stay there next time though haha. We ate at a restaurant as we watched the sunset. Everyone clapped after it completely descended. 

Next day, we went on a little cruise that took us around the south of the island- we saw red beach, white beach, the Indian rock face, snorkelled and saw mountain goats finally swam in a natural hot spring (more like a like warm spring) and slowly drifted back to the port while watching the sunset. It was here that I met this lovely couple Billy and Shan, who were from London and super friendly! Met heaps of people actually, which is another reason why I loved Santorini so much haha. 

That night EMS, bobs and I went out trying to find a club, but there really isn't anything in Santorini. It's more resort. We did find a place with 5€ cocktails throughout the night.  And boy, was it a might fine find. The place was called Two Brothers and it's a bar that turns into a night club in the morning. We met a girl Cassie from Brisbane and Fernanda from Argentina here and became he best of friends! We also met ladies from London and danced with them to an array of songs ranging from Celine Dions My Heart Will Go On and my personal fave, Bailando :) they do this thing here called a head shot, where u get a free shot if u allow the bar tenders to hit u over the head with a bat (with a helmet on ofc) that was heaps interesting haha. 

Our last full day, we hired ATV's and rode all over the island, from the west we headed towards the mountain and caught mad views of the entire island, then south to red beach, then east to the black sand beaches and then went back home and all the way north to Oia to catch the sunset one more time! It was so exhilarating!!!! I haven't had that much fun in my entire life tbh haha. 

The  guy we booked the ATV and cruise off was super nice, he told us that he'd help us with anything, doesn't even have to involve his store or hiring stuff. So we were a group of 5 staying in a place that only housed 4 and the owner of the place loved right across from us right. This one time she asked Em, are u a group of 5 or 4? And she lied her was through it. We became increasingly paranoid, thinking there were security cameras and stuff and was like, okay 1 person should move out. Anyway, the guy from the store, didn't catch his name so let's call him Mr Papadopolus. Mr Pap got his young mechanic to drive me around on his motor bike trying to find for a new place to stay. His name was Yani, which means John in English. Offered to show us around the island but we were too tired after our boat trip. He also drove me around the next day trying to find ATV's cos they had rented out all of theirs haha. This was also quite exhilarating cos he kept weaving in and out of traffic. Anyway, to say 'cheers' in Greek is Yamas, and I forgot John's name the next day so I called him Yamas and he just laughed lol. Oops. 

Santorini was just amazing :)


Budapest probably surprised me the most. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from it, but I think because it's not on many people list of places to go in Europe, I wasn't expecting it to be the greatest place, but OMG it was so beautiful and the night life was amazing!!! 

It's very clean, has a lot of history and some very beautiful architecture. Hungarian food was also quite delicious haha. 

I met up with Claire here too!!! It was so good to see her :) we walked around the Jewish quarter and then later, we had lunch at this place called Anna's cafe. Sat beside these two guys who lived in Vienna but were originally from Israel. Claire had a good chat with them cos she had just done some volunteer work in Israel! Anyway, they were really nice guys, said 'don't wanna bother u while u eat, so Bon appetit, maybe we'll see u around. 

Claire left that night for Prague, so Bobs EMS and I went to this ruin bar called instant. It's a club set in old cellars and stuff I guess, idk how to describe it lol, but imagine brick arches inside and heaps of little rooms. There were multiple rooms with different music and other rooms just to chill, and another with arcade games and stuff! So cool. Anyway, while we were dancing some guy tapped me on the shoulder and said 'do I know u from somewhere?' Turns out it was the two guys from lunch! Haha, their names are Moshe and Shalom, super nice, danced with them for a bit. They work the the UN which is also super cool haha. 

Next day we went to the public baths which were a big part of Hungarian history. Now they're just like public swimming pools with heaps of pools heated to different temperatures. In the main pool, which happened to be the coolest but sat at about 30 degrees lol, there was like circular pit in the middle where the water swirls and pushes u with it. We have it in some pools here, idk what it's called, but it was super fun. Bobs and I went around it a few times and noticed a familiar face on the side. It was moshe and shalom again! Hahaha wtf right didn't even plan it. we hung out with them for a bit. Super nice guys!! 

We did a lot of touristy stuff on our last day. Budapest was actually so beautiful and the night life was so good! We went to a few more clubs and ruin bars but I ceebs detailing it lol, u get the jist. It's 2 am and I can't sleep. Fuck this jet lag :( 


Although I came into this trip with little to no expectations of any city or country, I went into Germany with pretty high ones and I'm happy to say, it did not disappoint! I guess the reason I knew/ hoped it'd be good is because Danny went there after we split in Milan and he seemed to love every bit of it! Then a week before Em Bobs and I got there. Dalz Jenny and Shanice were there and they seemed to be having such a good time, haha. The bar was set kinda high. 

I loved Germany so much, but it's not my favourite city. There is no other place in the world like it. The people are so friendly, the city is so unique and what it represents is even more awesome. I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps we'll get all the negatives out of the way: 
- the public transport system is so hard to navigate because there are 3 types of trains, surface, underground and tram, and they all run efficiently, but they're not all on the same map?????? Who does that. Pls help struggling tourists like me and put it all in 1 pls lol.
- everyone is so chill. A little bit too chill. Other than partying, there is nothing to do. The history and cultural stuff can be done in 2 days, the rest of the time you'll just be relaxing in a park or out clubbing. This doesn't sound bad, but because of this I wouldn't choose it as a place to live. It's not very stimulating. No one seems to work lol. Like properly work. Another good and bad point I guess 
- not much German culture, which I was pretty bummed about not being involved in. It's very metropolitan city, u don't get many girls in boobie dressed or guys in shorts and suspenders drinking beer from those tall mugs on the street haha. A lot of Germans we met here also said if we've only been to Berlin, we haven't properly seen Germany. This bummed me out a tiny bit 
- that's about it lol, but these points bare a lot of weight 

Okay now good things. Idk where to begin. Berlin is like a whole new world. It's a place where anyone can be whoever or whatever they want, because the people who live there are so open minded and welcoming. You run into so many different people and it's so amazing to hear where they've come from and where they're going. 

Clubs are open every. Single. Day. Not all of them, but there are enough that open at various times during the week that each week night is covered! It's mainly techno clubs, which I have grown to like heaps (love lol) but each club has something unique to it! My fave was probs a club called Sisyphos which runs on random weeks from Friday evening to Monday arvo non stop! It's got an outdoors festival vibe cos there's like sand and a pond and balconies with hammocks and beds and old Utes that u can drink in and one of the dance floors is in the equivalent of an old barn lol. The people here were quite eccentric with their dress, lots of colours and costumes! It's just a nice place to be. Oh, it was also the place we met Nicholas Hoult from skins/ X men hehe. He didn't make the club for me, but definitely added to the experience! Anyway cos it's open nonstop there are beds for people to sleep if they never wanna leave, and there's food and a cafe and bars and omg there's everything!!! Everyone is so nice too, great place to mingle haha 

And then there's the infamous Berghain. It's the fetish club that resides in an abandoned power plant. It's bouncers are notorious for being ruthless, rejecting anyone who doesn't fit the vibe they're trying to create inside. This generally means if you're dressed up in any way, you'll be rejected. If you smile, are too loud or are taking selfies in line, you'll get rejected. They choose 'serious' people dressed in black who don't bat an eye as they death stare you and make u feel worthless. They're so powerful. But they're absolute cunts and douchebags cos u know they get a kick out of belittling people lol. Anyway, like I said it's a fetish club so they don't want people too dressed up cos inside 98% of people lose their clothes by sun down. There are rooms/ booths where anything goes. It's an experience haha. Bobs and I managed to get in twice and we were so happy cos of the rep it had, but it was a tiny bit underwhelming. Maybe cos Danny and dalz kept hyping it up lol. But yeah, the sound system is absolutely amazing. The naked people and booths are interesting. Most people inside are super nice, but the whole bouncer thing is a bit ceebs. I did like it tho. Music was amazing. Definitely go again if I can! 

Claire and I went into another fetish club called Renate, I liked it more than berghain because people were dressed more eccentric and there was also a really nice outdoor area :) some things I saw were pretty like, wow I can't believe that happens here. But at the same time I think, hey it's Berlin and anything goes and that's pretty cool that there's a place in the world like this. You can be whoever you want to be and it'll be okay. 

I clubbed 3 nights in a row and then again the next day (Sunday arvo) and I was so sleep deprived, but there was something about the night in Berlin that made u just want to go out, even if it's not to club, just to explore or whatever. I loved it haha

Other than our night time rendezvous, we did absorb a lot of the history. We went on a walking tour and learnt all the little things about Berlin that make it unique. Like there are golden brick/ stones in the pavement outside certain houses called tumble stones which denote which Jewish person lived there before they were killed. It was really sad but also really beautiful. We also found out that they're all over Europe which was beautiful too. 

If you have a drink in a glass bottle, you should never throw it in the bin. Leave it on the ground because people collect them and it's their means of making a living. Each bottle is 8c so they walk around collecting as many as they can and they take them to the recycling areas and get cash back. It's a good way to clean up the city and to help those in need (cos the ones who collect the bottles are often homeless).

There's an area called Kreuzberg which is apparently known for being uh, corporation free. Idk how to word it lol. Everything in that suburb is privately owned, except for 1 McDonald's. It's because the people of that place believe in helping out small businesses  so they're super anti- chain stores and stuff. So there was a subway there a few decades before maccas and it was the worst subway store in the entire world because it had no customers cos no one in Kreuzberg supported it and hence, it didn't get any business. The store was also paint balled every night lol. Maccas were a bit more strategic about it, it waited a few years for this whole attitude to dwindle a bit and it opened up with a big kids playground next to it. It still stands, but gets little to no business and people use the park without buying anything lol. But I liked the idea of this - helping out the local community and stuff, very forward thinking berlin! 

There are also these bins/ open sheds throughout the city where u can place ur old/ unwanted goods and pick up someone else's. Things range from clothes to furniture to knick knacks. I forgot what they were called but it's sorta like free and for sale in Sydney, except everything is free and it's first come first serve. This is really important for those in need. Idk I really like stuff like this lol. 

Fuck this is all over the place lol, I may as well stop here. We didn't have much German food, but what we had was always good. Had heaps of street food. I love curry wurst!!! 

Photos soon lol