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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 // 2:38 AM

I want My Favorite Highways album, 'How To Call A Bluff'. Im sure jb dsnt have it, i dont know if you can order it or not but i really want it :(. im gna beg them to stock that album :@. I think im gna go parra on sat with danny and dalena to ask/beg and buy shirt paper and check out the screen printing thing.

DO YOU, YES YOU, WANT A CUSTOM DEISGNED SHIRT?! A SHIRT WITH ANY DEISGN ON THE FRONT AND OR BACK. THATS RIGHT ANY DESIGN, ABSOLUTELY ANY DESIGN YOU DESIRE. tell us what you want and well try to photoshop it, it can be like another shirt or just as simple as a picture found on the internet :). if you are intrested please contact me, yes me, at fodmn@hotmail.com and tell me wot you want and well create it :).

We have to make our own manga comic for art. Im gna base it on soundwave 08 and make people into magicians and warriors and monks and shit. LOL danny told me to and i reckon its a pretty good idea :). just hope i dont stuff it up.

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Friday, July 25, 2008 // 7:35 PM

I miss the good old days. when tv used to be black and white and dial up was awesome. LOL! . my net stuffed up so much i think my dad is gna change network to some tnc shit 150 gigs :L but i doubt thatll make any difference. i was so bored without net, tho i had other technology, nothing seemed fun. except maybe watching oth :). now that i have net, i checked my dA, hayley band, emails and everything and im bored ==;.

i remember the times when people would go outside and play as soon as they got home from school. we'd play handball or tips or something. even playing with little 1st and 2nd graders was fun. but ever since i got my own comp, i dont go outside and exercise and have fun. everyone seems to be busy, even the little kids are glued to their ds's. so much has changed in 2 years. i want everyone to like go outside again and have a reunion and play tips and handball and ride our bikes and everything. but, sadly, i dont think i have any time, and i dont think anyone else has time. CHILDREN NEED MORE TIME TO PLAYYYYY. i wish i had the homework i recieved in primary, 1 week to complete sleeping words and some extra work. god it was so fun. and easy. i just wish i could go back in time and actually enjoy the time i spent with friends at school and at home. people really dont appreciate things until theyre gone.

Well, subject selection soon. i think my list hasnt changed much. its still 1st- photography, 2nd- music, 3rd-drama, 4th-va. i kind of dont wanna do photograhy. so many people want to do it cause they reckon its just gna be taking luvos with a digi camera ==;. i think they might all back out when they hear we have to use chemicals and everything :D but many people are going to be persistant and still choose it. i serzly dont want to be in a class that dsnt appreciate photogrpahy as an art. LOL!


Monday, July 21, 2008 // 10:03 PM

First day back to school for term 3. omg im almost in yr 9 :O . god was it boring. didnt actually do much when i think about it LOL. oh and we had a concert thingy the last 2 periods of the day. it was pretty okay. i wouldve been better if there was a mosh pit :( WHY DSNT CANLEY EVER HAVE MOSH PITS?! except in the playground :L omg so many people like mr sun LOL theyre like omg hes so cute and shiet :L:L and then something about angus o___O; i didnt know girls in my grade are so obsessed with him and neighbours over all :L.

Well, nothing else to blog about. so here are a series of questions for you. yes, you, the shim reading this. please answer and show me :)

be serious, stop living in a world full of lies.

How was your day?

What did you do?

In one word, what do you want in your life right now?

keep going... why? how will yu get it?

What will you do when you get it?

What are you afraid of most?


What kind of occupation do yu want to have when you grow up?

Why do yu want a job like that?

Any specific occupations?

What other plans do yu have for the future?

What do you hate/really dislike?

Out of the things you have right now, what can you live without?

Any things you want/need to accomplish before you die?


Saturday, July 19, 2008 // 12:55 AM

havent been on most of this week. my mums back is hurting bad and i have been helping her all week. alsooo... my net is fucked up and im gna blog fast before it dcs agen.

well today went to watch the dark knight. god is was so good! i love joker :) and harvey dents face :D i wonder what batman is gna come out next. this one was awesome. the only flaw was having to sit in that cinema chair for 2 hrs and 52 mins. but if yu take out the ads then 2 hrs 37mins. i dont want to spoil it for whoever reads this but god i cant not. why so serious? no seriously, why so serious? bro joker is beautiful why does everyone call him a freak?! :( hes beautiful and even his wife left him when all he did was reassure her that he'll love her no matter what. the end was awesome. the beginning was okay i didnt get it much but it was still good. i think ill dl it agen since i missed like 2-3ish mins cuase i drank too much slushie and had to go pee ==;. when i came in i heard a loud noise and found joker talking to people :'( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!?!?! oh well, its a good movie. i would recommend it for everyone cause i saw little 7/8 year old boys watching it and they enjoyed it. just not harveys face.

i think i will change my desktop to joker :D cause he got it like that and he is played by heath ledger. omg final fnl finale and the actual fnl. no more big brother ever. it died afetr like 7? years. and last week or a few days ago bb in america started, their first one ever. LOL i think i might dl and watch but... nah. ill save my downloads for somethign else. i still have tonnes of homework left, first day back i have a pe assignment, maths and english homework due. so i guess i will do it now... we dont have drama cause we have like some concert thing where all the music tutors play stuff possibly songs and of course, music. OMG theyre going so high on that hanging thing. bro just watching it is making my hands water. like FULLY ON. im fucken scared of heights. but i guess, if i go parachuting or like on that thing on fnl, the moments before i go up or the moments before i drop i will be most scared but while im in the air itll be alot of fun. omg im gna go parachuting when i grow up :D. and im gna ride ? LOL on victoria falls and like vivst niagra falls and statue of liberty and like everything. i wanna like go travel around the world when i finish studying or after i get enough money from working or something. i esp. wanna go europe :) mroe then america, i reckon americas just like australia but less sunny and it has more stuff? and is also more polluted. i can always dream.

believe in what makes you feel good and what makes you happy.believe in the dreams you've always wanted to come true, and give them every chance to.
... skip alot
life is a precious gift in which anything is possible.

thursday and wednesday nothing much happened just helped my mum at her shop and watched alot of tv. OH and dexter omg ep. 8 is so beautiful :)

tuesday, had picnic. we took photos. trying to be like pros yu know? LOL i like some of them.. havent got any of them back yet i think ill ask for them now :L. yeh so me and claudia were like 'trying' to break dance for everyone and i can still do a handstand :') who wouldve thunk it. yeh and we um played with blackie the stray black cat. it was so cute x] it posed better then the people LOL! and it kept following the camera around so it could have its picture taken. i love emilys mums' chicken wing marinate :):):) gosh its so beautiful! soycause and sweet chilli or someshit? im gna ask her for the recipe but i think my balls fell off.

monday, only thing i remember was seeing so many flags @ cabra station. pilgrims came and yeh. i talked to the welsh and irish for like 5 seconds i love their accent x]

tomorrow might go to last mass and see pope benedict XVI and wave my flag around :D.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008 // 5:43 PM

yesterdays post.

Are yu supersitious?

on black firday like last month or something i stepped on a crack, and now my mums back is breaking. tho nothing bad happened to me on that day. all the bad luck came after. the next monday i broke my super nice fully pro thick based clay thing and i had to make it again. my mums back isnt literally breaking. its just hurting fully on that she cant bend down. soooooooooooooo i have to work and help her and cook and clean now. the food sucks :'(. and well its not like i dont clean if her back is well x]

Elmo was just on rove. he was cheeky-er then before. cutting through his sentences but it was all funny x]. i think he grew a bit too. he knows about stuff... before he was too young to know what stuff meant lol. Sam Sparro was also on. he is aussie/american/english. and his voice is so cool, singing and talking voice that is. LOL so currently dling his album... taking quite long.... i really like that black & gold song tho ive only heard it a few times. the clip was beautifully beautiful.

Well dexters on, i cbf watching it. i usually still watch shows that i have already seen when theyre on tv but now maybe i just too tired? anyways gtg now bye bye (L).

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Friday, July 11, 2008 // 3:58 PM

oh my lord jesus christ the only son of god. dA looks so nice now ahahaha x] its really pretty :D and confusing :D kinda :D. i need to stop blogging in the morning but..... yesterday, went parra with catrina and monia. they both got a build a bear, monia got that champ bear and named it mr biggles and catrina got turtle the tortoise :D theyre both so cute x] and catrina got her jacket OMFG BRO ITS SO NICE AND WARMMMMMM i want one :'( but theres onyl 1 pink one left thats a size liek 14? lol well at least i got a shirt. stussy :D. i am happy i got something. i wouldve usually not bought anything. i saw so many nice things :'( i could afford some but i still didnt buy it ==; omg im so stupid =/ and some things i didnt have money for. Sanity sells atticus clothing :D omg i want that shirt with the glasses and the purple one and the one with the little hood @ the back x] :D andand im gna try to find the shirt with the tapes i saw on the site and the nathan shirt. omg all of that together is prolly like $210. i really want the glasses and the hood teeeeeeee and maybe that hoodie thing @ glue that i was about to buy but didnt ==;. omfg bro this is what i want for my bd :D

- frog :D
- a friend for the frog
- hug from hayley
- hug from everyone else
- hiptop/sidekick
- clothes
- take me on a shopping spree :L
- all lp albums, actual cds
- all cs albums
- RIOT LOOOOL can yu believe that i dont have it? :L:L shocking aye
- bop n beep
- ice bat
- basically all ugly dolls
- OMG DID YU KNOW A PIXMAS ONLY 69$? or around there.
- world peace
- come hug trees with me, literally
- tablet
- iphone?
- viao
- omg i wanna go sw 09 SOMEONE SHOUT ME
- gabe hoodie if i dont already have it
- fish and chips
- a jb hifi
- FUCKEN LAMBROGHINI catrina you better become famous.

all i can thionk of atm. i will add in my other posts. you better get me something :L frog first :D thats why its at the top? ;].

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Thursday, July 10, 2008 // 5:02 PM

new layout i made myself :D. the coding was so confusing and hard. spent all morning on it. i kinda like it i guess? maybe ill change a few things when i get back. anyways going parra now. good bye.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008 // 5:45 PM

i love james (L)(L) for the past few days my net was being a bitch whore mf and i had to stay on the phone with the netcomm people for like an hour when i couldve played pinball :@ but oh well i have net back now. (:.

i also had the most bestest not so crazy but cunning idea yesterday ;]. USE TWILGIHT :D:D. more views on my dA and so far its going okay... i guess. all i did was make a moving icon of a quote from twilight. god people will like anything that has something to do with what theyre searching. say theyre searching twilight or edward cullen, they will fave almost everything they see. serzly, no one appreciates real art these days. that includes me, but i guess im not like those freaks that fave everything they cross. i fave things that actually look nice. GOOD AESTHETICS YU KNOW? sooooooooo i am gna make everything twilight and flood my da with it til i have infinty views (H) or so and prolly move to scraps so i can still get further views without it being in my gallery :).

i am so slack and smart ;]. MY NEW PINBALL HIGHSCORE!!!! 5, 682, 800 :D:D.

god i wanna watch dexter, but its taking so long :(

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Sunday, July 6, 2008 // 4:38 PM

The Getaway Plan were awesome last night :D but i dont think they played another song like all the other bands that were on rove :(. ELMOS ON ROVE NEXT WEEEK! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH x] LOL hes so kewl :) OHH YEH metro station were on tv too LOL shake it was playing when the ameican so you think you can dance ad was on like omg :L have yu noticed that they sound like boys like girls? if yu havent listen toooooooo..... seventeen forever. its so ... trace and masson sound so much like martin and paul. its morning so i dont have much to blog about.. i was just so bored. everyone sleeps in so late :(, sleeping in for me is like 1 or 2 hrs more then the time i would wake up if i had school. i just cant seem to sleep past 10 unless ive had an all nighter which only happened once. did yu know metro stations kelsey on the album sounds different to the one that yu can dl off like the net? its so beautiful :)

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Saturday, July 5, 2008 // 11:49 PM

Holidays are boring so far. i guess its cause im makeing it boring. the only things i got to look forward to are prolly getaway plan, OMG THEYRE ON ROVE TONIGHT :D, and world youth day if my sister is bothered going, i think she will :D she was excited about being a volunteer or something but my mum didnt let, lol.

This morning/afternoon i finished my PE assignment so i guess i can cross that off my list of things to do in holidays ==;. i have so much homework i swear its not funny, its never funny. i hate being in maths 1, i thought holidays were meant to be a break from all this work and study but according to ms lal, it is time for yu to study without the stress of class work. whatta mf. I still have english, loads of maths, drama joke, va and preuni work to do ==;. i think i wouldve done drama by now, i dont think i ever leave drama homework to the last minute :D LOL but i have to work with catrina on this skit thing, we have to act and learn the lines off by heart, if we do it in class only i dont think well finish but oh well. heres what we have to far i think...

" excuse me, but hello. i am new in town, can i have the directions to your house? -missing words/lines/scene- is your mums vagina/womb and oven? because when you were borned(? LOL IS THAT EVEN A WORD?!) out you were hot as. "

i just finished re-watching neon genesis evangelion, i had nothing else to do. i need to learn how to burn stuff as a dvd file not comp file :( orrrrrrr i should get a dvd player that can play comp files omfg :(. i dont know what i will do because learning songs on piano and homework is definately not going to fill my holiday schedule up. i think i will have to watch shit quality vids on tv-video.net, maybe ill watch oth again or doctor who. OMFG I MISS TORCHWOOD. it was so good :'( and theres not gna be a new season till 09 ==; but it is almost term 3 then yu have term 4 then im in yr 9 and it is 2009 :D but i cant wait that long :(. all the shows i dl are like dying or dead. dead. until september. HEROESSSSSS, house, gossip girl, true blood. and more shows out in later 08 like samantha who, dirty sexy money, lipstick jungle etc. i wonder when NCIS is gna be back, but i dont want to for some reason, maybe cause ziva tony and mcgee arent in the series anymore :( well like in gibbbbsessssss team, he gets a stupid new team :(. please tell me if yu know when ncis will be back.

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// 4:38 AM

Well it is offically holidays :D for me anyway, others woulve started like this morning or yesterday? but i had stupid preuni :(. i have so much too do and so .. the right amount of time? getaway plan next sat :D and im gna spend most of my time learning vivalavida and miserybusiness and somuchlove ... (why didnt i put any spaces?) well yeh im gna try my best to learn all three songs on piano before holidays end :). also, i think that is it. i dont think it will occupy me so maybe ill watch dexter and summerland if dalena or danny brings it on sat.

HAYLEY HAS A BF?! well its a rumor, shes dating the lead guitarist from new found glory chad or something there were these photos and in one of them she looked so cute x] http://www.hayleywilliams.com/Photos.html (3rd photo). the comments people are making are so false and unbelieveable, do yu think hayley would cheat on someone or with someone?

" I know for certain that Chad cheated on Sherri with Hayley while he was still married. Hayley seems to have pretended to be Sherri's friend all while sleeping with her husband behind her back. Sherri's heart was broken. Chad is a jackass. Hayley is a homewrecker. The end. "

" here is the REEEAL story. hayley cheated on josh w chad. chad cheated on sherri w hayley. josh n zac (farro bros) were so pissed that the band almost broke up. sherri was so pissed that she filed for divorce and of course is no longer friends with hayley. i love hayley but she really put a lot of people through absolute HELL. cheating on ur boyfriend and stealing ur best friend's husband is also not very CHRISTIAN if you ask me!!! "

" I dnt think Hayley would cheat on Josh or steal someones husband that's just dumb, Hayley is sweeet and innocent... leave her alone. And actually does anyone have any actual proof of this? I doubt any of the people fuelling these rumours are close personal friends of any of the people involved in this scandal. So until someone can come forward with some real evidence not just hearsay move and get over it! I mean honestly just cos ppl saw her with him that dnt mean she's dating him, she has appeared with other ppl on stage aswel it dnt mean she is with those ppl does it!. Omg!!!!! Leave her alone!!!! "

how many facts can there be? who actually does know for a fact that josh and hayley were dating and that chad and his wife divorced cause he was cheating on her? are people implying that hayley had sex with a 26 yr old when she was 18? because I KNOW for a fact that they got divorced a year ago, and if what people are saying is correct, then josh and hayley were dating and a 26 and 18 yr old fucked each toher, the 26 yr olds wife found out and the 18 yr old is no longer the 26 yr olds wifes friend, the band found out that the 18 yr old cheated on her 'boyfriend' and the band almost split. who ever said that hayley cheating on josh (wtf?!) was the reason pmore almost split? none of this is actual proven facts. sure it fits, but like i have never said before, 'just because you fit the shoe dsnt mean you own it'. i dont think that makes any sense but oh well. main point is that no one knows for sure. they dont chat with hayley on the phone everyday/night, they dont know every detail, and even if they did, she can always lie. just because she is christian dsnt mean she cannot make up fibs but i dont think, THINK OKAY THINK, that hayley would cheat on someone or cheat with someone. i know they should all shut the fuck up.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008 // 10:39 PM

OMG. people are so fustrating sometimes. like they dont know what they're saying and they reckon theyre making a full good point. they dont even realise what theyre saying is contradicting themselves or is a dumb thing to say because of where they are. iHayley. the bebo site. like bro some people are so dumb, it is a hayley site and they go omg there are other members in paramore its not just hayley. OMFG. LIKE ITS A FUCKING HAYLEY SITE NOT PARAMORE. it pisses me off soooooo marchhhhhhhh. so i told someone off cyberly :). well i would, if they end up reading it lol.. it went something like this:

"i know there are other members. the only reason mods blur/mosiac the other members is because this is a hayley site/fc more then it is a paramore one. so we make her stand out more. because we do that, it dosent mean we love hayley only. i am sure we love all of them equally. and i am also sure that if we had a josh/jeremy/zac fc instead of hayley we would blur out hayley + other 2 guys and leave the other standing out more. and if it was paramore we would just edit. if yu want a pic that is edited without people being blurred/mosiac-ed out then i suggest you go to a paramore site or fan club."

people can be so dumb sometimes. i like it when i become a smartarse and tell them off :) it gives me this good feeling inside x].but it is still slack. lol.


i wanna find another comment that says something like that so i can tell other people off LOL. it could go something likeeeeeeeee... 4.7gb? nothing comes to mind :L i guess i ave to read it first.. oh well.

YESTERDAY I SMELT SOY SAUCE EVERYWHERE I WENT AND IT GOT ON MY HANDS TOOO!!!!! and it still smelt a bit today. and OMGGG huynhs sister came in maths to give him yum cha and and and he didnt like one thing so he gave it me and steph. and guess what? IT HAD SOY SAUCE WITH ITTTTT. WOOOOOOOH i was sho yummy :):).

After, we had house sport. finals! lol. and of course, we lost. 6th bro :L:L. and that referee lady, ms keranovic or someshit, fuck shes such a cheating whore. she reckons she knows so much when she dsnt. i bet she reckons that as children we dont know the rules of basketball. LIKE BRO WE PLAY MORE OFTEN THEN HER AND SHE SAYS WE KNOWS JACK SHIT shes prolly played for a shorter period then us, there prolly wasnt even basketball whereever she came from, or maybe there was but it had different rules. ==;. she cheats so much her own team dsnt even like her! there is no such thing as a defending or attacking key. her brain is getting mixed with soccer ==;. if a person has the ball they are allowed to stay in the key forever, but when they lose it then the 3 second rules starts. all this bs abt if its the defending teams key they can stay as long as they want is just wrong. it fucken sed in the rule sheet when we first started this term, 'no student is allowed in the key for more then 3 seconds unless they have possesion of the ball' motherfucking whore.

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eeeeeeeeeeeh day
// 12:25 AM

Today was E-Day or Multicultural day. The morning concert was prutty cool. lol, no mosh pit but we still stodd up and waved our glowsticks and hands and everything. it was moshing except everyone was sitting down. people dancing in their seats? x] the costume parade was cool too. every culture/country seems to have the pease sign as their national symbol while theyre strutting their.. heavy clothes on the cat? walk. Then we went out to like eat and do other bs. it wasnt really that fun honestly. i only liked it when i ate the pancakes :):) and the science comp, lol that was pretty fun. i was so sad, that i wanted all these nice foods and i had the money but i didnt buy it. omg :(. WHY AM I ALWAYS LIKE THAT?! @ pmores, sw, everywhere :'(. i wanted the fish balls and ms morvillos pizza :L andandand .. HOT CHOCOLATE? i think... or like fried rice or spring rolls. but no ==; i ate stupid 'american' hotdogs and lovely pancakes :) and small chips. i bought so many tickets bro. i had to sell like half to donovan and i gave my left over one to nancy. i shouldve bought more food :(. OH and i chucked my name on the wall place in B-Block, FODMN lives on the boarder of vic, next to DAN? or something LOL. i should've done it earlier so i could chuck my hand on there aswell as my name, and it wouldve been inside of australia :(. oh wellll. i wanna take photos of it. its so beautiful. maybe ill take it tmr or something. Well , nextttttttt, we had the karoke thing. god it was good. no matter how bad they sung or how good, they were all entertaining in some way, like ms morvillo sed, some for the wrong reasons. Catrina, emily, nita, eevryone sitting in their row and steph and i full cheered when lyanna came on, and we were singing along so loudly to the chorus, she was actually quite good. and omg some girl sang kiss me, by new found glory? or someone else and new found glory sang it too. kitty or winnie was awesome. While the judges were deciding who would win these yr 11s sang 'hit me baby one more time' by britney spears, god it was funny, their movements and gestures for everything were beautifully beautiful.


the bs in my life.
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 // 4:05 AM

I hate this so much. My fucken guitar is out of tune. and i dont know how to tune it. omfg :(. ive tried like this online guitar tuner thigny, but thats no help. i did it by using the string frets and things and that dotn work either. it sounds okayy-ish now ut its not correct. omg. i think i should go a purchase a guitar tuner thingy mabob.

Well, tomorrow is e-day. A lot of people are getting so excited about it. i dont udnerstand why. it is just a day where yu HAVE TO PAY if your wearing your normal street clothes, and yu miss out on school work for a morning concert with no mosh pit, have a long recess/lunch thingy and eat pancakes and do activities, which is gna prolly cost a lot.then go and watch the karaoke competition. Emily wants me to wear my DC. cause theyre pretty? lol. and so i am going to waste 1$ on wearing normal clothes. like omg we can wear normal clothes for free on a normal school day if we bring a note ==;. sooooooooooo im only gna look forward to the no-mosh concert, pancakes and that silly string fight or something? i was water, but rocky decided it was cancelled ?? o__O;

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