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stay gold forever

being here with you

we were meant to fly

you got me
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and i got you
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Friday, December 30, 2011 // 10:31 PM

I have to leave in 30 mins. I kinda really cannot be fucked LOL but I don't wanna stay home by myself so I guess there's no other option.

Anyway, let's recap the year LOL

It was good. Yup.

I have a massive pimple on my chin boo :(

I'm hungry LOL

I hope tonight is fun

What should I wear? It's a bit late but i keep changing my mind LOL

I'm really excited to go out next year LOL next year, that's tomorrow!! Yup, good one Jess. Anyway LOL I want to swim at a nice beach and I want to like ... have fun lol

OH NO, WERE THOSE RESOLUTIONS?!?!?! D:::::::::::::::::

It wasn't my intention ... to brag but I've got him where I want him now

Oh paramore

Anyway LOL I thought I'd just kill some time blogging but it didn't work out very well

Good bye

Have a happy New Year blogger :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011 // 4:07 AM

In under 49 hours, I can read that blog letter I wrote to myself. I don't know why I'm so excited about this LOL New Years Eve parties can wait, I've go a letter written to myself to read hehe LOL

// 2:39 AM


Saturday, December 24, 2011 // 4:57 AM

Brisbane, here I come!


Thursday, December 22, 2011 // 10:59 PM

I've been really bad :(

I didn't follow my study time table today and now I feel like ... bad LOL anyway, I think I should study to make up for it.


blogging while waiting at the park for Dono
// 4:32 PM

I used to be so bothered. It took a lot out of my time, but i didn't really seem to mind. I miss that. Doing things for others and getting that feeling afterward, that feeling of satisfaction and toned legs LOL

// 3:06 PM

following my study timetable is actually quite fun LOL

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 // 1:01 AM


also, i have a new study timetable. it's colourful

just an ordinary day
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 // 6:53 PM

Jess: I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad

Dono: I wanna be australian so fucking bad
all the meatpies that i could haveeeeeee


// 6:09 PM

I just watched the season finale of Dexter and, wow... WOW LOL

Dexter never fails to surprise me. Eeh told me something about it and that got me thinking about the ending. I came up with like a thousand possible endings in my head but it was never that. GOD IT WAS SO GOOD LOL

ANYWAY, Legit Christmas Party yesterday was like, awesome LOL Eeh, Collin and I went to his house early so we could cook and such. Bobs came 20 mins later with Trinh and we all started decorating :D The food was so fun to make LOL The candles at night were really fun.

Here, have some photos

The ham was extra delicious, thanks Eeh!

ALSO, goodbye LOL

// 4:41 PM


I leave for Brisbane the morning before the Doctor Who Christmas special comes out and and..... and......... that means, I AHVE TO WAIT 3 WHOLE FUCKING DAYS UNTIL I CAN COME HOME AND WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF THAT EPISODE :'(


what is the meaning on christmas? is it this? oh fuck, i have cramps

Saturday, December 17, 2011 // 3:49 PM

i have work soon .... lol


// 2:38 PM

should i list the things i have to get done this holiday? LOL why not, i'm already procrastinating.... haha ... ... ... ...

why do i even keep a blog anymore LOL


I absolutely cannot wait to go shopping tomorrow with Huynh and Eeh! God, I've missed them so goshdamn much!!!!! LOL there's one thing I really don't like about the holidays and that's how lonely it makes me feel. I haven't seen either of them in 36 hours and my world just doesn't seem right LOL I like school, it provides stability, routine. Can't never get enough of that now can we ;) The day after will be out legit shit Christmas Dinner :D LOL cannot wait for that, hopefully things turn out alright I cannot wait to try the ham and the turkey and the ribs and the oysters and everything omg :)

I leave for Brisbane on Christmas day and come back on the 29th. The 30th I'll be spending my time with the girls LOL good things should happy on that day, I'm expecting lots of tears :')

Then we have new years and new years barbecue.

I'll also be trying to squeeze in chem revision, maths homework, jim jams homework, belonging revision and practising my HSC pieces amongst all uh.. mayhem LOL Have to work on my IP for drama. Why did I choose music exclamation question marks

Oh reading, yes reading LOL reading is always good :)

Should I make a study time table? LOL hm... hm...

// 2:33 PM

trying to turn things into movie scenes in my mind LOL

// 1:57 AM

there is only one word that can describe what i'm feeling right now

LOL okay, now that i've got that out of my system







Thursday, December 15, 2011 // 2:25 AM

I've decided to become really gangster at the worst possible time LOL only joking! It's been a hectic week, thank god everything is over! All that's left to do is go to As You Like It at Belvoir tomorrow :)

Eeh and I are going to be shopping for clothes for Tuesday too :) I'm so excited :D

Anywho, let's recap the happenings of this week LOL

I had my chemistry topic test on Monday, it was extremely easy. A bit too easy if you ask me... I have a feeling they're going to make the marking criteria really specific, like they did for the prac exam. I don't understand why they always make these exams super easy and have the marking criteria fuck everyone up the ass. They should just make harder exams, honestly.

Anyway LOL now that that's out of my system, on Tuesday I found out that I had to fill in for Jenny at Presentation Day ... I really wanted Sally to do it :( But yeah, anyway LOL it was scary, I had to try so hard not to laugh on the assembly LOL Bobs and Dat were so funny! Also, things got really hot, thank god I never have to do that again LOL

I had my chemistry tutor exam today. It was okay, easy. I sound really up myself right now, but honestly LOL I don't know what they're all doing, these tests are unnecessarily easy. OH Huynh, bobs, snez, nita and a few other people worked the radio with me today at lunch. Twas fun!

Okay, I'm boring. And tired.

Go away

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 // 1:54 AM

not happy with the start of my hsc

sigh, i want a restart

Sunday, December 11, 2011 // 11:22 PM

Just an old friend coming over now to visit you and that's what I've become. I let myself in though I know I'm not supposed to but, i never now when I'm done. And i see you fogging up the mirror, vapor round your body glistens in the shower and I wanna stay right here, and go down on you for an hour. Or stay and let the day just fade away. In wild dedication take the moment of hope and let it run. Never look back at all the damage we have done now to each other. But when I see you, it's like I'm staring down the sun. And I'm blinded, there's nothing left to do.

// 11:21 PM

i saw third eye blind this year (L)

// 3:39 AM

Looking a random photos of InuYasha and I feel like watching it again LOL okay, downloading now, okay bye

// 12:54 AM

the days you used to care about me, those are the ones i miss the most

Friday, December 9, 2011 // 2:45 PM

Ngay nao em hat

Wishing my baby gurl Nita a very happy 17th LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Anywho, Yesterday was one of the very many stressful days that I so rarely come across, so the course of it left me quite drained. I had to finish the candy canes off, so I got some help from Eric, Jess and Bobs and once everything was underway, I left them to go driving - 2 whole consecutive hours with mal zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It started off great, it really did LOL! But idk what happened towards the end, I couldn't do much right LOL well, I could turn and such just fine but I kept forgetting to look and all that LOL

After two tedious hours of driving I went to chem, got my mark, as not happy LOL I need to scab some marks now :)

That went by really quickly cause apparently, I was really late to class LOL <>

Maths was maths, talking about chem and Othilia dropping extension english D::::::: NOOOOOOOO LOL Steven also stole Celinas money which was pretty funny LOL

Had to write a reflection in music. I gave myself a 15/20 LOL

Got my sizing done at lunch, checked up on candy canes, and finally practised my drama monologue LOL I went first. Bobs laughed during mine, I tried to stare him down but that would mean I'd be out of character so I didn't. Next time, I'll do a happy monologue just for E :D

I'm working in the holidays. Gotta make some $$

I was so drained I had a nap after school LOL which made my panicky cause I had to rush to get ready for Nita's.

We ate at Holy Basil which is like the bomb LOL I love their salt and pepper calamari!!! Enjoyed pleasant conversation LOL Then headed off for desserts, played the longest game of shoot shag or marry. I AM SO SORRY COLLIN :( LOL AND then commenced our adventure.

We hopped on a bus and went to Little Vietnam. It was a nice place, strangers bought us food and we sang happy birthday to one of them LOL it was great spontaneous fun LOL

okay I'm hungry now LOL


Thursday, December 8, 2011 // 1:55 AM

Double dose of Mal tomorrow, can I survive?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 // 12:46 AM

Fattest school, honestly

That's not even half ... LOL

Anywho, I am so fucking tired.

Things just seemed to get worse as the day progressed

Can't wait to go out to dinner/drinks with Bobs, Cathy and Mack LOL [really hoping this happens xD]

I should be studying for chem and drama and practising for music, but I'm not feeling up to it

Okay, bye.

trains, sewing machines
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 // 2:23 AM

Dearest Santa Claus,

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

Please :)

Thank you in advance, hehe :)

Marry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011 // 11:12 PM




saddest episode :(

// 12:41 PM

I love how extension english relates so easily to drama LOL too bad i dropped dat shit :(

Sunday, December 4, 2011 // 8:52 PM

All of my intense exams are over.

I still miss Mackenzie :(

// 1:30 AM

the more work I do, the more discouraged I feel =/

Saturday, December 3, 2011 // 3:56 PM

Let's go chase the sunset, bring me the horizon

// 3:23 PM

You inspire me.

Not in the way that you inspire many other people, no not like that at all. I want to make people proud, just like you did. I want to make myself, proud. I may not be as intuitive as you but I'll be just as hard working. At least, I think I'll try to be. You've earned the respect of many and you will still in the near and distant future, and I want that too. Maybe not on the same scale as you have but I want to at least, respect myself.

I want the outcome to make me happy

I want to show them that maybe, all their efforts weren't just a waste of time

I want to be like you

Thursday, December 1, 2011 // 8:59 PM

Its been a while, I guess. I think I've made things awkward. Sorry if I did LOL well, you haven't called so I guess that's that.

Anywho, the past few weeks have been somewhat stressful. Exams and that... but it's almost over! And you know what will happen then, right?



I love christmas :)

Also, I kind of slammed my car door on my fingers and now they hurt like hell, still. It's been 3 days! LOL And I can't wait to receive the gift Eeh is getting me :) BTW HUYNH, LYANNA, BOBS, WHOEVER LOL TELL EEH TO GET ME A GIFT 8) I also cannot wait for ... hold up, let me make a list LOL

Things Jess cannot wait for! :
- Christmas party at Huynhs
- Ribs
- Christmas in Brisbane
- Christmas with the girls FRUIT SALADDDDDD
- 3unit exam to be over
- Candy canes to be distributed
- Chem exam :) I need to ace this
- Fingers to heal so I can play guitar
- Opening presents
- Others opening presents I got em
- Book shopping spree
- Boxing day sales
- New years eve
- New years BBQ
- Turkey
- New amp
- Taylor Swifts concert



Okay, I'm boring.

Go away


// 3:26 AM

Hello December