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and i got you
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016 // 2:55 PM


So I booked my flight to Europe yesterday! After literally years of planning a holiday with Danny and Dalz and it never working out, I finally grew the balls to go and buy the tickets!!!! I can't believe this day has finally come. We spent last night planning a rough schedule with Ems and omg I am so excited.

In retrospect, I should've either booked this a lot earlier so that I would've gotten over the hype sooner or I should've booked it after GAMSAT cos right now, all I want to do it plan my trip and push study aside LOL :( Speaking of study, I'm finally in a routine-ish. Heaps better than I was about a month ago and definitely 1000000x better than the 'study' I did last year. lol. I literally just read the text book. Didn't write anything down, didn't attempt any questions, except practise essays.

So recently, I went into Uni and ran into a uni mate who was setting up his Honours project. He asked if I was gonna do the UMAT again and I told him that I'd be in Europe during the time of the exam. He then told me that I could do the exam in London, and pay the normal Sydney price. I had a little freak out then because every year (with the exception of 1 year) I've been like 1 mark off getting an interview at a specific school, and I thought that if I could do it this year, I would do it a bit smarter and put a bit more effort into that section where I've almost always been short 1 mark and give me twice the chance of getting into medical school, post grad or undergrad.

Like I said, I went on a little freak out. I wanted to call Claire, but she was at work. I wanted to call Collin, but he had just landed in New Zealand. So I called Tez LOL he told me that I should do it if I feel I can do well, he is also going to be doing it. But he told me to do it in Sydney. He likened the experience to a football game or something and said, you always play better on your home turf, cos what if you get lost or what if you're home sick and it messes you up. This opportunity could be messed up for you. Then I thought, hey yeah maybe I should come home a bit earlier, like on the 24th instead. I was totally devo cos that would mean that I would've missed Tomorrowland and I would've made Danny and Dalz miss it too and I felt so selfish. But they're good people and told me to worry about my future. Cos Tomorrowland is always gonna be there. Bless.

Anyway, later that night I hung out with Cat and I told her the situation and, idk if a lot of y'all know this, but Cat and I think on the same wavelength lol. Like we're both pretty cruisey about things and we're both very head strong. I think it comes from being best friends for 4 years in high school. She basically said, you'll only get psyched out if you let yourself get psyched. If you go in thinking and believing that this is your year and nothing can stop you, then nothing will. Bless.

I stayed up racking my brain about all my options, like okay we will buy Tomorrowland and stuff, but if my gamsat is bad, I'll come home. That's when it clicked. This entire decision, my decision to sit the UMAT for the 5th freaking time is ONLY if my GAMSAT is bad. So why should I let that happen. I should study my butt off until march 19th and get the most amazing GAMSAT that I can so that I won't have to worry about coming home or missing an event or dragging the holiday down for the other 3. You know, like why do I always have to have a plan B. I always have a plan B. Which I get, isn't always a bad thing. But it always tricks me into thinking I don't need to give 110% into my plan A, So that's changed. Its GAMSAT all the way. I will not do the UMAT again cos my gamsat is gonna be ace.

I'm only getting one shift at Iconic and one at Dymocks, and that's okay cos it gives me more time to get automatic entry into UQ LOL (fingers crossed) I'll worry about money and saving up after March 19th. Right now all my eggs are in one basket. The Gamsat basket.

Lol, what a corny ending.

How have your holidays been?