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and i got you
this layout was hand coded by twelfthnight ( else ) with inspiration from Gold Forever by The Wanted. Gold from colourlovers

Friday, July 29, 2011 // 4:57 PM

i'm tired
i'm bored

// 2:18 AM

I just remembered, that time at the market
snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
And rode down, aisle 5
you looked behind you to smile back at me
crashed into a rack full of magazines
they asked us if we could leave.

Can't remember, what went wrong last September
Though I'm sure that you'd remind me, if you had to

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in

I sleep with this new girl i'm still getting used to
my friends all approve, say she's gonna be good for you
they throw me, high fives

She says the bible is all that she reads
and prefers that I not use profanity
your mouth was, so dirty

Life of the party
and she swears that she's artsy
but you could distinguish
Miles from Coltrane

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in
she's perfect, so flawless
or so they say, say

She thinks I can't see the smile that she's fakin'
and poses for pictures that aren't being taken
I loved you
grey sweat pants, no makeup, so perfect

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in
she's perfect, so flawless
I'm not impressed, I want you back.

// 1:37 AM

i really shouldn't be thinking about you like this

My Life [comprised of tumblr photos]
Thursday, July 28, 2011 // 3:58 AM

My friends and I

Will party like this after school

And I'll meet Cook, and we'll fall in love LOL

We'll get a dog

And have a wedding like this

Pop out a son

And have family outings like so LOL We'll bike into the sunset [which is where hey should've stopped one tree hill] and live happily ever after :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 // 1:09 AM

I've finally come to realize that we are all the same
If there's nothing left to lose then there's every to gain
All the paragraphs and pages you could write could not contain
It is curious and careless and it's flowing through my veins

The fear of growing old, and doing what you're told

You can't disguise a heart while it's breaking
You hide behind the smile you're faking
It's all about the the chance you're taking
Oh, and you know that you're making it all come alive

If your life is so damn comfortable then why do you complain?
A reflection in the alcohol you're pouring down the drain
Just because you paint a picture doesn't mean it fits the frame
This is my West Coast intervention and I'm getting on that plane

When all of your mistakes are keeping you awake

The sun is setting and it's ending 'cause you're letting it go
Forgetting everything you already know
And it all goes to show that you're moving to slow
It will end up changing you, it will end up changing you

Life flies by so you have to embrace it
Forget the past 'cause you cannot erase it
So live the dream, and learn to chase it
And when you can almost taste it
It's all come alive

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 // 12:43 AM

My not being torn between the two is kind of eating me up inside. I should choose, and I know who I'd definitely pick, but I'm not doing it. And this isn't because it's hard, it's because maybe I don't really care... I don't know. I should care. I love them.

// 12:01 AM


Monday, July 25, 2011 // 11:54 PM

no homework again lol

stress lol knot really
// 2:45 AM

I always feel uneasy when I have no homework. There's always a voice in the back of my brain that's saying "CHECK YOUR FUCKING BOOKS HOE, YOU MUST'VE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING!!" but and I think about it real hard and then I am so sure I have nothing to complete. Sometimes, I do forget something, and because of my extreme laziness I cannot bring myself to reach for my bag to take out a few books and check if I've received homework or not, haha. I also get epic lonely when I don't have any homework [lol no life] cause everyone else seems to get stacks of it, and they're all too busy completing crap and I sit at my computer all alone, waiting for hours for someone to respond to me on MSN :( I don't understand why and how everyone can be so bombarded with homework while I'm just sitting here, blogging the most pointless blog ever LOL :(

Anywho, my third and final book finally came!! I like the cover hehe and Lyanna, I'm already judging the book by it's cover and it's first few chapters! LOL it's good :) I was telling her today that Less Than Zero was a decent book, I was just to quick to judge it's cover [which I thought was the visual representation of a really good book] and then the first half of the book [which was very very very very veryyyyy poorly written] LOL okay, not poorly, but it wasn't all that well. Now, I'm not saying I'm an epic writer, LOL if anything I am worse than this guy, but I just thought for a published book by someone who's name bares such LOL greatness ..... [see, my horrible english] Well, it did not meet my expectations LOL ANYWAY This book, LOL looks good and so far, IS quite good, granted I am only up to the third chapter, I can foresee a great ending :)

Also, I've watched the entire True Blood comic-con session on youtube last night and tonight I'm going to watch Doctor Who. LOL further evidence of my sad sad life? I think so.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 // 3:52 AM

I finished Less Than Zero about an hour ago. I guess, I'll admit that I was too quick to judge the book, it was pretty decent and what not, I liked the ending. It took quite a while for a plot to develop, but in retrospect, I guess the plot was always present, creeping up quietly behind the recurring motifs. It was pretty good, the book.

I've set myself a goal for tonight: To finish The Perks before I lend it to Nita tomorrow at 10:30am LOL I reckon I can, I finished this in three hours the first time I read it, so I should be able to tackle it, easy LOL

Friday, July 22, 2011 // 4:48 PM

If I let you in, you'd just want out
If I tell you the truth, you'd vie for a lie
If I split my guts, it would make a mess we can't clean up
If you follow me, you will only get lost
If you try to move closer we'll only lose touch
Yes you already know too much, and you're not going anywhere

Tell me that you need me cause I love you so much
Tell me that you love me cause I need you so much
Tell me that you need me cause I love you so much
Say you'll never leave me cause I need you so much

Thursday, July 21, 2011 // 5:32 AM

i fucking hate it when my shoes get wet =====================

// 2:43 AM

That is part of the beauty of literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.

This guy is probably my favourite author. He writes beautifully.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 // 3:18 AM

- Bobina

Also, this came in the mail today

It's Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis, one of the three books I ordered online last week. I was so excited when my dad handed it to me!!!! LOL there was no label on the front apart from the one with my name and what not, so it felt like opening a present bright and early on Christmas morning for me :) wooh LOL

Anywho, time to get clean[showerlol], good bye LOL

So like,
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 // 2:11 AM

Today wasn't the best start to the new term. Things did get better towards the end though, when Snez and I were chatting to Panteli about the most random things LOL

When we were dismissed, it started raining so I had to walk home in the rain(patheticfallacylolbobs;))... thank god I had an umbrella in my bag lol.

So the rain pretty much ruined my time at home. It was cold and wet, add that to my already crappy day, minus the homework [which could've kept me occupied] and you get a really bored and down-feeling Jessica :(

I am so bummed, bummed like a hoe

Funny, when I typed that ^ I kind of felt a weight release off my chest LOL that's mega odd ;)

ANYWHO LOL goodbye

Monday, July 18, 2011 // 4:39 AM

- im for sure gonna start driving LOL, at least once.
- read at least 3 books
- REVISE chemistry stuff LOL got homework i reckon
- learn one full song on my electric LOL solo and all
- gotta picnic with the class again ;) actually... thats organised kind of :D

Half done
- BAKE STUFF LOL i bought baking paper last week, so im all set :)
- have fun, be it staying at home and watching friends or hanging with friends, just dont make it a chore LOL
- shop LOL need winter clothes and what not
- LOl.... idk anymore :L

fail :(
- revise chemistry with huynh, from module one!
- rekindle the love between eeh and i 8) LOL jokez, i hate him now LOL jokez, or am i? :O
- sleep in till 5 pm 8) LOL totez chucking a linda xD

Sunday, July 17, 2011 // 4:31 PM

For a person trying to sleep early tonight, I sure am drinking a lot of tea.

// 4:18 PM

Unlike William, I managed my sleep habits in a more healthy way so I can tackle the sleep monster early tomorrow for school :) I went to bed at 1 and I woke up at 8 LOL I should have woken up earlier, but oh well. I made pancakes for the family and I am now consuming them as I type... Oops! There goes the last piece of pancake =/ Hehe. I WILL SLEEP EARLY TONIGHT I WILLLLLLL

// 6:32 AM

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Called Huynh, literally, before I got out of bed LOL

What is your favorite cereal?
Fruit loops, Sultana Bran

Would you rather marry a millionaire that is unfaithful or middle class worker that only has eyes for you?
Middle Class, eyes only for me

Would you rather have a job that requires strength of the body or the mind?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would be the first thing you’d do?

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened in your life (that you can share)?
I almost got run over by a car

Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

What skill do you feel is stronger: your math skills or your english skills?
Both pretty poor, English

Are you following the Presidential race?
No presidents in my country

Do you consider yourself more of a liberal or a conservative?
Cannot .. fathom........

If you could spend a day in another person’s body, living their life; who would it be and why?
I would be Daisy Lowe so I can kiss Matt Smith 8)

If you had to choose, would you rather be blind or deaf?

Who is the one person who can always make you laugh?

If you and a member of the opposite sex were the last people on earth, but they looked like Cruella Deville and Mister Ed had a baby, would you procreate? (Just to populate the earth)?
LOL Who's Mister Ed? Probably ... It's for the greater good of humanity

What are you passionate about?

Do you believe in abortion?
It exists, yes. LOL just being an ass, um yeah I guess, if you have to.

Imagine you’re an inmate waiting on death row.

What would you request for your last meal?
Pancakes, eggs, bacon, ham steak with syrup, a bowl of pho and cooks hill's steak.

What is the one trait that is mandatory in a potential partner?

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
26... Have a job hopefully LOL and/or married with 7 kidsz 8) with a boy named Marcus and another named Tyler and girls named .. by their father LOL

A Christmas Carol
// 3:52 AM

I just finished reading A Christmas Carol. I spent the last 53 minutes reading the last two an a half chapters aloud so I could concentrate and block out the noise of the television, which was blaring downstairs. It was a great story. I had promised myself earlier this year that I'd read a Charles Dickens novel, albeit this was just a short story, but it was great nonetheless. It's a good start LOL So, I guess I did it. 3 stories before the end of the holidays. I've also driven, attended the annual class picnic, and I've had fun on numerous occasions. I am also in the midst of learning a complete song on my electric -just have to piece all the sections together- I have baked and I have half-arsed-ly studied chemistry with Huynh and revised a little myself. The bursting of my bike wheel rendered me walking most ways this holidays, hopefully I am going to eat thai tomorrow! Although many things were not done with my best effort or to its full extent (left over homework, haha) I am proud of my completing my to-do list. It's the first time I've ever completed a list of leisure, YAY :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011 // 3:10 AM

Laying around watching Friends all day has got me thinking... I am wasting so much space doing this. And all I can or rather, want to do is laze around. I'm not being very productive, I don't study, I don't work, I don't stay home and save money... I do all the opposites of that I procrastinate, I eat, I sleep, I go out and I waste money. My parents are dishing out so much money to send me to tutors and paying for books and what not, I mean, I don't mind going to tutor and all but I go and it feels like nothing is sinking into my pathetic brain, hence, money wasted. SEE I'm not even going out and spending lavishly and I am still wasting money. Fuck me up my lazy ass, I need to change my attitude.

Friday, July 15, 2011 // 3:12 AM

I really need a hobby...

What is your current relationship status?
Is it usually easy for someone to make you smile?
When was the last time you laughed really hard?
Would your parents get mad at you if they knew you were in a relationship?
they wont get mad
Do you think you can last for an hour without talking?
Have you ever been with anyone and thought "I want to be with this person forever"?
no, wait, yes
If you won a lot of money in the lottery, what would you buy first?
What's your favorite drink?
lemon lime bitters
How did you sleep last night?
When did you last eat Chinese food?
Have your friends ever randomly stopped by your house?
Any plans for tomorrow?
How many text messages are in your inbox?
Would you be surprised if your parents had another baby together?
holy shit yes. but i want it to happen. so i am sort of anticipating it. so no
Do you remember what the last picture you took was of?
Is the last person that you had a conversation with a male or a female?
Last thing you said out loud?
Has anybody ever given you butterflies?
Are you happy with the way things are going?
Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?
What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
camp. soundwave revolution
Have you ever been with someone while they were throwing up?
Are you ready for the summer?
Did you hug or kiss anyone yesterday?
Who was the last person to text you? And What'd they say?
nita "aww the sucks :( i love movies like that tho, that shows like 10years or whatever after, makes me feel better knowing that the couples are still together :)" gotta say, i agree
Do you want someone to call you right now?
Last person you had a deep conversation with?
dont remember
Do you like hugs?
Did you speak with your father today?
What were you doing at 10:17 pm last night?
Do you have a secret that you've never told anyone?
Ever felt like you're not good enough?
Are you extremely ticklish?
What did you do 2 hours ago?
Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?
What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
I thought to myself, wow, http://bobinasblag.blogspot.com/ is a really good blag. Check it out and follow :D ....... This isn't Bobina by the way.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 // 8:43 PM

So I just watched "Brothers". It was epic sad, and now I'm feeling awful down. I guess it made me more conscious of the things that are happening around the world.

I think I should clean my house now =/ and watch friends. I need some cheering up LOL :(

// 2:59 AM

i want roast dinner
i want thanksgiving
i want turkey
i want christmas
i want ham
i want pea soup
i want to be white... LOL

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 // 8:00 PM

you're becoming a bit too big headed

// 5:50 PM

no ones blogging :(

// 5:09 AM

prisoner or bum?

your choice.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 // 4:33 AM

Today has been fairly uneventful, besides the fact that my neighbour had his kitchen run in by some wog lady in a car. IDIOT SERIOUSLY HOW CAN YOU ACCELERATE THAT MUCH GOING OUT OF SUCH A TINY SPOT?! HONESTLY, WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR LICENSE FROM?! SOME ASIAN? LOL anywho, cops came and she was taken away, there's a long "police crime scene do not cross" tape that goes around his house now LOL I feel kinda sorry for him cause he's done nothing wrong really. Doesn't deserve this karma.

I kept thinking it could have been my house. IF she had parked two spots down =/

Cat came a bit after and we bitched. She left. Then Collin came. We headed off to Little Star -which has definitely lost it's hype, don't know why we even bother with it anymore- and sat there eating, chatting for two hours with Nita.

I want to trying Gems, which is down the road. There a graffiti-ed wall inside the store. Looks pretty cool, very spacious LOL

My body still aches from ice skating. Ice skating was mad fun, might I add :) I learnt a lot from ice skating. Things like running Osly into the wall will definitely make him fall and english mustard tastes like ass compared to american mustard.

Eric is so cute. I love it when he speaks foreign languages ;) LOL he's ticklish at his toes 8}

Monday, July 11, 2011 // 3:02 AM

So I was making my daily round of the internet today and I just realised I spend a lot of time on tumblr. Maybe I should just make my own ... HAH no, its much too late to conform :)

I booked a driving lesson just then. Hehe, this should be fun 8)

This will be us one day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 // 3:12 AM

I've been getting quite a few headaches lately. Also, I cotinued reading fight club. It's really very good. I take back what I said previously about the movie and how I was content with the ending I am familiar with. I've decided to give this a chance and I have also decided, if you have not yet noticed, that I should write like a normal human being considering the circumstances of the moment that is .. now.

Holden McGroin speakin' ;)

Marvin's Room
Saturday, July 9, 2011 // 2:57 AM

I still think about that girl from "Shutter" from time to time. I imagine her standing outside my bedroom door and sometimes, wait, nope, all three times I've thought about her sitting on Ben's shoulders and laying on him in that psychiatric ward before I go to bed. It freaks me the fuck out seriously, I should be over this movie by now! Damn Donovan and his collection of movies :( I think I'm still thinking about it because she wasn't exorcised and her ghost 'lived', laying on top of him. Omg, getting freaked out right now LOL. Most monsters are destroyed at the end of films, she lived on cause he needed to be punished, I understand but dammit it's scaring me :(

I ate yum cha this morning with Danny. To be honest, I didn't think we'd end up going so I was extremely surprised when he arrived on my doorstep. We ran into Eeh's mum at yum cha too! It was a good day because we caught the last bus for that half hour and it was an express so, yay! We spent a good two hours in Dymocks trying to find him a book to read. We ended up in the classics corner every time we moved away, so he took that as a sign and bought The Great Gastby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I quoted the first sentence and that got him to want to read it, I think. LOL.

I had my eye set on one book the moment I found it. I'm glad I did too cause I'd been looking for this book everywhere. It's called The Beautiful and Damned. I started reading it when I got back to my parents shop. It's interesting. I want to put Fight Club on hold so I can read this, but I know that if I do, I'll never finish it cause its becoming such a chore right now.

Fight Club is one of my ultimate all time favourite movies and I think I'll ruin it if I continue reading. Things up to this point have been the same, word for word, granted there were about two scenes that weren't included in the movie, but they were unnecessary. So I don't see the point in continuing this book, I am perfectly content with the ending i am currently acquainted with.

On another note, I'm looking forward to finally being a part of Lyanna's little phone game. I know it has only been two days and that one game has a time span of about 2 minutes, but I'm feeling really left out right now! LOL

Also, I have chemistry homework to complete. I hate having chemistry homework cause I never write down what it is or if it's a prac write up, I never have the aim and results. But this time I do and I really cannot be less bothered. Guess I'll start on it now then.

I like eating bananas ... like a man

Friday, July 8, 2011 // 4:02 AM

LOL so like, i guitared just then, and i got distracted by masterchef ... and now i cannot find the willpower to pick up my guitar again, sigh :( i got the solo down for dont speak though yay! LOL kind of... timings a bit off but its nothing i cant fix :)

also, today i hung out with nita LOL

LOL boobs :)
// 3:49 AM

// 12:34 AM

This is what i was doing last night, if my random posts confused anyone...

finally LOL
Thursday, July 7, 2011 // 5:59 AM

i dont have my own tumblr, but i do go on it quite frequently actually LOL i go to my friends ones and they take me places. i love the photos and sometimes they have the funniest things up on there LOL

i dont wanna talk shit about tumblr else someones gonna come and KO my ass LOL =/

// 5:46 AM

2008 was a great year. We had just settled into school routine and everyone was friendly and nice and we always gave each other hugs LOL i really loved music and drama and english was always fun :) we had cake at the end of the year! LOL also, mr cordina laughed like a girl LOL

It was also my first year at Soundwave. It was and still is one of the best days that ive lived. I hugn out with dalena and danny alot that year LOL we became best buds :) there was a period of time where we spent most of our saturday afternoons watching these famous models LOL who we soon befriended, they were great. i miss box 8.

YAY 2008 :)

// 5:45 AM

i want a new amp, more sweaters, black jeans or some kind of black pants LOL, PHO OMFG, more books, and if i could ... id buy more money LOL

// 5:42 AM

LOL i like penis. i dont think someone can be 100% straight though =/ LOL i mean i check out girls, i know a bunch of other girls who check out other girls too LOL im pretty sure guys do it too, it may not be a "oh that dude is so adorable ... and hot ..." LOL kind of thing but im sure they think other guys idk look good in that gstar hoodie? LOL HAH not, ew LOL

// 5:38 AM

well first thing is obviously appearance LOL yeah it may be like superficical and all that but its wot gets me at first LOL if someone looked like the grudge, i probably wouldnt want to even pursue a relationship with them cuz id be epic scared LOL

good hair and smell :) LOL

their ability to make me laugh

their intelligence or being able to start shit with me LOL arguments :) which lead to hot hot sex... HAHA ... <>

chivalry? LOL nah that may be asking too much ;) LOL

// 5:29 AM

Before, i had nice legs than. I wanst terribly tan like a guidette either LOL

Now, LOL me with the little cutie 8) LOL you cant tell, but my legs arent the same :(

// 5:25 AM

Today, i ate a chicken, spam and egg wrap with sauteed mushrooms. I also had half of two packets of easy mac which were cheese and chicken in flavour. Before tutor, I met up with Huynh and we had white chocolate and raspberry cup cakes, i also had a banana milkshake. For dinner i had seafood congee, this consisted of boiled rice, calamari, prawns, eggs [bac thao], coriander and pepper.

i didnt eat that much today... thats surprising LOL

// 5:15 AM

i like this one the most LOL

well im in year 11 at the moment, in high school. im currently studying english, mathematics, chemistry, music, drama and extension mathematics. i used to go extension english but i was just too lazy so i ended up changing it. My results are ....... all over the place LOL im doing okay in english, music and drama but i can do better, you know? LOL well, everyone can unless they get 100% i reckon, anywho LOL maths is really poor but i made an improvement in our most recent assessment. omg, im so ashamed of chem :( LOL i let myself down though so i have no one else to blame.

Im aiming for a 93+ atar. I want to attend either the university of sydney or new south wales cause their campuses are nice. Ive been telling people that im going to become a neuropyschopharmachologist LOl but thats just a dream. I have no interest in pharmacy but i find pharmacology decent because you get to work with drugs LOL and with neurophyscholpharmacology, you research the effects of drugs on the brain, more specifically how and why the brain reacts the way it does to drugs LOL like hallucinogens and depressants and what not. Its going to be a lot of work, but im determined cuz i dont want to be some run down pharmacologist who works with panadol.... i mean seriously? LOL

My ultimate dream occupation is to become a housewife :) i want more than 2 kids LOL and id love it if i could get myself a rich husband. Im lazy like that LOl but yeah, being there for my children all the time, or being able to be there for my children is well, it makes me happy to think that i can do it.

// 5:10 AM

Dear Mum,

I think, you think im a failure compared to sister thuy, but im not. i reckon i have way more passion for shit than shes ever had like music and english and chemistry LOL I am trying my best in school, for most subjects and you werent wrong when you said i crave fun, i do and thats why my results were not as consistent as they were last year. But im not stupid, you dont need to talk down to me or scare me with hypothetical situations. I can do this. Ive said it many times and I will say it again, i am doing this for me, and quite frankly i dont want to disappoint me. im also doing it for you, but the shit that comes out of your mouth sometimes makes me want to break a fucking treee so please, trust me. i know what im doing

fucking love, Lan LOL

// 5:09 AM

LOL i dont wanna sound pretentious so im going to go with 5/10 attractive LOL is that too much? =/ should i change to a 1? =/

// 5:08 AM

today, i am 9/10 happy LOL it was a good day, i saw huynh, got to relax and what not but nothing really happened to make it the extra happy 10/10 LOL

// 5:05 AM

do i have to be jealous of someone i know? LOL i guess im jealous of cynthias brains, michaels epic guitar skills, cathys height, claudias determination, jennys skinny ass legs LOL and bens faith.

i totes just cheated LOL :$

// 5:02 AM

This was at the annual picnic we hold annually LOL as you cn see, we are laying down on the green grass which was fairly damp. it was a lovely day though, despite the gale force winds coming at us in all directions when we go there LOL i think this was a while after our soccer game, we were just laying there looking at the clouds and it was great. it was a great day LOL good food, good fun, got a ride home too, yay! LOL perfect :)

// 4:55 AM

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

// 4:51 AM

something i worry about a lot...

i guess i have a constant fear of not doing well in the HSC. cuz, like i think that will define me and how far or how well ill go in life. and i know it may not be, i mean i could be the exception and become a billionaire like bill gates [who dropped out in yr 10 might i add] LOL but yeah, i guess i just dont want to let anyone down, particularly my mother and myself LOL. i reckon im doing a lot of this for me cuz im a selfish fuck LOL but this way, i can guarantee myself almost any occupation i want without disappointing others LOL so yeah, thats why i worry about my HSC, cuz the above thoughts run through my mind constantly LOL AM I GOOD ENOUGH? WILL I EVER MAKE MY MUM PROUD?! LOL shit like that, i really want a 93+ atar. i swear if i get something over 95, id cry LOL but thats a very far off dream.

// 4:49 AM

LOL claudia, cynthia and othilia. this is kinda like shoot shag or marry LOL

i wouldnt shoot anyone cuz thats just mean LOL jokes, ima kill cynthia to eliminate competition :@ idk wot for though, im in none of your classes LOL

def. marry claw LOL we'll live happily forever after AHAHA and um LOL

i guess id shag claw is the process of us being married LOL so i killed two birds with one stone there ;) so um, othilia LOL youre unnecessary in this little .. equation LOL

// 4:44 AM

i feel strongly about .... i dont know actually LOL not much, im no activist LOL but i do have opinions, i reckon the church is fucked for twisting the words in the bible, i reckon gay marriage should be legalised, i reckon taylor swift should hurry her fucking ass to australia again LOL and i reckon science is the answer to a lot of things, but its good to have a little faith even if you think deep down its probably not real [lol my views about science v. catholicism]

// 4:42 AM

I'm excited for the three books i ordered to come in my mail, hopefully they come before the holidays end cuz like i really need to read more books LOL ive got fight club and ill be done, and im almost finished with fight club!!!! well, there are my sisters books but theyre kinda .. not my thing LOL wait, WUTHERING HEIGHTS!!! WOOH LOL

// 4:40 AM

- read at least 10 more books before this year is over
- come first for chemistry, english, music and drama [katherine is my #1 rival! LOL]
- mend shit
- get him to notice me :$ LOL
- go on the ranger [the ride LOL]
- study consistently so im sort of ready for year 12, ahhhhh D:

// 4:35 AM

three things that irritate me about people ..... LOL

1. disrespectful fuckers LOL sersiously, some people can be so inconsiderate sometimes LOL im not saying im like someone whos always courteous and shit LOL but some people just hurt and offend and do all that bad stuff for no apparent reason, to someone or something else who have done no wrong LOL i mean if theres a back story then, well im down with that cuz i dont know the half of it LOL but seriously some people are just &*%(&ER*%^C%*RG(%FR%&#$C IRV%EC^E(&&I^&*(%$%##!&*&(_

2. When people pick at scabs and shit .... omfg i wanna like die on the inside LOL JUST LEAVE IT ALONE :'(

3. i hate people who do what d did LOL

// 4:33 AM

Well, that would have to be my mum LOL it was intentional nor was it physical LOL it was just a "youre a disappointment, waste of space" kind of thing =/ it didnt really come out of her mouth that way but that was how i took it LOL anywho, um shes great LOL she needs to get some

// 4:30 AM

5 things i dislike/ want to change? why?

um, my legs LOL my ance filled face, my inability to commit to shit LOL my random spurs of bitchiness and my ability to hold grudges LOL

because theyre ugly, because i run away all the time and i think if i gave it a go, it would ahve turned out differently [well obviously LOL] i shouldnt be mean to people who are nothing but nice, and i should seriosuly let go of the past man LOL like things dont bother me on a daily basis but if i wanted to, i can bring up a memory and relive it, and feel all that hurt and betrayal and hate all over again

// 4:29 AM

I am single LOL how do i feel about it? LOL idk i feel normal cuz i dont know otherwise LOL

// 4:26 AM

Nita Ha ... well, shes a bitch LOL jokessss Shes alright LOL ... um she likes to read romantic books and were going out to eat pho tomorrow LOL i like reading her blog especially stuff about the end of yr 9 with me her huynh and kenny LOL um shes short and i love her LOL when it rains, we always argue and when we argue, we can tell its going to rain!!! shes the only child in her family but when she grows up and marrys her farmer she'll have 14 defacto sisters so her kids and our kids can have play dates and we can sit and watch em all the while talking about our sex lives 8)

// 4:23 AM

HAH, omg um my body? well LOL its not the nicest body to ever walk to earth, no where near. LOL i wouldnt consider myself self concious though LOL well kind of ... like all girls i think i should lose some weight here and there LOL but sometimes i just cbf and i thank god that im not like terribly sick, like anorexic or morbidly obese ..... is this getting too personal? LOL wish my legs were thinner LOL and i had a flat stomach OH AND I WANT MY FUCKING PIMPLES TO GTFO MY FACE SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF TO SET UP CAMP ON A KID ONE DAY SHY OF 12 PLEASE, THANK YOU LOL

// 4:18 AM

1. I'm supposed to like my arms cuz Nita told me to LOL nah, i do like em LOL they're how id like the other parts of my body to be ...... slim and long LOL i wish i was taller :(

2. I can play the guitar ... not terribly well, and im not at all proud of myself for being able to play as much as i can at this stage. i should be way better LOL but i started it for leisure and its wot it's stayed to be. i'd hate it to become a chore cuz i have to do this and that because of idk like hsc? :O oh no! thats coming up soon :(

3. I like my memory. like not my memories LOL but my ability to remember stuff really well, without revision LOL like i never once studied for history or geography in yr 10 and i am v happy with my results :) LOL

4. I liked my legs ... back in like 09 ish LOL they were nice legs :( wot happened to them?! :'(

5. LOL um i guess i like how my all time favourite movies are both fight club and a walk to remember :)

// 4:13 AM

My favourite subjects for year 11 are English and Drama. Mainly because english has become a big part of my life over the past year, you know, you got the people believing in me and my starting to enjoy reading books LOL also, because i like the teacher and my class. The stuff we learn isnt terribly hard so i feel superior .. kind of ... a lot LOL even though im not the best LOL yeah i like being on top 8) ;)

And drama because unlike year 9 and 10, our teacher has become less bitchy due to the smaller class size [i am assuming LOL] it is also a subject which i can feel superior in. The stuff we learn is epic fun. Drama isnt a bludge, but we make it one :) LOL we actually get stuff to learn LOL we have tests and everything. They arent terribly difficult if you actually listen in class instead of conducting private conversations LOL since no one wants to talk to me :( all i have to do is listen... LOL

// 4:09 AM

LOL I don't have one, LOL okay no.



// 4:03 AM

1. Seeing Taylor Swift two nights in a row (L) One of the best nights ever

2. Huynh, Collin and Eeh

3. Performing in front of lots of real people LOL that was pretty fun

4. Visiting my grandma for the first time in 10 years

5. That one time our back corner in English wrote that one-word-at-a-time story 8) LOL once upon a period was bleeding ;)

// 4:02 AM

This is going to be done very half-arsed-ly LOL

Yeah I just walked in
Yeah I'm good you still working?
Tonight, right now?
'Did I go out' yeah I went out
I went, I went to a couple of clubs
I never went to bed
sh-t... wine or water
You should see someone about a cold drink
I don't know, I'm delirious... night"

Cups of the Rose
B-tches in my old phone
I should call one and go home
I've been in this club too long
The woman that I would try
Is happy with a good guy

But I've been drinking so much
That I'm a call her anyway and say
"f-ck that n-gga that you love so bad
I know you still think about the times we had"
I say "f-ck that n-gga that you think you found
And since you picked up I know he's not around"

(Are you drunk right now?)

I'm just sayin', you could do better
Tell me have you heard that lately?
I'm just sayin' you could do better
And I'll start hatin', only if you make me
Drake Marvin's Room
Uh, cups of the XO
All my people been here
I see all of her friends here
Guess she don't have the time to kick it no more
Flights in the morning
What you doing that's so important?
I've been drinking so much
That I'm a call you anyway and say

"f-ck that n-gga that you love so bad
I know you still think about the times we had"
I say "f-ck that n-gga that you think you found
And since you picked up I know he's not around"
(Are you drunk right now?)

I'm just sayin', you could do better
Tell me have you heard that lately
I'm just sayin' you could do better
And I'll start hatin', only if you make me

I think I'm addicted to n-ked pictures
And sittin talkin' 'bout b-tches
That we almost had
I don't think I'm concious of making monsters
Outta the women that I sponsor til it all goes bad
But sh-t it's all good
We threw a party, yeh we threw a party
B-tches came over, yeh, we threw a party
I was just calling cause they were just leaving
Talk to me please, don't have much to believe in
I need you right now, are you down to listen to me?
Too many drinks have been given to me
I got some women that's living off me
Paid for their flights and hotels I'm ashamed
Bet that you know them, I won't say no names
After a while girl they all seem the same
I've had s-x four times this week I'll explain
Having a hard time adjusting to fame
Sprite in that mixture, I've been talking crazy girl
I'm lucky that you picked up
Lucky that you stayed on
I need someone to put this weight on

"Well I'm sorry"
"Are you drunk right now? "

I'm just sayin', you could do better
Tell me have you heard that lately
I'm just sayin' you could do better
And I'll start hatin', only if you make me

"You're not going to come? "
"Guess I'm bout to just kick it here then... "

Just throw up while I hold your hair back
Her white friend said "you n-ggas crazy"
I hope no-one heard that
I hope no-one heard that
Cause if they did, we gon be in some trouble

// 3:59 AM

Aries : July 7, 2011

You'll see the serious side of someone threatening the stability of your group just now but will fully sympathize with their rather severe and demanding attitude, having been there and done that yourself. It's an opportunity to take that person aside and at least let them know you know how it feels.

LOL okay, no such encounter of the kind today, but maybe tomorrow. However, there were two conversations held that may relate to this LOL but not quite. so ima say ... 50% LOL

// 3:58 AM

SO, I have decided to do that 30 challenge thing on Lyanna's blog ..... in 3 hours.

LOL I seriously need a hobby 8) LOl

Okay start time 8:59 pm

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 // 5:36 AM

people should blog more =/ i get very bored a lot of the time.. LOL

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 // 5:13 AM

Lyanna, sorry! LOL you had to be punished though ;)


1/3 books read. I had fun today and it was also the annual class picnic to I killed two birds with one stone. Oh, look at me being all ........... idiomical.... LOL <>

// 4:37 AM

Annual picnic today. It was heaps of fun and I now know we should buy more beef for next years picnic. I enjoyed laying down on the grass with the sunlight hitting my face and playing soccer because that warmed me up. I needed to be warmed up because today the winds were approximately 60 km/h which meant it was very windy.

Also, 11 minutes ago i finished reading "The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time". It was a very good book. I finished it in one day and I am very proud of myself. I liked the beginning more than the end except for the last chapter because I thought Christopher's way of thinking and how he wrote things to explain his perceptions of life were very different which made it interesting.

I was supposed to go to the city tomorrow to shop for books with Huynh and clothes with Donovan, but Donovan cannot make it because furniture men are coming to his house to deliver furniture and so Huynh and I decided to go to his house instead and study extension 2 mathematics. Also, we are going to watch "Insideous" and I am going to bring popcorn.

But before I can go to Donovans house, I will go to Fairfield Heights and drop Claudias bike off at the bike store with Claudia to get it fixed.

Today started horribly but it ended great. I am very happy at the moment.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 // 3:37 PM







it puts a smile on my dile every morning ;)

// 3:14 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (L)(L)(L) LOL

So like, it's snez's birthday today. We totes went to the city and bummed around LOl it was mad fun. YOU HERE?! MAD FUN BOBINA, MAD FUN!!!!!!!

TRANSFORMERS WAS GOOD LOL idk wot people were talking about when they said it sucked LOL i quite liked it :)

i also bought a denim jacket thing LOL i like it but i wanna cut it down a bit LOL not sure, ill see 8)

yeah snez's birthday fun fun yum yum, thank you for shouting us food <3 LOL

anywho, gotta go k mart tomorrow with ma mama to buy a knew phone for my house cuz its like broken or something LOL then i have to make a round @ lyannas area to get money LOl then go to livo to shop with snez and then i have to go to tutor.......... ========= LOL

i already have my whole week planned out and like ... i feel so tied down, sigh :( LOL also, i'm not sure if i have any holiday homework or not... i know i just have chemistry prac write ups but that's about it LOL

Saturday, July 2, 2011 // 6:03 AM

i need a smoke

// 1:27 AM

"chemistry is like so interesting! its like the fundamentals of everything because, atoms"

// 12:51 AM



YEAH SO WE MADE OUR OWN RENDITION OF A RED VELVET CUPCAKE AND PINK CREAM CHEESE ICING LOL and pancakes, oh caps lock finally un-worked... lol.....

yeah feeling bad, i should apologise, i wanna do it for you too but mostly for me cuz its my life LOL

anywho LOL when i was at bobs' house, his mum was bitching about him to me :) LOL

i cannot wait for picnic on tuesday! LOL

Friday, July 1, 2011 // 6:04 PM

i hate this. i dont know why. why cant you just leave it alone, god. seriously i can do it myself, fix up my mistakes myself. i dont want help. i need to do it. for me. im not doing this for you. its all for me. get that through your fucking head.

// 5:23 PM


and all i know now about cars is that LOL .... there are none to hop into if you need a lift =/ so idk LOL people need to tell me if theyre going by car and if they have any spare seats LOL

coolios :)

// 3:47 PM

Dear You,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the way I treated you and I'm sorry things turned out the way they did. I'm sorry I was such an inconsiderate ass for doing what I did, I know I can never take that back.

The truth is, I was never really ... into it. You know? I guess you could tell, haha. You were, and you still are so amazing and I stupidly and selfishly let you go and that has become one of the worst decisions I've made in my thus far.

I know I should have given you the same amount of respect you gave me, but I failed to do that.

Right after that incident, I just knew that I didn't want what I had just did. I didn't want it then and I don't want it now. That's when i realised.

I've spent a good week trying to see if you were okay, but it was never really my place to do so. I shouldn't have because now I know I was just making things worse. But then, one day you came up to me and things were normal again, like they used to be. And I was glad, you know, because things were better that way.

But now you're coming back into my life, not in just a 'friend' way. You're telling me all these things that I don't want to know anymore and it's killing me to know that you're trying to seek comfort from the person who put you in disarray.

I wish you hadn't come out that day, because you're messing with my mind. You're playing with me as if i were your own toy. I'm not yours to own.

You're making me feel all these ... feelings that I don't want to feel. Why do you have to do what I did to you, to me? How can you have the audacity to tell me that and speak to me now, as if everything were okay?

It's not fair.

Fuck you.

Sincerely, Jessica.