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stay gold forever

being here with you

we were meant to fly

you got me
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and i got you
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Saturday, March 29, 2014 // 6:57 PM

Everything has been pretty good. Pretty great actually. I finally felt like everything I ever wanted in life was there yesterday and everything would stick. I still haven't shaken that feeling, it's wonderful. But despite that, I've become more aware of all the crap that's been going on in the world. Crap that the universe hands you and you can't really do anything about it because you just can't change it. Like no matter what decision you make, it will always be the wrong decision and no good can come of it, regardless how hard you try. Or the fight that you have to, need to fight. Because saying no is cowardly and no matter how easy it is to give up, you have to stick around. You have to fight because if you don't for him or her or yourself, no one else will. There are some things that could have been prevented or stopped but didn't and there are things that are just out of our control and now, none of it can be different. We can't change anything now. All we can do is hope for the best, try our hardest to make things better despite the futility. We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Friday, March 28, 2014 // 7:47 PM

What a long week.

Glad and grateful everything I needed to get done is out of the way

we are the lucky ones
Saturday, March 22, 2014 // 3:40 AM

we are

we are

Not going to Clinic tonight. I'm kinda bummed but considering the amount of exhaust I am, it's warranted. Also, Dalz won't be there and as much as I hate leaving Danny alone, it just won't be the same :(

Spent the early parts of the day freaking out about the little things I have due for uni this week. Until I went shopping with Eeh (despite my freaking out, I go shopping LOL) and he was like, dude it's 2% and you have until Wednesday. Just do it tomorrow and go to Clinic. And I was all, dude, okay. But I can't go to clinic LOL

I feel like I have so much to say but I can't really muster the effort LOL to formulate colourful sentences with the perfect syntax and omg at uni, just when I'm talking I seem to forget all my verbs. Like mid conversation I'd forget how to speak properly so everything instruction I'm giving or story I'm telling sounds so dumb LOL


Big changes happening. A lot of them are still in the process so I'll save this story for another day

I'm so tired

im so fancy
Friday, March 14, 2014 // 6:39 PM


First year, right? Everything was basically done for me, just had to like answer q's, do work and what not. This year I have to keep track of which weeks my labs are on, and its not a 'every-second-week' basis. And my tute alternates between a 'large group' in a lecture theatre and a 'small group' in a lab room like whatttttttttt. All the tute work needs to be done prior, prelab read and answered and signed prior, revision questions after which need to be answered cos it's split up amongst the group and if you don't do it, you let everyone else down. like wow. was not prepared for this. I'm almost drowning in work for the first time.

Don't get me wrong. This isn't really a complaint. I'm just overwhelmed. It's quite fun organising everything and making sure you stay on top of things. I'm doing catch up work today and I'm getting such an adrenaline rush. LOL.

Uni has been quite interesting

How are y'all?

i need to space these out
Monday, March 10, 2014 // 1:56 AM

for easy accessssssssssss


summer recap
Friday, March 7, 2014 // 2:07 PM

So this is what I had hoped would happen over the summer, let's see if I actually did anything lol

  • Cruise to New Caledonia and Pacific Islands This didn't work out when we realised a lot of us didn't have money LOL but we went to Terrigal instead :)
  • Beach run (So I pitched this to a few people in my group. I'd like to wake up at 4:30 am and leave for the northern or southern-most beach in Sydney and drive up/down the coast line, building sand castles, eating and riding the waves until I've had enough LOL I cannot wait!!!) Didn't ;eave at 4:30 am but I going to count the day Col, Em, Drew and I went to wet n wild, Wattamolla, La Perouse and Brighton Le Sands as a beach run LOL We snorkeled at Wattamolla, flew kites at LaPa and walked on the beach and ate at Brighton :)
  • Beach swimming at night. We always go to Brighton and whatnot after hours but we don't swim cos it's been wintery cold. No more! swim swim swim :) That one time Drew, Maria, Bobs and I swam at Brighton in the rain :) Amazing
  • Skinny dip at a beach ;)
  • Bike riding/skate boarding at dusk We skated at like midnight on Collin's birthday. I'm going to count that LOL
  • Driving up to Hornsby or out past Camden to look at the stars. Collin insists we go back to our year 11 camp site to look at nebulas and that
  • HIKING BREOWRA - COWAN, WENTWORTH FALLS, ALL OF THEMMMM Went hiking at Wentworth Falls with Em, Steph and Snoop. It was then that I realised how unfit and unhealthy I am LOL
  • Snorkeling at Shelley and bring Em this time :) Snorkeled at Wattamolla instead. Also, at LaPa with Em Ly LOL
  • Big Day Out. Not going Vietnam at the time so I can finally go LOL I didn't have enough money for such a shitty line up LOL
  • Taylor Swift's red tour!!!!!! :))))))) Not as intimate as her other shows :(
  • I want to eat snails Anana's with Med Sci :)
  • Fishing Received a rod for Christmas ;)
  • Pipi and oyster collecting Found one Pipi at Terrigal LOL
  • I would like to drive to Byron just for a night LOL wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far LOL
  • Eat fresh healthy salad and fruits On and off
  • Christmas party!!!! It happened, I swear LOL
  • LOL this is starting to look less and less like a bucket list
  • Visit the Jenolan Caves
  • Glow worm tunnel in Lithgow!!!
  • Bar hopping in Newtown 
  • Volunteer for the red cross Liverpool ARCBS! I miss dem :(
  • Go back to windang and snap some pics near the sand dunes which reminded me so much of skins
  • Carry a koala at taronga
  • Be in two places at once
  • Go to a burlesque show
  • Go to a circus Maria? and I LOL Forgot who I was with, drove past one in Liverpool. We stopped to check it out. No one was performing, but it was still a circus. So technically we went LOL
  • Watch the sun set over the Slopes This one time with Hellen. I was giving her an update on my life. There were lots of clouds and we were about 3 hours too early LOL
  • Bike ride adventure to somewhere far like Tempe or the Blue Mountains
  • Learn to play golf
  • Shoot a real gun
  • Learn to speak the basics of German Duolingo! Du trinskt orangensaft?
  • I forgot what it was called, but year year 11 SLR we did a mock test on CPR and that. Anyway, I wanna get certified in first aid and be able to perform CPR n that. I wanna get that thing that lets me do that LOL 
  • Learn to surf
  • Become a vegetarian for a week
  • Make my own bread
  • Make my own Christmas cards They were so beautiful :')
  • Perform by the beach with a few friends
  • Visit the outback!
16/37 ... less than half LOL To be fair though, I didn't really expect to get much of this stuff done. Despite being unable to reach 50%, I still did heaps. I went on adventures to places I had no idea even existed, so how was I supposed to put it on this list so I could quantify it and turn it into a percentage? I loved this summer. Despite my getting sick, I still pushed it and did shit anyway LOL 

Best summer yet :)