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and i got you
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015 // 4:57 AM

I haven't had a moment to stop and think.

I'm in the middle of my mid semester break and the weather is wonderful but I have to go into uni for 3 days as per the requirements of one of my gen ed courses. I just came back from the first day today and it was essentially just a recap of what we've done over the last 9 weeks online..... Like I could be out fishing zzzzz

Anyway, here's a little update:

  • Handed in my final assessment for terror and religion! I've now only got to keep turning up for class participation, but I know that Kent and I talk enough to be recognised. Hopefully we get 20/20 :)
  • It's the only law/arts course I've done over the course of Med Sci and omg. So much respect for Ems and Maria and everyone else in law and arts who have to write such long essays with no guidance. 
  • I became an FR at St John's. Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but it's all official now! I've got my own greens and all. I was training people at one point. It's fantastic 
  • Eva's birthday was today. It was such a nice catch up cos I haven't seen these guys in a week lol.
  • Came 1st in my lab for visceral!!!! super stokeddddddd omgad!!!
  • My cousin Nam came down from Brizzy and all the cousins hung out. We went to Bar Luca in Circular Quay. It was actually very good. Like, I know I usually exaggerate things, but this is probably the best burger in Sydney. It's in every food blogger's top 5, and almost always claims the top spot! 
  • Went to AnB with Collin, Thom and Allan! It was sooooo much fun! We ran into everyone - Danny Dalz and crew, Snoopy, Cindy and crew, Bao, Nini and Will! Such a great night!!!
  • Went to the beach with Snoopy at one point
  • Moon festival with most of kik. Food was pretty good. There really isn't anything there for us anymore besides food haha
  • Aspire Thank you dinner! Good company. Fake alcohols. Thoroughly disappointed. We went to Mamak afterwards and chilled and that was 100000 x better
  • Cynthia's birthday @ Coogee! It was pretty good weather wise. Played volleyball and jumped into the ocean!!!!! Yay :)
  • Ryan Adams - 1989 cover album. Oh. My. God.
  • Watched the first 2 eps of the new Dr Who season. It was actually pre good. I do miss Tennant and Matt Smith sometimes, but Sid's dad is pretty cool
  • Ran into Sendy and her baby boy Adrian for the first time in ages at moon fest! He is soooooo cute omgad
  • Bonded with Shirley from my division over our mutuals, good fun
  • Hung out with Danny on his birthday. Chilled at a very nice look out that night :) One of my best friends. I love you :)
  • Tin's birthday! I missed the rooftop celebrations, but hung out with them afterwards @ Sanctuary. Met Nguyen's brother. Omg they look so alike!!! HDB Tin :)
Listen out this Saturday!!



Saturday, September 5, 2015 // 5:49 PM

 Hi, dis me @ La Perouse w/ Snoopy
 Hi, dis me, Miss Vietnam. No. 1 tourist is Sydney City

 When we had super diarrhoea and could barely drink honey lemon tea

 The drive to Wagga Wagga the next day. This was a nice look out at Goulburn!
 Pls zoom in and look at Collin's face

 We could only digest jelly

 Hi Drew!!!!!

 Was good

 Pre good considering we were in complete darkness
 Look @ dis Chinese beauty

 FACELESS DEMONSSSSS (Advanced first aid lol)

 Pre Andrew McMahon!!!

 Oh hay
 Dat stage presence

LOL so he walked through the mosh, singing and hugging everyone. Then he had to run back onstag to finish the song (cos finale) and this girl just held onto him and wouldn't let go. This was his face after the seccy ripped her off of him hahahaha
 Liam applied make up onto our eyeballs

Hi Huynh :)

 My savings for Europe next year (since 2013) filled with lots of foreign currency and silver coins .... it'll add up I swear! :(
 Jennys savings (to be fair tho, she only started a few weeks ago)
 Back @ LP w/ Snoopy

 What an aussie babe