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and i got you
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 // 5:06 AM

Brain decides to play the guitar right in the middle of my studying for UMAT LOL gg for tomorrow

NOWWW I really wanna blog

Oh well

LOL I'll post something soon :)

Pretty shit first week (Y)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 // 3:54 AM

I need a break from this break.

I spent the latter part of the first sem waiting, wishing, hoping that this break would come sooner, but I guess it's time for me to get back. I know we still have a few days left and all but I need it to stop. I need to get back into my old habits, well the old habits which I should have stuck to. I need to get my priorities in order. I need some discipline.

I've always found it amusing that most patients in Grey's are just put there so the main characters can reach some sort of moral epiphany as their lives line up in the most elaborate analogies. Today, it happened to me.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013 // 9:36 AM

I cannot obtain my final marks for the semester


hey gurl
Saturday, July 13, 2013 // 6:11 PM

2nd week of break

The only week I really got completely 'off' almost because I didn't have work but I decided to keep my year 12's on LOL don't know if that was a mistake or not.. but it's done.

I'm marking my year 8's essays on Edward Scissorhands and I do not know whether I'm pushing them too hard or not. But I guess, if you overlook some things, they're not doing too badly. As weird as it sounds, I kind of missed work this week. I just need something constant in my life so I don't go insane. I really felt like I was purposeless which is the perfect indication of how mundane and lame my life is ... haha.

I'm kind of excited for the last term. I have one less class and the kids are all pumped for Christmas and we can totes learn the origin of Christmas and that (Santa Claus none of that Jesus stuff) oh wow, I am actually very excited LOL

Anyway, my sister and her boyfriend left for Singapore on Thursday, they're going all over the asian party countries, Malaysia, Thailand ... LOL I think that's it. Anywho, something really odd happened... I started missing her LOL :( which is retarded cos I've gone a week and a half or more not even seeing her at home while she's in Syd. I guess it's just the thought that she's not around which got to me. Don't miss her anymore though, she better buy me souvenirs :@ hehe :)

So... since Monday, I have been ... I don't even remember LOL Hellen, Collin and I hung out ... forgot what we did Wednesday, I stayed home cos I had work but I ate lunch with Eeh. Thursday, oh yes, hung out with Eeh and Wilson, had Pho An, then went back to his place to jam, then we had Fatman's, then back to his house to pick up my stuff, then reading at home, then El Jannah's with Eeh, Wilson, Bobs and Huynh after meeting up with Collin, Shaun and Alex. Then LS LOL Huynh was the only person who ordered something, haha. Then back to Huynh's house and played Bloody Oath and shared secrets until 3 am :)

The following night, Bobby was going to the gay bar. I was so ambivalent. I wanted to go but I was really missing my sister and I felt down LOL So I called Danny and Dalena cos they make me feel like I'm at home. They were going Chinese Laundry so I got a ride with them to the city. Met up with Bobs and a few of his mate's mates. Pre drinks at bar century. Collin was jealous ;). Bar hopping until about 2 am LOL didn't even end up at Laundry. Dalz drove me home, bless her :')

Which brings us to Saturday. I was watching Grey's Anatomy. I always have this fear when I watch TV shows. I always get emotionally attached to the characters and when it ends, I don't know what to do with life and I go on the most retarded stalking spree where I watch every youtube clip and every other movie that they star in LOL So I had to pace myself. I watched Schindler's List instead. Did not know that it is three hours long LOL I watched the first hour and I had to pull myself away cos I didn't wanna stay in bed till 4 watching movies and tv shows LOL

So I watched Grey's instead LOOL. To be fair, each ep is only 40 mins so I wasn't wasting too much time :). I called Collin and we decided to visit Hellen at work. By the time we got there, she was already waiting to be picked up LOL so we chatted for a while, wanted to skate but she wanted to bike ride. So we 'compromised' and decided to bike ride for the little princess but she had OMG LOL SORRY SIDE NOTE, WE WENT TO DFO ON TUESDAY, YES I REMEMBER NOW LOL STUCK ON THE M4 PLAYING DRAKE ALL NIGHT LONGGGGGG ahem, anyway LOL she had to clean her house, so Collin and I skated until the sun set.

The eastern side of the sun set from collins phone LOL my blue tint is starting to piss me off

Hellen didn't want to bike anymore, we decided to go karaoke instead :) and have cheese board after yum, but after she gymed she didn't want to karaoke anymore the whore :'( so we went to David's and watched the Evil Dead. It was alright, LOL I liked how the end didn't end where it seemed like it was gonna end :) Then we skimmed through VHS 2 and had El Jannahs again LOL Ran into Collin, Shaun, Alex and Trinh again. After dinner, we went back to Collins and watched The Other Boleyn Girl until like 1 and skimmed through different movies until 2. Sang to some high school musical and hannah montana movie LOL seriously, it took us so long to find the bit where Taylor Swift sings Crazier, haha. 

So we put off the cheese board until tonight. I hope we can find grapes!!

Collin, you're welcome :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 // 8:15 PM

It was a pretty wild first week break LOL
 Cathy, Collin and I chilled at Canley Heights and then grabbed some moochi the night before we left for Melb. We hung out in her car afterwards, singing Miley's new one and instagraming vids of us dancing n that LOL v fun
 First meal in Melb. We had Japanese food, I had some pork with rice... It was okay LOL
 Love birds cooking in our apartment while everyone else was resting/showering etc. LOL
 Sunset from one of the rooms
 Crown from "my room" LOL I didn't even sleep
 Sleeping beauty. Bobs and I kept waking him up and taking photos of him n that LOL Bobs recorded me jumping on him at one point but he woke up before I landed :(
 Cookin' we had steak, pasta and mash that night, yum yum LOL
 The following day we shopped at DFO and the others left for Queen Victoria Markets. Collin and I lagged, putting away our finds in the apartment and such. The others walked it there, but we took the tram!!!! LOL Bought our own Myki's and what not. It was all very exciting. I felt like a melbournian LOL We got there and it was closed. The others were hanging at a park, so Col and I went to grab lunch in this alleyway lined with cafes. We had milkshakes :)
 He had pasta and I ordered the salt and pepper calamari. My calamari was a left down. Everything else was great though! This was at Bourke St Mall btw LOL

 Hipster alleyway
 I liked this one. Anyway, we met up with the rest of the group and shopped in Myer a little. The prices were very overwhelming compared to those at DFO LOL I went to pick up Bobs and the others bought Snez's birthday gifts :)
 faggots in the pool. Maria, Huynh and I were also there LOL it was so nice. The roof was made of glss so we could see our reflections when we looked up. We made those star shapes and what not while holding each others hands and we could see errthang reflected on the roof!! Bummed I didn't bring my sister's waterproof camera :( oh well.
 Had dinner at Crown that night. I always had and still have the tendency to call it the star LOL anyway. Everything was all very lovely. And expensive. But we went all out :)
 Hay gurl
 Mah cutlery
 Collin and I shared the seafood platter!!!!!!!!
 Cold section
 Warm selection. I am salivating looking at it now. The oysters, scallops, chips, prawns, omg everything!!!!!!!!!
 We demolished it
 Panna cotta for dessert
 Em's dessert
 So the place was called Emporio LOL
 Riverside walk late at night
 Tried to look scary LOL didn't work
 More art
 And some more.. LOL
 Bobs wore Maria's bikini after we did laundry. We did laundry guys!!! LOL
 Last day, we just decided to walk around
 Went into the Museum of Immigration
 I liked it, it was very sad at times LOL
 Gettin' crafty
 Collin made me a green octopus
 And and yellow one :O jks, it was inverted LOL
 Lord of the fries onion rings and fries with vietnamese sauce!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!! I want more!!!!!!!!!
 We found Bobby in Typo LOL
 Chilled at a cafe cos we tired azzzzz LOL before this, we spent like a million years in a store called Minotaur. It was a pop culture good store, jam packed with doctor who, adventure time and classic rock goodness (among other things) they were playing the final episodes of tennants finale before the xmas specials LOL I got so sad :'( Everyone bought Eeh birthday gifts, I got him a Led Zepplin mug :)
 Collin and I decided to shop and explore some more while the others went to Allans and starbucks. We found Chinatown! It is significantly smaller than ours LOL
 Plane ride home
 Went to the Clinic Day Fest with Danny and Dalz for Shanice's birthday
 Best time :)
 Duy, Dalz and me
 Had dinner at Blackbird at Darling Harbour, our first night in Sydney CBD since Melb
 With this faggot
 I had the pork belly with seared scallops and apple sauce :) SO FUCKING GOOD BUT OMG GOT THE MADDEST STOMACH ACHE AFTERWARDS there was an alien inside me....
 He had the risotto
 Burnt creme brulee for dessert :)
 Donated blood the following day. The lady put the needle in too shallow so she had to move it around so it wouldn't rip me skin. I cringed x 398635938250983258
 The best sausage rolls in the world.
 I bled onto my pants. I realised that blood was running down my arm. They had to rebandage me LOL when the removed it, the piece of cotton/tissue thingo was drencheddddddddddddddddd LOL they gave me a read bandage afterwards
 Go the maroons!! LOL jkz, NSW ftw!!! Drew looks like he is in pain. We met up with Snez afterwards at westies. Decided to watch a movie. Eeh and I had to pick up huynh, Maria and Collin cos they decided they wanted to watch too. Bobs, Collin and I watched Monsters University, which was very good by the end, the rest of them watched man of steel. Our movie ended a while earlier than theirs so we went to Garrison's Point. Singing Pound The Alarm, Diamonds and listening for fish jump up in the river, we chilled until the sun completely set before deciding we wanted Tommys, no Fatmans, nope, Valley Thai and Pho 76 LOL
 Brought take away to Em's house. Ate together and went up to her room. Faggots in the bed
The following day, Hell, Bobs, Collin, Jenny (Collin's sister) and I went to DFO. They found matching beanies in Jayjays. I had a mohawk. sxc. LOL We took the longest time to make one round, jenny had gone round like 3 or 4! Dropped Bobs and Jenny home. We picked up Kim (Hellen's sister) from work and had Fat Panda for dinner and ate at LC for dessert. Cat was working! :)

Then we headed back to Collins to cut his hair and make s'mores. Except we couldn't find the burning bin or the clippers. So we just ate microwaved marshmellows and watched HIMYM

I'm so poor now :(