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and i got you
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It's a wrap
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 // 1:07 AM

just quickly before I head off to my abundance of parties for the new year, loljk, I want to sum up the high lights of the year I've had with Yall :)

First off I think my trip to the Great Barrier Reef wins the best experience of the year award, hands down, I can't believe I got to scuba dive and snorkel and see a reef shark and a family of Nemos in their home!!

Hiring a boat with KIK

Finding new holes

Finally understanding how university works LOL

Working at Stu's

Becoming a regular employee at Dymocks

Beach house


Feeling loved

Beef Wellington


Becoming friendlier with my Medsci cohort


Driving to Splendour in the Grass

Childish Gambino, Peking Duk, Angus and Julia Stone

Thursday's with Snoopy in semester 1

Beach hopping with half of kik

And being able to cross things off my bucket list !!!

I'm truly grateful for everyone in my life and everything that has happened. I wouldn't have had it any other way :)

Happiest of New Years, darlings


Sunday, December 21, 2014 // 4:02 PM


I literally have not touched my laptop for 3 whole days and when I did, 3 days ago, it was just to sync music to my phone, which didn't even work. LOL

I was supposed to go to a party last night, but I slept the entire night after telling myself I'd only nap. How lame am I? I joke, I have a super cool reason!! Basically, I've been working everyday and on Saturday night I had JL's party and we stayed up all night drinking/mafia-ing/playing cards against and I only had time to go home, shower and head off to work cos Julia Gillard was doing a book signing at our store yesterday!! As you can imagine, it was a busy, busy day LOL

Who am I kidding, I'm so lame :(

It would've been mega fun :(

Ah well, have some photos:
 I love this place
 Bobby's profanity
 I love dis place
 I'll be in the hole next time, you'll see!

 da sky



 R we at a beach?
 My lymphangitis from GBR LOL
 Chillin w/ my little m8
 Dinner in Airlie
 So good omg u don't even know

 I love blue cheese and eggs and pumpkin
 make up time LOL I miss TNQ


 Beach next to dunes
 spot the wallaby

 trying to be artistic

 Squirt ;)

 Stopped the car so she could get a jump pic LOL


 LOL bobs


 fking huynh

 The trek

Sah wind

I miss the beach :(