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and i got you
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less than 12
Sunday, June 28, 2015 // 6:28 AM

  • Buy shoes for SMS cruise
  • Celebrate end of exams with JL
  • Roof top bar with Med Sci
  • Go to Montague Island
  • Zorb
  • Go shopping in general
  • Shave Collin and Drew's heads
  • Ryan Adams
  • Golden features
  • City2Surf
  • Showing year 10s around uni
  • Try Knafeh
  • Gym more
  • Make monies so I can eat out again
  • I'm down to my last 2 packets of oats.....

No one - Golden
Sunday, June 7, 2015 // 4:52 PM

We all have our own preferences

for example, in a general sense, I prefer the egg white to the yolk. Just because the white is always the same I guess. I don't like yolks when they're super over boiled and kinda rubbery and I don't really care for liquid yolk. Pls don't hate me

 I much prefer this
Over this

LOL on a side note, to get that bottom picture I googled "yolk porn" and it was all fun and yolk until.......... I saw................. something that cannot be unseen..........

google at will

P.S. I love you, too bby gurl Lyanna

Happy studying


Saturday, June 6, 2015 // 5:44 PM

I'm not too sure if I've mentioned this before, but I've been living the last 2 months almost entirely on autopilot.

I'm stayed back at uni more and more because there was a never ending cascade of tests and assignments and stupid little reflections that I had to just keep doing one after the other. We all know the noise my mum and neighbours make, as well as her constant barging into my room makes studying at home so hard. She means well, obviously. But there are so many ways I can say "yes, I am studying right now" before I lose it and tell her to gtfo LOL cos she just asks so many questions and I don't have the time :'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Not to mention driving to uni is so much more convenient! and driving home is super easy cos no traffic at 11+ pm. But when I'm driving, I'm like totally aware and shit, still checking all me blind spots and that, but I get to a point, maybe like 20 mins into it and I feel like I snap back to reality and I always ask myself "Holy shit, how did I get here?"

And it's not cos I'm tired or whatevers, I just drive down that same route every day and it's so mundane and if I tried really hard, my body would dig through the clutter in my prefrontal cortex and I would be able to remember. But none of it ever becomes declarative (doesn't reach my hippocampus lol soz I'm studying atm) cos it's not important.

I was hanging out with Collin and Maria the other day and we all decided that we're at the point in life where we're maybe becoming adults and everything is just shit now. Like when things are bad, they can be really bad. But the good days are better than ever. The ratio however..... is not ideal.

Anyway, good things that have happened over the last few weeks LOL

  • Had roast at Francos and Claro's last night. It was actually so good hahahahahahahaha. Also watched zoolander for the first time last night and it was weird LOL but pretty funny. 
  • Getting better at pool! Play a couple of times at Claro's. Also played pool at the St John social thing. That was fun too, I guess. Lots of pizza. Was really good at the first game of pool against JL LOL but terrible at every successive game :(
  • 2nd St John duty at the In Hearts Wake concert. They're pretty good! so were their 3 support bands. The one that stood out was Storm the Sky?? or something LOl spoke to them afterwards. Nice guys. Also more injuries than everrrrrrrr
  • Karaoke at Lyanna's 21st was ace. Esp, after her engo friends left hahahahahaha I think our HS friends were just more comfortable then
  • Went to the beach on Tuesday to study for my functional spot test! I stayed in my car cos it was just way too windy to bring all my notes outside, but I took heaps of breaks and walked everywhere and spoke to a nice old man about his dog and the beach LOL. Actually managed to finish everything btw, before going back to uni and studying some moar
  • Med apps were submitted last Sunday. Looking back, I probably could have added more things to my Wollongong portfolio, but quality over quantity, hey? I made sure I kept everything I put down within the last 3 years.
  • Lots of my friends put down 1 off things that they did in like year 8 and I was feeling kinda dumb that I didn't do that too, but retrospectively, I think it is probs best that I didn't haha
  • Had lots of nuggets with Tin, Nguyen, Franco, Claro and their m8s. good times 
  • Eeh's 21st! Went to Frankie's pizza. Was pretty ace. Had Mary's (my love) for dinner LOL and walked around Vivid afterwards 
  • Got interviewed for the catalogue @ Dymocks, going into their studio thing next monday lol.............................. my interview was so shit they asked me 1 question 3 times cos they weren't happy with my answer hahahahaha

Okay, time to study. How r yall?