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and i got you
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Where I am
Sunday, March 29, 2015 // 5:03 AM

I complied some lists a while back and I've been adding to them now and again.

The first time I wanted to do something like this, I was thinking about the time I spoke to Pantelli in year 10. I remember it vividly, I was walking up the stairs in E block towards the music room and she ran after me and said "I see you haven't signed up for Extension English" and I asked "Do you think I can do it?" genuinely surprised at the fact she'd even considered me. And you guys know the rest of the story. What y'all probably don't know is that shortly after this, I ran into Revell during lunch and we had a serious talk about it. This was obviously before things got really bad, but she told me she never doubted my ability to do it and I ran to Mahony's office and asked him if I could switch!

Anyway that'd be the first thing I ever though to put into this list: Moments in my life that have made me confident in who I am and I guess, also molded me into becoming the (amazing) person I am now, haha.

- Revell and Pantelli believing in me

- I was pretty concerned about my future in year 11, this one day Collin and I went to LS and ate waffles and out of no where he just told me that he never imagined me getting an ATAR below 90. I love you.

- I generally really like it when people believe in me and when Ms Best asked me to fill in at the formal assembly for our vice captain, who recently sprained her ankle, I was so stoked like you don't even know LOL. One of the teachers spoke to me after and said I did a good job and gave me a ferrero rocher. LOL, best.

- When we play those hypothetical games, KIK and I, we would ask things like "who would u call if this happened..." or "who can you rely on for this..." and a few people listed me as their go to and I'm like omg ty guys ily so much LOL

- Med interview at UNewcastle. Even though I didn't get in, I learnt a lot that day. What I'm good at, what I can't do and how confident I am in myself with different things. Definitely an eye opener.

- Travelling on my own

Here is a second list, one with my favourite songs of all time. These songs have been obsessed over and over and listened to on and off, time and time again. No ordinary song goes on here. It takes a special kind of song, one that can transcend my temperamental musical tastes, to  create this list

- Slow Motion - Third Eye Blind

- Karma Police - Radiohead

- Without You - TEED + Dillon Francis

- Chocolates and Cigarettes - Chet Faker

- Liquor Lip Loaded Gun - Sticky Fingers

That's sorta in the order I discovered each song actually. I also realised nothing is too up beat. I guess I've always liked it chill and real, haha.

The third list includes my favourite places in Sydney. A lot of it resides in Nasho, but I love how each place has it's own little story and I can remember so vividly the first day I explored there.

- Rock pool at Garie. I've been here countless times since discovering it, and I absolutely love bringing new people here each time. But the first time I ever same across this was when Snoopy and I skipped our very important uni work one Thursday to go to Garie Beach in Nasho. Usually, we'd just stay on the beach, but about 2 weeks prior I was there will Collin and we were walking around the rocks and found an octopus and star fish and this one yellow fish with black stripes and helped it back into the ocean!!! Anyway, so we went in hopes of finding the octopus again. We searched under so many different rocks and I did actually managed to remember a few rock formations! But I didn't account for it being higher tide on the day Snoopy and I went, so a lot of it was unreachable. We kept walking along the rocks, though. We found some starfish, but I was kinda disappointed. We walked past the fishermen, where there was now a flat ledge/cliff they were just chilling on, and just to the left of them, we saw the pool! It was so big and so cool cos we'd never been to a natural rock pool like that before. Neither of us had our swimmers on, but we both knew we were gonna jump in, haha. It was really nice. I was super scared because, although we had a pretty clear view of everything in sight, I was still kinda paranoid at the possibility of there being a shark or stingray (which, btw, there was when I went about 6 months later with Collin!!! how fucking cool is that? LOL) We both jumped in in our underwear it was honestly one of the better days in my crappy transition into adulthood. I've been back so many times, like I said. Each time with a new person, or with the same people, but we see different things and it's so special. I hope everyone has a place like this for themselves.

- The Dunes. KIK and I have been here a couple of times and it's always such a chill night. A couple of times I've seen shooting stars and on Christmas eve, Bobs, Collin and I spent the night just running around and doing cart wheels. It's always been a magical place. Kinda scary, cos we usually only chill in the late hours, but I have been there once or twice in the day time. Pretty nice. But usually too hot to do anything LOL. I always have a blast staying up here. The frightening walk to it is totally worth!

- Wattamolla Dam. The newest place I've been frequenting. Snoopy and I went on the biggest witch hunt trying to find this place after she saw it on some girl's instagram. I offered to just ask the girl where it was, but she changed her username!!!! What a hoe LOL jk. We eventually found her again and she told us where it was. I was so keen, I brought Dalena, Dalz and NSa to it before I even went with Snoopy! haha. I love it. So much to do and see, cos it's a man made dam intervening a running waterfall. You can climb down the many drops, as I have heaps of times, but we could never really make it to the pool at the bottom. It would've been fine going down, but getting up was a real struggle. That was until Hellen and I found a little route around the side. A web-infested, insect crawling, binidi covered track on the left hand side which led to this massive slopey rock where we side stepped down into the pool LOL. It was worth it. Got a few amazing snaps and it was quite lovely :)

- Finally, Lincoln's Rock. It's in the mountains. I've only been here a handful of times, but it's really nice. You can chill, mark your territory, sit on the edge of the earth and there's a bunch of cool exploreable places. Dalz and Danny really wanted to go here, so we woke up at half 4 in the morning just so we could watch the sunrise, haha. It was heaps of fun. I love the fresh air, the fantastic view and the way my heart pounds and palms run like taps every time I sit on that ledge!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 // 3:22 PM

#1 Hey Jumbo, you're pretty and we like the same things. Life really would be more dull if you weren't in it! But your arrogance is really unattractive -this obviously is not the case when your arrogance is so sexy, but that doesn't happen much anymore- I think you need to practice humility. I like you, but not like this. We shouldn't just because it's convenient. 

#2 I can't believe u asked me out the other day LOL like WTF. We've been friends for so long and you're like a brother to me and all and I'm so sure you didn't even mean it but it makes me think that maybe you do and I don't know how to act around you now. Look at what you done, cunt. LOL jk. I'm sure all is normal and it was just a joke. Here's to a good road trip.

#3 You and that little slut are aggravating me so much. It's not your fault. I know if I was in your shoes, I would be acting exactly the way you are, but you know what I would do. I would be polite and kind and courteous. We've known each other longer than you two have and I can't believe you let that get in the way of things. I am thoroughly disappointed and I'm resisting the urge to smash your face through a mirror.

#4 And as for you, you're just a little prick.

#5 I love you so much. When you thanked me for being there despite everything that happened, I thought that was probably the most absurd thing I'd ever heard. Of course I was there and of course, I'll continue to be there. But when the tables were turned yesterday, I guess I really get where you're coming from now. You're my best friend in the entire world. I love you. 

Queen of the clouds
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 // 5:00 AM

I just knew this was going to happen.

I fucking knewwwww it.


So ever since the GAMSAT I've been too lazy to get back into routine and now all I do is talk to my friends and shop online :'(

Anyway, I've been listening to Tove Lo's album and idk, I may be biased but I really like it. It's so real, and simple, but it works so well LOL. It's split into three sections: the sex, the love, the pain, which I guess is quite appropriate for her songs, haha. Her lyrics can be really quirky too like in this one song she's like "I can get a little drunk, i get into all the don'ts/ but on good days I am charming as fuck" and she understands things so well like "we're not forever, you're not the one/ you and me, we're a time bomb" and my absolute fave "if you love me right/ we fuck for life" 


okay, thoughts
  • I feel okay about the GAMSAT, but I really hope it goes well
  • went to a lecture today about surgery, there is still so much ahead of me, I've only just touched a fraction of it
  • I feel so minute 
  • but it's def not insignificant, what I'm doing. Definitely not.
  • need to start working at blood bank again
  • Still want to go to Nepal
  • Why aren't my clothes here yet. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • It's so hard to find time to gym
  • Glute bridges hurt my ass
  • uni. study. uni. study. 
  • Not sure what to do for my birthday
  • tbh, it's not even a big deal rn, i'm got so much on my plate like fk me 
  • might go on a road trip to rural hospitals tho, that can be me celebration LOL
  • sorry this is so boring
  • i feel like i'm missing something
  • i help a guy jump start his car today. in the pouring rain!!!!
  • it was my first time hehe
  • i don't think we should force it just because we can
  • it would be good to have a distraction though
  • maybe i can finally, once and for all for the 1 millionth time be done with this
  • i hope it all works out for us
  • good night

study? what study?
Sunday, March 15, 2015 // 2:22 AM

I want to go to Nepal.

 This could be a post card (if the tourists moved out of the way)
 Hi guise, I'm Vinh Pham. This is a staircase in a building in the cross. It is supposed to represent the left-handed helical structure of DNA. How cool.
 Just to make sure y'all know I was actually there and didn't rip the photo off the net LOL

 Fire big
 Sleepy hed
 Right before our triple back flip into the water

 Paint m3 lyk 1 of ur french gurlz
 Birthday boy
 Mhmmm ricotta cheesecake

 Lincoln's Rock
 After we failed to find Paradise :(
 Sleep ova @ hellz
 Rustic pearl
 Lobster eggs benny, didn't really create magical flavours, better separate imo
Mac and Cheese burger at Spectrum now!!!
Black star pastry x N2 collaboration. Cake smash. I love watermelon cake. I love ice cream. I love watermelon cake ice cream!!!!!!!