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and i got you
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HDB Snoopy!
Saturday, November 28, 2015 // 8:11 PM

Excuse my absence. I finished my final exam about a week and a half ago and I haven't had a moment to stop and think about everything I've done since then. I guess I was (and still kinda am) in a celebratory mood cos I've finished my degree!! and because of this I haven't stopped spending money (yay!!) but I feel like we all deserve to spoil ourselves once in a while, especially after 3 years of diligence (for the most part). 

I guess I'll recap the last week and a bit, just so I don't forget, and a photo post will be coming along soon once I put everything together.

After our Visceral exam (which wasn't that hard!!!! I love you Dr. Pandey) most of us went to the Roundhouse to grab a few drinks and play some pool. Lots of "OMG it's over" "OMG it wasn't even that hard" "OMG we're never gonna see each other again" "OMG Ball is on Monday!"

Not long after I went home and Collin picked me up so we could catch the midnight screening on Mockingjay part 2! It was so well directed!! The story was a bit of a let down, but that's cos it was true to the book and the books ending was a bit of a let down tbh. 

This is actually kinda hard to recall. I went to the beach with Jamie at some point. We also had the Dymocks staff party and Maria and I got our annual tasting platter! Andrew was also there! It was alright. Since Jake and Sam left it's a lot quieter, but still enjoyable. I went shopping for Ball stuff somewhere in this time period and got a few accessories and shoes. I actually like shopping by myself, idk there's something therapeutic about it. Like everyone else is so busy and you're just there going at your own pace with no one to really answer to. But I do like shopping with other people too, I swear! 

The kik woke up at 7 am on Sunday morning so we could all go to paintball in Camden. Someone told me that the very first time u get shot, it really hurts but then after that, you don't notice it as much. The first shot didn't really hurt, cos it got my mask, but it did take my by surprise and almost gave me whiplash. The remaining shots which hit my body hurt like 10000000x more than that one and I definitely noticed it more and more each time I was hit. One of the paint balls hit my neck, but didn't pop and that was probably the one that hurt the most. I also got a weird looking hickey from it. I was so scared that I would be bruised up for ball and I ended up getting like 8 big ass bruises on my legs, but it didn't show until 2 days after, so yay! (Ty again Ems for organising!!)

Anyway, Ball was on Monday. Euge, Eva and I got ready at Crystals (after Cat did my make up, tysm kitty kat!!) and we were taking photos in her garden and even though we were in all black and looked like we were going to a funeral, we looked stunning :') Got to Daltone House shortly after and took more photos on the pier with the Harbour Bridge in the background. All the 3rd years looked so fresh and so gorgeous!!! I'll upload pics soon, haha. Clarence was our m.c  and was just shit stirring the entire time. He said something like "Glad to see u here tonight Jess Phan, and not where u usually are, at the brothel" I think this stems from one of our first encounters where I told Clarro and Tin that I had "porn star hair" and they were like "wtf" and I showed them how my hair when draped to the front is so thick and long it covers my boobies. So if I were topless, I would look like a porn star. He took a photo of me then and put it up on snapchat with the same caption. The first years saw and when I first met them at Tin's grad, they knew me as "porn star hair" LOL 

Anyway, we danced and had too many beers. I tried my first real cigar and it tasted foul. One of the first years got really drunk and basically slept on the toilet so the managers at Daltone told us to wrap it up half an hour early :(. But they played Don't You Worry Child last and all the third years came in and danced together and we were all so happy and I love them so much, I can't believe I'm not gonna see them next year :( We went to the Star after for drinks and Claire and I had the biggest girl talk about everything, in front of everyone LOL we definitely made Kent and Jean-Luc feel uncomfortable, but they were too drunk to remember (hopefully, haha)

I was super hung over the next day. Definitely a sign that I'm getting old, cos I usually don't get hang overs at all. I hung out with Jamie for a bit, but I couldn't really function and I felt like I was very poor company. I don't think he minded though. 

Danny (hi) and I went to Newtown to shop for his Earthcore outfit and potential outfits for Snoopy's. He found a few good things. He also went to get his hair cut at a barber. When we went in together, the German barber was like "This is a gentleman's store, no women are allowed. You are welcome to sit outside" ... in the sun.. in 35 degree weather... fk dat. I chilled at a cafe for a bit while I waited for him. We then met up with Bobs, Maria, Trinh and Huynh and grabbed dinner before we headed to Eeh's David Bowie tribute show!!! He was so good. He even sang! Had such a great stage presence and definitely was my favourite performer of the night (no bias I swear). 

On Thursday Jamie and his mates Kaan and James took me camping in the Blue Mountains. It was my first time and I was super excited, but super paranoid at night about things like demons and robbers. It was super fun, we pitched up our tents next to this river and cooked kangaroo meat on sticks over an open fire. It was probably the best kangaroo I've ever had and I once paid 40$ for 3 tiny pieces of it @ meat and wine co! The conversation went on around the camp fire for hours until we decided to call it a night around 1. I kept hearing birds and things falling onto my tent which freaked me out a bit, but I fell asleep soon enough. I woke up with the worst back and butt ache. I thought it was from sleeping on the ground, but when we had breakfast and I sat on the same log that I did the previous night, I realised that that was the root of all my problems. Sleeping on the ground wasn't bad at all. I definitely want to take KIK out camping soon. Now that I have a general idea of what to bring and where to go :)

We got back on Friday at 1, had lunch in Granville and somehow got a flat in the 45 minutes we spent eating. So those 3 guys, they're engineering students, Kaan is also a trade mechanic and Jamie and James both do a lot of car work in their spare time. It was so interesting watching them change a tire. I've always wanted to learn, I reckon its a pretty important life skill. There was something wrong with the access to the spare tire, like the bolt was jammed shut or something and we'd have to use like a power tool to release it, but Kaan being a mechanic, just fiddled with something under the car for about 5 mins and the wheel just dropped out of the bottom on the car. It was all so strange and new. I was so amazed 

Anyway, I got home, had the best shower and headed straight to work. After 4 hours of nodding in an out of sleep, I drove Em and Collin to Wilson's. He got so drunk. I hope he's okay LOL 

Stereo was the day after, yesterday. I was sober and I had a great time. Major Lazer absolutely killed it. I loved every second of every drop and they ended with Lean On and All My Love and I was so happy, words cannot describe. Showtek and Axwell Ingrosso were also favourites! I met a lot of new people cos our usual Canley crew didn't go. We hung out with Thompson's mates and Allan's m8s and they're all so nice :)  

Collin, Thom and I just came back from Yum Cha and Vinnies cos we had to buy something for Snoopy's Tropical 21st tonight. I'm so keen, but my body is dying.

Photo post soon.

Maybe then this will make more sense, haha

Goodbye my deers :)

Monday, November 9, 2015 // 2:30 PM

First final exam (sort of) of my last final exams in BMedSci

Wish me luck!