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and i got you
this layout was hand coded by twelfthnight ( else ) with inspiration from Gold Forever by The Wanted. Gold from colourlovers

Friday, August 29, 2008 // 2:27 AM

Since i havent blogged in 10 days, ill post another. Just for danny? LOL.

anyways, i think i need/want a new layout, ive made some stuff but i dont really wanna change it, i feel so lazy and i still like this one. maybe ill change my mind and change it another time.


// 1:47 AM

I feel so fatigued i havent been blogging or like doing anything since Panics.

Well so we got there right, and bought subway :). Then got to acer and went in. So many people had to check our tickets ==; and like i felt so ashamed the purple wristband. FUCK I WANTED THE GREEN ONE F555555555. lol. Danny, jo and i went to buy merch, it was all so nice, not like soundwave lol it was kidna weird there, and we went back then went down into the arena.

WE WERE SO FAR BACK, fucking hell, i regret not buying front mosh soooooooooo much :(. Anyways, chain gang played first and they didnt really get anyone jumping, or maybe they did but i didnt fucking see cause i was so fucking far away fucking fuck. But they were alright, well only the drummer was alright ;] she was so like naked :):):).

We just sat down and out of no where i heard gabes voice then i ran down and started to mosh. They were so awesome. fking oath. i loved it when they played church of hot addiction and bring it, will is actually kinda cool in that song :). They were all so cool esp. Victoria rocking in LOl out with her keytar (H).

I dont really liek the academy is... but i saw alot of people mosh to them so i decided to join; and for an hour or so, they were pretty cool.

We waited for so long to see panic go on, danny, dalena and jo went to the signings but no more people were allowed to join ==; and so after about a half an hour to maybe an hour wait, the lights went off and panic ran on! everything was so beautiful, the flowered microphones, the background with pretty .. flowers LOL and like panic in general :). We actaully managed to mosh to some of their new songs, and their old ones were just as awesome as well :). So after we go out, we waited for jo and danny, drank their coke, ran around like maniacs, go busted for not using our tickets at the station, bought tickets, dropped jo off then dalena danny and wendy ..ithnk.. and then my dad and i had a midnight snack, i dont remember wot i ate LOL. so went home slept and woke up went to tutor went home slept woke up went to church went home slept woke up went to school showed off catrinas panic shirt went home and slept woke up and had bloodaye maths and a new teacher for drama and went home and slept then woke up and went to school and went home and slept woke up and had music double maths cricket went home and slept woke up had english geo science music and maths again then went to cabra to buy meat for bbq and went home and wrote this.

SPEAKING OF THE NEW DRAMA TEACHERRRRRRRRR. She seems ... nice, she thinks whatever we do is excellent or good, she likes everything we do and give us at least one good point of feedback. its kinda weird. She is pretty up herself as claudia sed, ' oh im a drama and music teacher, i was in vancouver doing some photography i did this and that and all this bs'. Well we have to deal with her over-happiness and up-herself-ness for the next two weeks or so.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 // 1:28 AM

Its amazing how directors and producers can make people feel the same emotions as the character being portrayed/starred. Or maybe it’s just me. I watched Dexter, once again, and this episode had a very cool twist to it. LOL! Yeah anyways, Rita breaks up with him and then he gets all pissed off. He releases all his stress/anger to his sponsor ... lady LOL forgot her name :L yeah and it went something like …

“I’ll listen, just tell me”
“THEN SHOW ME! %^&@$%*^@$

Pushes her on the bed and starts to strangle her

Then … :O

LOL I actually felt pissed while watching that bit :L I know I am retarded shut up ==;

I think I need a punching bag, since I know now that I can get pissed so easily. I’d usually just like hit the wall or kick Huynh if I was pissed at anything, I really need to stop doing that LOL I will apologise soon.

I am quite the retart. I can feel anger and hatred while watching a movie but when it comes to like one of those sad scenes when someone dies or something like anything sad in general , I don’t cry for like feel very remorseful, I try my very hardest to, but it never happens, like fh, why do I only feel one emotion?!

Well, yesterday in art, fuck bro, fassoulas is such a mother fucking whore. She constantly ignored Emily when she [Emily] asked her to turn off the bloodaye heater. Then she had a go at me for giving my opinion, LIKE FUCKING HELL MOTHER FUCKER YOU ASKED US WHAT WE THOGUHT AND I SAID IT, she really needs to clean out her ears, I was like cars were probably very expensive then and she’s like “what? You need to stop and actually think about what you’re saying cause you’re coming out as not very bright, cars weren’t very expensive then, how do you know?” Something like that; motherfucker. Then she goes on to saying something like, do any of you ever hide behind a mask? Like when you act like your happy when your not, then lyanna chucks her hand up, lol, I had to resist the urge to say yes, I am right now, I’m acting happy but I want to bash your face.

Oh god talking about it doesn’t make me feel any better. I really need that punching bag, the wall and Huynh will wear out some day and they won’t be very useful.

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i like pie
Sunday, August 17, 2008 // 12:44 AM

Currently eating rasion toast with butter.


i want another one :L

omg bro i cant find that stupid shop number :(:(

i dont think the shirts will last on those bonds shirts =/

maybe we will go there are see it and ask there and yeah, i got the address but no number like fh ==;


fuck bro like srzly, i am so stupid

anyways pointless post, i am just doing to encourage other people to do it too :D.

Thursday, August 14, 2008 // 11:32 PM

I HAVE BEEN i dont know where ive been really :L at school i guess? at home with no net, trying to photoshop something meaningful but everytime i try it never happens. nothing ever happens. no more fights, no more agruments, no more drama.

I miss dexter so much. This room i am in is so filthy, i really need to clean it.

I find myself to be more pessimistic nowadays. i used to be fully happy and hysterical, optimistic. i think i have been pmsing for the past term or so. BUTTTTTTTT hopefully, panics concert will bring out the ... hysteric-ness [AHAHAHAHAHAHA stop.] in me and i will be able to go climb the harbor bridge with tracey and cassandra on australia day.

i just had a thought! maybe cleaning this room and having the feeling of cleanliness will make me happier.

Well this past week has gone by pretty quickly, nothing much happened once again. Went to lansvale on Wednesday to teach the little kids or something, they didnt need much help anyway. Thurs had a maths common test which was pretty normal, i think i know i passed; today had a science and maths test again. Science was pretty easy, got 47.5/51 woot :) COULDVE FKN GOT 49.5 ==; i might ;]. Anyways, Maths FUCK BRO, it was kinda really hard :(. cause i didnt revise and when i tried to at lunch some people didnt have everything my lal wrote on the board so i didnt know jack shit :(. hopefully i passed. AND HUY GOT SUSPENDED :( all bens fault, or all the yr 7s fault :(. ALL MR STINMETZ? LOL fault! FUCKING HELL IT WAS KINDA SELF DEFENCE bloodaye, just because he threw the first punch dsnt nesscarily mean he started it.

Anyways wanna hear some awesome news?

PANICS IN A WEEKS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


woot LOL

I miss dexter so much. can someone dl for me? please? ill dl something for yu when i get my net fully on back or ill give yu soemthing i already have LOL.

Well ill go clean or do my tutor hw or something.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008 // 3:20 AM

please tell me what he said isn't true.

This is kinda getting really out of control.

omg Relient K

"Why don't you come right out and say it? Even if the words are probably gonna hurt I'd rather have the truth than something insincere"

Well, today went to parra to nancy and alans birthday. It was quite boring. Did alot of walking like from station to max brenner to outside citybeach into dymocks and out to max brenner again, then ate (:. god was it nice. but kinda very sweet. then we went back and watched the neighbours thing. declan looks diff in real life. Anyways some guy performed and then it was Johns turn, he rocked! and he had his own canley vale cheering squad at the back ;]. Even tho he forgot his lines a little HE WON!!!!!!!! lol, hes in the finals now, and itd be so cool if he got the part :). It was so cute when declan wrapped his arm around him and john hugged it x] i would show yu but there are no pics, maybe someone got it but if they didnt i will try to ps it :). it was so cute!!!! x].

Anyways catrina and i went to jb and was so close to buying an album each but nooooooooo. then we ate kfc and then um we um like um went um home um.

and thats it.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008 // 5:10 AM

Today was very fun (Y). We had a history test and we only did theory in maths, no exercises [AHAHAHA] and in music we were dancing around the fire like indians when we were meant to be aboriginies. :D.


youre not a man yur just a mannequin.

omg that reminds me, jacks mannequin album out soon :D.

THEY ALMOST HAD SEX omfg. and omg i feel so sorry for diana =/.

i moved when i see it
you gotta feel it
something.. tv on.. i think.

break it out.

oh and edward and bella have sex like 5 times!
says julie :L.

OH and huynh bumped into the pole x]x]

we had a hysteric moment in music that i wished lasted longer, i was over it pretty quick, i wouldve usually still laughed for 27 minutes after everyone else had stopped. whats wrong with me?

im not really excited for panics.

i am ...


i love gavin degraw :).


Tuesday, August 5, 2008 // 3:48 AM

I quit guitar today and cathys replacing me i guess o__O;. Bro mr sunpilot was such a motherfucking whore. hes was so different :(. and cathy was like, omg its so stuffy can yu turn the heater off and then hes like are yu hot? and catrina and i start cracking up then he got all FIAKSHJZFH whore mf :( and he was so slack bloodaye hell. But she was the only one that was hot as in flushed, overheated, LOL the rob was so cold he needed to stand above the heater to warm his balls :L:L:L. im a such dog like eric AHAHA LOL. catrina might quit too? LOL well idk.

I need inspiration, srzly, ive wanted to ps for so long but i just couldnt, so now im just linearting isaiah to start me off. I wanna make something idk something good. helpful? aestheticly pleasing?. i might make a new layout, thats if i get any good ideas and actually make it==.

Anyways, had our drama performances today, i think claudia and i went pretty well considering it was half improvised. i guess nest time we should really plan it out days before instead of like an hour before. Danny Ngu is so cool x]. i like the voices he makes LOL his performace with huynh was pretty awesome.

OMFG i think i know wot im gna make :D, might be hard tho, holy crap i hope this works.

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Monday, August 4, 2008 // 12:32 AM

I have this retarded feeling in me. Its a mixture of boredom, change and unhappiness.

Dexter's so different. Theres no more ice truck killer, no more Biney, no more idk excitment? i guess. The last episode of the first season was kinda really sad cause dexter killed brian. And now that hes gone, its very ... boring? It has changed. Feels like everythings gone wrong. You may think this is really retarded, well it is, but whenever i feel alone or bored and i notice things have changed quite alot i get so ... you know? As a child i hated when i was bored inside [the house :L] and the ABC kids program lineup was totally different. I missed the old shows and wanted them to go back the way they were. And now its like that all over again? God i was so unhappy then.

Today, everything was ordinary. The same as every Monday, but every other monday i wouldnt think of it as ordinary, i dont know whats wrong with me, every week we'd have the same subjects and shit, it gets really boring but id still enjoy it in some way. Anyways, had art today, bro that teacher that is subbing for ms fassoulas is a mother fucking whore. shes so slack. im glad ms fassoulas is comming back next week.

I feel like a sea change. I know i wont get it. I just need like something different to the daily and weekly routine. i might experince something like that, but it wont happen, not for a long time. I really lack the motivation to do things. Im just sitting on my computer chair all day listening to songs. I havent photoshopped in a long time. I havent done many things in a long time.

Well, drama tomorrow, but sadly i have to miss out 30 mins for guitar ==;. I think im gna quit after tmr. Just cause i didnt tell ms morvillo and id still have to pay fkn 10 bucks and so i can get the decoy chords :D. Then ill leave and learn it myself for free x]

Im so scared. I cant really talk to eric anymore. Everything is so awkward now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008 // 4:12 PM

bro scrambled eggs are disgusting *vomit face.

omg i had the most scariest dream :'(

i drempt [is that a word?] that i told catrina and i forgot to tell her to keep her mouth shut and no hints and then it was recess @ school and she sed it kinda loudly to me and then everyone froze and stared and then __________ just went off almost crying :'( omfg OMFG wot if she dsnt say it but that still happens omg =/

but i guess its not _____ fault, she thought we knew she didnt like him. we just assumed she did and she didnt even notice . OMG im so scared :(. holy fuck i dont want to imagine what our group will turn into :'(.

Well, yesterday, tutor, was fun-ish i guess. stupid lady @ bakery put all the chilli in the middle :@ LIKE FH SPREAD IT AROUND YU KNOW?! bloodaye hell . the maths thing was okay i guess, i didnt hate it like those linear graphs and things, it was quadratic equations or someshit, which involved algebra :D i like algebra :) i think i should do it now so i dont forget how to by next week :L oh and megan stephanie and kim drew on my chucks again. theyre so beautiful! i would show yu but i dont know how to put pictures on here. but theyre full awesome. i think ill keep them forever and ill try to keep my feet the same size, but if i do ill keep wearing it and one day itll break :( so maybe until yr 12 or something x]

anyways i swear :).

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Friday, August 1, 2008 // 4:39 PM

you know what i found out the other day?

______ dsnt really like ___________ but ___________ has a big crush on _______.
and michael and cassandra are dating like :O.

fucking hell i didnt get to bat for cricket on thursday >:(

i like the story i got for art :)

jason mraz is awesome (H)

trace is a crap singer, all he does it talk.

i serzly cannot believe ______ shes so .....
i dont think she actually likes any guys that like her, like theres nthing wrong with that but like she leads them on? i guess? :L which is kinda slack to those boys.

might get it next sunday? :D if its at parra.

nancys birthday soon, so happy birthday to her. i might have no net so i mightnt be able to say it. or just in case i... forget? but that wont happen :D