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and i got you
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Hi Jess
Saturday, November 17, 2012 // 4:29 PM

So after the Chemistry exam, Cathy, Eeh, Collin, Hellen and I went to Parramatta to celebrate LOL we had some nice Kofta and Arguileh. I have a photo of Hellen doing it somewhere.... LOL anyway, before we were served the owner told Collin he looked 15 LOL

He does, doesn't he? LOL wore the most kiddish shirt that day LOL anyway
We were supposed to watch Paranormal Activity with Huynh later but he bailed so we went to V lounge to eat some more LOL This time, most of the girls came and it felt really nice to hang with them again :) Huynh ended up coming to this LOL
I swear, the sticky date pudding was 3 times the size the last time I ate there LOL, it was good nonetheless :) Collin bought the green tea fried ice cream, it's odd how it looks like logs LOL but I think they're cigars

 On our way to blow out LOL I like this photo
This is me, stranded at Diana's house + Cat's leg LOL we went back here to chill afterwards because I didn't want to go home LOL we were playing something like verbal scattergories where we basically named a category and started listing words associated with it until someone screws up and repeats a word or they get a mind blank LOL played until there was one winner. We played "Movie Titles" Molica, Diana and I got out in the first 5 minutes but honest to God, Cat and Vicky went on for another like 20 minutes LOL
Read this in Mx on the way to Cathy's LOL thought it was rather hilarious

Watching Snooker at like 1 am because there was nothing else on LOL some of the shots those guy make are almost unbelievable, Tri was really into it LOL

I was kinda bored cos everyone was sleeping or doing shit without me so every half hour or so after 3 i took photos of the sky LOL this was our view of the Harbour

Yeah, I didn't drink much at this one LOL God, I hate drinking, tastes like ugh but I had quite a lot of fun. We got a lot of noise complaints LOL a security guard actually came into our room at like 6 am because we were making too much noise bringing the furniture in from the balcony.

Everyone just kinda sat like this before we left and it reminded me of a candid Skins shot, is it just me? LOL I really like this photo
On our way home. I bought a chicken roll with Collin. Best thing I've ever eaten in my life LOL (second were those Nongshim noodles from the previous night LOL so good:) anyway, went home and had a very nice 3 hour nap.

I spent the rest of this day reading "The Happiest Refugee" by Anh Do. God, I balled my eyes out of many times and yeah, the cause of my moral epiphany. I think after reading this is vowed not to upset my mum anymore. I also made a list of shit I had to do before I died and it mainly revolved around giving back to my parents who faced similar circumstances to Anh and his family. God, it really got to me

Anyway, onto happier things LOL

Went to Wilson's birthday buffet LOL It was the same day that I came home from Cathy's and I could tell my mum was really annoyed. I really was on a losing streak with her. So much for trying to not upset her lol


The food was great, got to catch up with Hellen and Trinh before they left for Hong Kong, Wilson had a blast :) Steven, Danny, Hell and I played one of those arcade game things where you gotta pick up stuff with that one very rigged clamp LOL we ended up winning 6 bars of chocolate :) 

 The following day, Bobby and I 20% jogged and 80% walked to Huynhs house LOL we were talking about Christmas and we ate KFC
We 100% walked back to Cabra though LOL who runs in chinos?

First day of work LOL Maria and I came kinda really early so we stopped for some Gloria Jeans. Met the 3rd Christmas Casual, Tani. She's very nice LOL I have to work 5 days next week. Wooh............ and I haven't gotten paid yet LOL, I want money :( hopefully they pay fortnightly if not weekly LOL My sister said they could always pay me monthly and I was all .... NO :(

 All the shit I had to return to school + 2 text books I had to sell LOL I made profit :) yay :) Still haven't returned the amp though, going back to school on Tuesday to sign out cos the year adviser wasn't there the last time I went LOL I don't want to return the amp :(
 After the text book exchange, I went to the bike store to buy the adapter thingo for my bike LOL I had to wait like 30 mins for the bus and these men sat next to me looking all shifty and ya LOL I caught up with the Sex this day on whatsapp, Jenny was on her way to watch Legally Blonde the Musical and I was all, omg I should go watch a musical too. This morning, Ems was talking about going to see a musical or a show or going to a concert together as the KIK, so I looked up STC and Belvior shows. I came across this musical about 9 oprhan pirates who are supposed to be insanely good looking LOL I'd totes go to watch, but I can't seem to find a free day :( oh well
 This is them LOL
 Went back to hang at Eehs with Collin and Huynh. Huynh was teaching Eeh musical theory because he has his test/audition for music school very soon LOL Good luck my dear :)

 Collin, Drew and I went bike riding and we came across this little diner which is made from an old train compartment LOL I believe we are going to try it today, hopefully
 Went back to Collins and gave Coffee (the dog) some coffee LOL .... Collin thought it was clever :(
 Yesterday, all 10 of us chilled at Collins LOL we rarely get to hang out with every single person there and without any extra people, so it was quite lovely :) we had lasagna, pizza, mash and gravy and polenta LOL I think Snez and I made too much polenta ....
lovelovelove LOL

I remember Ems suggesting we play truth or dare and Drew told us he didn't want to play. This sparked a frustrated but insanely funny "You're such a pussy Andrew" from Ems LOL and also, as we were talking about slugs during our lunch, Snez let out the biggest "Ughhhh" and we mocked her for the entire day LOL We then proceeded to spam twitter with these two phrases. God, what a great day LOL

We played real scattergories later on and omfg, Snez is so competitive LOL we should get her to play with Hellen. I wonder who will win LOL

Such a beautiful weather :)

PS Danny, if you wanna hang again, totes just give me a buzz LOL I should've said yes when you called earlier. screw work :) LOL I'll still get enough sleep

// 3:08 PM

What would you tell your past self? If you could go back to some time in the beginning of your HSC?

Cheer up, Jess

Hello Lyanna
// 3:07 PM

It's been a while, sorry I've been struggling to find the time to blog because of my insanely busy schedule LOL I joke, I'm just incredibly lazy and exceptionally bored most of the time LOL

So from what I'm reading, Cambodia isn't treating you that nicely, but not fret! Eating spiders and ants are all part of their culture so I guess you're more worldly now :) LOL And to add to that, not much is happening here either, I think everyone is just too lazy to do anything so LOL ya, it'll all be over soon and we can totes hang out at Christmas and stuffffffffffffffffff HANG IN THEREEEE

So I got a job at Dymocks LOL pretty standard as far as retail jobs go, not difficult or anything LOL you should come and visit me when you come back :)

I went bike riding with Collin. Kinda wish we could bike o Garrison and picnic and have water fights like we used to LOL, but we have all of January to do that :) I need the exercise LOL

Anyway, tell me more about Cambodia, it sounds interesting LOL also, I think I'm going too, when I leave for Vietnam LOL I think we're only staying there for a day though so idk what we're going to do there exactly LOL any suggestions? :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 // 12:30 PM

So I'm at Dianas house and I have no way of getting home. I know I live like 5 minutes away but It's pitch black outside and I dont want to walk LOL so im here until the sun rises

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 // 1:18 PM

I'm done...

I'm done...

I'm done.

Monday, November 5, 2012 // 4:40 AM

In just under 13 hours, it will all be done and dusted and I never have to sit an hsc exam again and I'm so happy and omg I hope I don't have another bad dream about the chem exam LOL

So how was your day guys?

Im quite excited for the end LOL

Yeah okay I'm repeating myself LOL

Blogging from me bed btw LOL I don't think I've ever used my blogger app

This is fun

Well, an early start tomorrow

Which means and early finish!!! Wooooooohhhhh!!!!!!

God I am so excited LOL


Good luck chemistry

Good night everyone

Hellooooooooooo post hsc ;)

peer pressure
Sunday, November 4, 2012 // 4:20 AM

I can't believe I've succumbed to this... but a lot of people want it and I've decided that I want specific things LOL so like, a total win-win situation here :)

Anyway, don't feel as if you need to get me anything on this list. Like Bobs, this is totally just a personal list for myself and if you guys just so happen to get me it for Christmas or you know, my birthday (5 months will flyyyy by LOL) then that's great :) This is like permutations where the order maters LOL

I don't mind clothes LOL just totes ask me for my size and stuffffffff lol
Taylor Swift's Red
The Jamie Oliver cook books LOL
Or any cook books, really
I'd also appreciate cooking utensils
That'd be great LOL

Okay, now books LOL

From http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/
Gone with the Wind
The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes (Paperback)
Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales (Leather/fine binding)
John Green Box Set 
The Book Thief 
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (this will be my 4th copy LOL)

From http://www.allbooks4less.com.au/ (The books here are 5$ each LOL)
Little Women
Revolutionary Road
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Lost World

I'd also like a globe
Globes are cool. 
Like them big ones.
That have the metal ring or semi circle support.
I should've studied geography.

So Maria and I went to Dymocks today to hand in our resumes. We were about to head home when we got a call from the manager (I think) there and he asked if we were still in the centre. And so, we ran back to the store and I totally had my first job interview LOL it was very basic so I think there will be more rounds and what not. I remember freaking out about my posture LOL should I lean back on the chair or not? anyway, the interview wasn't daunting or anything, surprisingly LOL he was very nice and reminded me a lot of Alfred from Batman. I also bought myself a copy of The Happiest Refugee. It is taking me so much will power to refrain from reading that book until chem is over LOL God, just one more day and then, I'll be waking up to the exam and then .... FREEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

This 11 day study period has been the worst LOL

I can't believe it's almost over...

I am so happy

God, I've been waiting for this moment for so long LOL

Anyway. Sorry. Digression. LOL.

So Mars and I went into this game store so she could apply for a job there. There were these guys playing some card game. Maria asked this other guy how to play this game called Magic, and he explained it to us and it was interesting and totally, yeah LOL I'd play it. I felt like I got the general gist of the game. Yeah, man. Magic. LOL

I'm totally, going back in time aren't I? So on Thursday, Em, Juliana and I went to study at USYD but we ran into Trinh, Amy and Diana and we followed them to State. We ate at Starbar for lunch and it was quite nice LOL I kind of didn't enjoy the food though cos I was still getting used to my elastics and my teeth hurt and whenever I ate a mouthful, it just wasn't enjoyable LOL my teeth were uh... tender LOL it felt like I was eating a mandarin, without the ability to bite down. So I swallowed each segment whole. Which sucks cos the whole point of a mandarin is like, juices and stuff, you know? LOL 

Anyway, that place was pretty cool. There were a lot of movie relics and the like around and about

The bathroom was also quite cool

Anyway, I cannot wait for this to be over

Good bye :)

Good luck Japanese and Japanese extension LOL

Thursday, November 1, 2012 // 3:07 AM

I was going to post about my chem filled week, but I realised there are still so many things I don't know in the syllabus

So like...

Good luck Physics and Legal :D

And to those who finish tomorrow LOL fuck you

And to everyone else who still has to do chem, WELCOME TO THE CLUB LOL