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Thursday, June 30, 2011 // 2:59 PM

LOL SO blogger was chucking a little hissy fit -again, i had a whole blog blogged out then it wouldnt let me publish it LOL so then i saved it, closed my computer and tried again after tutor. the homepage wouldnt load ======= LOL anywho, here it is. just a little burst of feelings cuz i had a lot to share HAHA



but on the way home, i realised i left two questions, one that was relatively easy, though i didnt see it at the time, and i made a shit mistake LOL i left out a 3 :( so thats at least 5 marks gone LOL



on a more serious and superstitious note, i hope i dont jinx it by posting this LOL i can get a bit cocky at times and i cannot afford to lose marks because of that, however i need to express my delight :) LOL <-- totes just synonymed the word 'happy' haha LOL anywho, im going to finish my homework then im going to go tutor and grab myself a kebab LOL 8)))))))))

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOL

I think im gonna make myself a list of to-dos for the holidays.

- im for sure gonna start driving LOL, at least once.
- read at least 3 books
- have fun, be it staying at home and watching friends or hanging with friends, just dont make it a chore LOL
- REVISE chemistry stuff LOL got homework i reckon
- shop LOL need winter clothes and what not
- sleep in till 5 pm 8) LOL totez chucking a linda xD
- learn one full song on my electric LOL solo and all
- rekindle the love between eeh and i 8) LOL jokez, i hate him now LOL jokez, or am i? :O
- revise chemistry with huynh, from module one!
- gotta picnic with the class again ;) actually... thats organised kind of :D
- LOl.... idk anymore :L
- BAKE STUFF LOL i bought baking paper last week, so im all set :)

during the car ride home today, i asked my sister about driving and she told me she only drove for two weeks after her hsc before she got her P1's and i was like ... O_O wow LOL so ima try driving for two weeks before i- jokesss LOL i cant get my p's 'till next year LOLz, gonna drive nevertheless 8)

anywho, to whoever, come if you wanna LOL just tell me 8)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 // 2:18 AM

4 bobs LOL this is cool

// 12:32 AM

Oats are so yummy :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011 // 10:48 PM

i seem to do this annually, LOL blog about true blood before i get my reports LOL

anywho, i strted my download like, what? 30 minutes ago? and how far along is it? ONLY 10 FUCKING PERCENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :'(((((((((((((((((

cry LOL um, yeh kinda nervous 4 reports cuz 1 lyk, am a $h!t studentZ.

play i just split an entire cup of orange juice on my skirt....

Saturday, June 25, 2011 // 4:29 AM

ive been working on my english essay, and im almost done. got about 1/3 of it to go LOL i dont want to write about the truman show, though. i wish i could continue on with pleasantville, i have so much more to say about pleasantville :(

anyway, today i went skating a bit with dalz and we got tommys yay LOL then we started bitching and then i went to nitas and claduia and jenny walked me home and then i did my essay and im proud of myself for making progress LOL

i cant wait to grocery shop with nita tomorrow and hang out with huynh afterwards :) yay

anywho, good bye.

Friday, June 24, 2011 // 4:37 AM

sometimes i wonder what it'd be like if i transferred to another country, like england or the u.s. or new zealand, where they speak english pretty much. LOL. where there are no language boundaries, id love to see how it'd fit in LOL

also, their subjects!!! LOL like in america calculus and algebra are different courses? what would i choose? LOL [cuz im asian, i must do mathematics] and in england you've got like history of art, as opposed to our modern and ancient histories LOL

will i adopt an accent or will i sound rather strange with my natural australian dialect?

OMG SPELLING LOL esp. if you're in america and you spell "favorite" as the australian/english "favourite" and like you know, you'd have to start calling rock melon cantelopes and lollies, candy... LOL

anyway, just a though LOL it'd be pretty cool if i got to live in another country for a long period, regardless of their language.

// 2:33 AM

sometimes, the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the most lonely person

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 // 11:19 PM

not the best of weeks LOL just realised my remaining assessments are prettttttttttty important LOL :(

so lyk, right nao, im sippin' on my tea, listening to all back by chris brown and thinking aboutttttttttttt LOL a thing ... that i want back lol, got chocolate chip cookies brownin' in the oven

im just about to start studying for maths but i have tutor in 20 mins ... should i? LOL :( i really have to at least get the class average for this test LOL or i die, okay, I DIE LOL shits been pretty tough, i need a break, also cannot wait to drive in holidays :D

LOL haha ....... okay, bye.

Monday, June 20, 2011 // 4:54 AM

LOL that was a wild day hey? i remember feeling kind of worried, but looking back now i reckon we can sit and have a good laugh about it. it was pretty fun LOL loved the spontaneity ;)

anyway, ive been bombarded with homework lately LOL hence my lack of posts.BUT I AM NOW FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE although i need to get started on my english assesment which is due in a weeks time =/

anywho, i really like that a lot of people are starting up their blogs again, its fun to read.

LOL um i did my chem test today which i have been studying for lately LOL studying is kind of an odd concept. its process is beyond me LOL all i seem to do is re write stuff in my work books... i dont know if that is effective in any way LOL

im pretty keen on getting our reports on monday :D LOL even though i failed maths miserably, im excited to see the results of my other subjects ie music and drama LOL and slr ... you know i didnt do the slr test and i got 80% for it LOL go me ;)

umumumummm.... LOL ............ cathy and i have gotten into the habit of calling mackenzie by his first name LOL

i really want to learn [in order of priority or most liked-ness... LOL] : German, French, proper viet [north shit ;)] LOl, welsh, chinese i think mando... LOL um and spanish.

Friday, June 17, 2011 // 1:06 AM

I was pretty PMS-ey today. LOL full snapped at dono and bobina. i felt so bad after =/ LOL but its all good cuz i think, or i hope LOL dono forgave me and bobs was just all "now i owe you a snap" LOL

ALSO, did you know, that maria and bobina call me "yessica" and when im angry, they call me "nosica" LOL............... get it? lol yes .. no .. haha...

anyway LOL i was so moody in drama. also, i received my "water" results back LOL it was okay :L i didnt do badly but i got the "oh, i could've done better" feeling, you know?

um....... LOL im just sitting here, waiting for people to blog

so lyk LOL i think thats it. my templates starting to piss me off, i might get a new one :L

Thursday, June 16, 2011 // 3:56 AM


1. i had a pet parrot when i was like 4?
2. i collect cds
3. i collect dvds
4. i collect books
5. my all time favourite book is 'the perks of being a wallflower'
6. the most influential book i've ever come across 'the catcher in the rye' def. one of my faves
7. the book i've read the most and know back to front is 'bridge to teribithia'
8. i enjoy tutoring. all three LOL chemistry, english and maths
9. my middle name is thanh lan LOL dont laugh nita, jenny, danny ==
10. i spend a lot of time dwelling on the past, thinking i should have said something else, letting my alter ego free
11. i dont know what i want to be when i grow up, but i know i want to work and have a family :) preferably not at the same time...
12. im a freakishly neat-messy person LOL as long as shit isnt scattered, im content
13. my favourite tv shows in no particular order: one tree hill, friends, how i met your mother, that 70's show, true blood, doctor who
14. i think the 50's, 20's and the 1800's were great periods of time
15. i can play the ukulele
16. i love my fammy
17. i collect tickets: concert, train, movie.
18. ive received a medallion
19. i love taylor swift with the majority of my heart
20. i tweet most of the day, but i find that it is losing its hype
21. i have my learners license, but have not driven yet
22. Donna Noble is my favourite companion of the doctor's, tied with Amelia Pond :D hehe melond pond, river song :O
23. i like it when people play with my hair 8)
24. i enjoy drinking tea
25. i love the smell of jasmine
26. contrary to popular belief, i do read quite a bit LOL maybe not as much as some people but i do get through a lot of shit
27. i like 'knowing' things LOL little random facts about history, biological organisms, famous people etc.
28. i love my friends lol...
29. never had a boyfriend, idc wot anybody says okay LOL never
30. i believe in god, but not really.
31. i sing almost 24/7 even though i sound like shit LOL
32. ive seen taylor swift live, twice
33. i like controlling things... sometimes i think i need to control stuff
34. in year 5-6 i was in my gangsta rap chuckie akenz phase LOL
35. dalena introduced me to real music
36. i make a lot of mistakes, i think
37. ive been blogging fairly consistently since year 8
38. i change hobbies annually: yr 7/8- photoshop; yr 9- biking; yr 10 - skateboard; yr 11?? studying... LOL jokez
39. both my parents are vietnamese and yet, i cannot speak the language LOL
40. i dont know where, or who with, but i will live in another country for at least 3 months LOL learn their culture and hopefully their language
41. i am a 'doctor slut' thumbs up if you get this ;)
42. i love attention
43. i find cleaning extremely therapeutic, but like i said above, i only half clean .. LOL
44. i prefer summer over winter
45. not a big fan of chocolate
46. being the asian i am, i download everything illegally, but then i go and buy the stuff i really like ... LOL thats my white side showin' (cuz im totally white.. LOL)
47. i get very anal about the use of 'much' and 'many' and other words people usually use the present term for instead of past. "i use to love this.... " um... LOL
48. i aim to get an atar of over 92, but sometimes i dont think thats achievable with my current attitude towards school and studying
49. i have a habit of looking at my legs whenever i can LOL dont know why......
50. i think im good at everything. im not LOL ....
51. i like singing aloud, just not around people. people are intimidating LOL
52. i have heaps of momentary infatuations with people LOL guys, girls, babies ..... LOL ...
53. i can skateboard poorly
54. i hope one day ill be able to skate around while playing guitar LOL that'd be cool :)
55. i like shopping. it just pisses me off when i dont bring enough money. which is like 99% of the time LOL
56. i feel good when i can say "nws, my shout" and actually mean it
57. i am extremely competitive, if no one has noticed LOL
58. i love babies
59. i want to have a son soi can name him marcus LOL
60. im 1/4 chinese LOL
61. i aspire to be many things, doctor, chef, janitor, computer woman, teacher, sport coach LOL thats prob why i want to be a housewife :L
62. beside me, there is a wall of photos of people i love, or have loved
63. i regret what i said, i think about it a lot and i know it wasnt for the best
64. unlike most, i dont dread receiving my results back, even if i know i did horribly, i want to see it LOL asap
65. i know the lyrics to a lot of songs LOL
66. i love how you come across an old favourite and it just makes your day :) [song btw lol]
67. ive grown to love fish sauce, onions and tomatoes over the duration of high school
68. sometimes i wonder wot'd be like to be a guy LOL no period cramps .. no wide hips that dont fit into jeans, no having a baby rip your vagina in two
69. i like sex
70. i think Dm7 is a great chord
71. im usually at everyone's beck and call. i think its because i am bored 81.27% of the time
72. i have a bike named transformers and a skateboard called max
73. i also imagine teachers doin' it dirty when i see that theyre preggers LOL claw
74. i can get my feet to touch my eyebrows when i bend backwards
75. i watch too many tv shows LOL
76. i used to love ryan, dougie, brendon, pete, andrew, danny, josh, calvin, david, matt, matthew, jack, ian, ben and ISAIAH <3
77. for a period of time, i was really dedicated to rock music so i swore id never listen to rnb again LOL look at me now
78. ive seen the musical, Wicked :D
79. sometimes i really want to slap people
80. i generally like everyone unless i see them in the act of being a genuine bitch
81. apples are my favourite fruit :)
82. back when i was like 7/8 i alternated watching charlie and the chocolate facotry and mary poppins on sunday afternoons LOL cuz people had viet school then :(
83. i reckon im a pretty decent hypocrite LOL
84. i tend to repeat myself unconciously
85. my all time favourite song, like legitimately LOL is slow motion
86. i dont really know myself, but i love it when people tell me stuff about .. me LOL and its actually true :L
87. i like poetic song lyrics LOL the ones you can decipher
88. collin introduced me to soundtrack music [non lyrical] and i love it
89. i used to photoshop like a maniac, but i found more expensive hobbies LOL
90. i love rapping drake songs with danny LOL but we dont do that no more
91. i hate alcohol LOL tastes like ass [except vodka yum] LOL and its like a shitty depressant um LOl why not try a hallucinogen?
92. i think hallucinogens are fun fun fun
93. i love house parties LOL like we did in primary and what not :)
94. i bottle up feelings
95. gummi worms are my favourite lolly
96. i like using aussie slag. g'day mate. im feelin' a bit crook LOL
97. i give up a lot. but if ive given something a good go, im determined to be the best or do it the best i can LOL
98. quite self conscious
99. i think "being friends means never having to give a reason" LOL
100. my name is Jessica.

hopefully i didnt forget a number or something LOL

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 // 3:01 PM

i totally jinxed it. i told william yesterday that i hadnt had a nose bleed in like .. 3 years. i what go i get right before i hop into bed? THATS RIGHT A NIGHT CAP.

LOL no, i got a nose bleed, haha. i have no idea what i night cap is ....

anywho, i just remembered i had one last night cuz i was blowin' ma nose and brown mucus started a comin' LOL sorry for the disgusting details. :) i think it might bleed again .... i should stop shoving tissue up there LOL

so like, i hope it rains today before roll call. i am not keen on talking on assembly LOL i swear im so nervous for some reason ============= LOL ive been up in front of the school before but ive never had to SPEAK. HAVE YOU HEARD MY VOICE?!?!?! i ahvent.. but from what i can gather, it is mighty weird =/

anywho, i should brush my gums and head off to school :(

fuck, LOL
// 12:41 AM

i look like a blogger freak now LOL but i just finished reading some blogs and i think, things are better left unsaid if they're only temporary. like if someone thinks i look fat in that dress, i wouldn't want them to tell me, cuz the dress is coming off in a couple hours LOL but if someone genuinely thinks something about me and that thought persists for a long while, i'd prefer if they told me so i can like, you know LOL, drop em as a friend or do wotever about it LOL. but yeah, definitely think some things that come out of peoples mouths are unnecessary

i always have a hard time spelling unnecessary haha

// 12:14 AM

Taking a break from "studying" LOL kind of dont want to, but i feel like if i dont, im going to forget everything i wanted to blog about

ANYWAY LOL i met truong for the first time .... i imagined him to be much older LOL he reminds me tonnes of michael from C2c.

Only iron "rusts". remember that chem kids ;)

I've been epic sick for the past 3 days LOL even brought along a whole tissue box to school and i finish it by the end of the day, haha. anyway, today was heaps boring. found out our chem test was pushed back to monday and i was extremely devastated about this. i had a plan, okay. i had a great plan: tues- study from chem book, weds- study from text books, thurs - study from tutor book, fir- do test, saturday - SHOPPPPPPPP fuck :( now when im shopping all im going to think about is the reactivity of sodium and the amount of moles in copper sulfate :(

Maths was pretty fun, bobs and i spun around like gears at the end of the first period and the world kept tilting left for the rest of the second period LOL

We actually found out that our drama production is going to be pretty massive. Kenna is proposing a mid-day and matinee performance of our shitty play LOL, we allocated jobs for the design and production of the props, costume, soundtrack and set OH and were going to have promotional posters :) i'm going to be making pros with jenjen LOL and designing the poster with david, anyway heres a little publicity for our play :


ANYWHO, we had ebbott for english today ... is it ebbott or ebott or ebbot... LOL one of dem. anyway, he has a very strange laugh LOL and well, cathy had her laptop open so he came and sat next to us to see if she was really doing work, like she claimed. anywho, in midst of the lesson i got up to you know .. stretch my legs and what not, see if my bus has come yet LOL and he kept looking at me strangely. he tried to make conversation with us cuz bobs cathy and i commented on everything that happened in the video LOL we ended up talking books and art oh, and we sang abba ... LOL. also, he was born in 1960 LOL

ive been reading 'i know what you did last summer' its pretty good LOL it used to freak me out, cuz i always read at night but now im just like ... hooked LOL i swear, i think it's collie -thats such a dog name btw-

anyway, back to "studying" LOL

Monday, June 13, 2011 // 9:59 PM

i have lost my touch with all this photoshop colour coding template layout jibber jabber LOL

i can't enable comments but i have started a cBox over <-- dere LOL so i guess, you can comment in there? um yeah LOL its under 'tagboard' dont know why it is called that but its wot came in the package :)

anywho LOL im epic sick. i did my calculus exam today and i think i fucked up kinda badly LOL and it feels like i need to do something... like im forgetting...

but yeah LOL still gotta read, got a new english assessment so i have to do that and gotta study for metals LOL okay going to study now


// 2:54 AM

i quite like my new template actually lol

Sunday, June 12, 2011 // 5:56 PM

as you can see, new template LOL i found it on blog skins and i thought, "what the hell" so yeah LOL not a big fan of the transparency of the bg behind each post, gotta change a few things LOL so far ive only added links so i dont have to go to nitas blog to go to jennys to go to claudias LOL i can go straight there wooh :) :L yeah ill fix some things up later LOL ummmmmmmmmmm...

last day of long weekend, didnt sleep in, kinda, not really though. everyone bailed just like i thought they would LOL so im gonna go eat buffet with nita ha the hoe :)

what this crazy kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DWLdlClXOg

got homework, so i think im gonna start on that now

heres a list that will bore you to death:
- english NLMG questions essay 1000 words, too less LOL
- music composition, i wan to get a head start so i dont cram when im busy
- maths homework, chapter .... 5 or 6? challenge
- jimmy homework
- study for metals exam
- study for calculus exam
- learn drama lines, get that northern accent down.
- read something

actually, i dont have that much to do LOL

also, jimmy gave me a 50$ myer voucher yesterday. why you ask? cuz he loves me LOl (: thats kinda ... weird, no ew LOL WTF

okay, bye bye now.

// 6:46 AM

the last day of the long weekend is quickly approaching. i think ive spent it quite productively... LOL who am i kidding, ive gotten no work done ... well i have but the amount is negligible and i plan on spending tomorrow cooking with bobs and huynh... LOL oh well, party!!! wooh :) im going to spike the food with marijuana and put absinthe in their drinks, i want to see how wild they'll go ;)

so yesterday it was lyannas 17th. happy birthday darling! LOL it was mad fun and like, the food was exceptional and i got to take a photo with this cutie

hehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehe :$$$$$$

anywho, i miss my shows. please give me back my dvds, those who have it .. i mean i havent had em in my house for like months, some for years so im pretty sure, you're all done now ... so please, give them back, hoez. LOL

anyway, i think im going to go to my sisters room and lay in her bed a little.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 // 5:51 AM

I find myself staying up past my bed time a lot lately. thats all i have to say for now... LOL

OH WAIT NO!!!! i finished Downton Abbey it was heaps interesting and i liked how lady mary and cousin matthew were together in the end, kind of LOL and the whole turkish ambassador thing that was just hilarious. and oh, daisy, shes so funny!! every time shes in a scene i smile cuz i know something ridiculously charming is going to be blurted out from her mouth LOL

anyway, i think thats it LOL good night

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 // 4:29 AM

going through nita's old blog posts LOL reading up on chirstmas '09 @ cats house. omg so many memories xD LOL theres this one vid of jenny and nancy having like a little fit over jennys gift [which nancy bought] LOL so funny :L

anyway LOL, nita challenged me to write 100 facts about myself and i am currently contemplating whether or not i should post the 20 that i have now LOL ill admit i kind of cheating a bit, like one general fact is strtched out over 3-5 points, haha and theyre still all different facts :) im clever like that ;) hehe. hopefully a few people join in as well LOL

i have my 'water' exam on thursday which i have not yet studied for. i am in deep shit LOL but i get it, i think ill write notes for my dot points tomorrow after running with the gals, claudia, cathy and margsss LOL i wonder if claudias made her blog yet.....

anywho, im gonna go back to reading nitas pervious posts. and i guess im not gonna put up the first 20 LOL

okay, read a bit more LOL still havent finished december yet LOL she blogs like everyday the weirdo :L anyway, she was talking about our excursion to taronga zoo and it got me thinking about that history excursion we had last year to the steel mill and that temple in wollongong LOL i sang all the way back home :) yep, 2.5 hours of non-stop singing LOL got the whole bus to sing at one point ;)

hehe, lets see what else this makes me remember.

Sunday, June 5, 2011 // 3:40 AM


Saturday, June 4, 2011 // 3:48 AM

just moderated some comments LOL gotta say, the most ive ever gotten, like everrr LOL im glad you three read on to the end LOL (L)

nita, you hoe. you're not detailed enough == LOL anywho,

i went shopping today with trinzy and hellz LOL we skated a bit before and i can totez turn my board now!!!!!!! like stepping on the tail, i can elevate my deck and shift left and right LOL hellen can do a 180 :( i tried but i was too chicken :L anyway LOL went parra despite our initial plans to go to pitt st. spent 52$ on clothes, extremely satisfied LOL and spent another 50 on lyannas gift :D its such a shame i couldnt buy everything =/ yeah so we ate and then bought yogalicious and went home LOL

I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me
But I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching

been listening to this all morning and all night, it is the best, honestly LOL def. my new favourite :)

a pretty packed schedule awaits tomorrow LOL i have to go to davids filming thing. then i have tutor 30 mins later then i have a one hour break and then have to go back to tutor, to my regular class. damn eehs stupid ass party-that-didnt-even-satisfy-me-and-left-me-30-buckaroos-short ========= he hasnt said anything about his gift yet =/ i wonder if he opened it yet LOL prob did and hated it cuz its a large. shes totez like an extra small. hey, its not my fault okay LOL i gave him fair warning, i said "eeh, can you do me a favour and gain a lot of weight before your birthday" according to danny, he did LOL but yeah whatever not enough okay, hoe LOL

anywho, i need to do dot points now LOL

good bye guise :)

you asked for great detail
Friday, June 3, 2011 // 4:06 AM

7:25 am, startled by the cresecndo-ing syncoptaed beat of my alarm i opened my left eye, with my right following soon after. the room was darker than usual, as if it perhaps was still night, so i shut my eye lids and let my alarm ring on. it came to a halt at a very odd place, it wasnt the end of a phrase. precisely two minutes later i sluggishly crawled, no, squirmed out of bed reached for my phone and turned off the alarm. i am now going to skip the bit where i wizzed and washed and everything.

7:49 am, struggled to walk down stairs. slipped on my shoes because the tiles were sending shivers up my body, walked to the kettle, turned, or rather "put it" on and waited for the water to boil. this process took approximately 4 minutes and 27 seconds. i took out a pot and emptied the contents of a packed of ramen into it, oblivious to the face that the salt sachets had fallen in, i poured in the boiling water. a plastic red little baggie floated to the top. i removed it with a pair of chopsticks and tore the top off. red specks of flavouring fell into the pot, it was like bloody snow. a mound of salt accumulated on top of the dehydrated noodles. i then stirred.

7:57 am, brought my ramen to my computer table, pressed the silver rectangle that magically makes everything work, a score and five seconds passed and i had successfully turned on my computer, i then opened 'utorrent' to continue my download of "the sarah jane adventures" with the intention of leaving it on for the whole school day, so i'd return home with something to watch. this was not the case, as soon as i brought my half empty bowl of ramen to the kitchen sink, i turned off my computer.

8:10 am, yelled at my mother to hurry the fuck up. took 10 buckaroos from her wallet, for my lunch. i took the car keys and with the press of a button, unlocked the second hand turquoise car. i hopped into the drivers seat and dropped the keys into its hole, i then pressed on the breaks turned on the engine and released the foot break. i would just like to intervene and say i am such a professional driver.

8:15 am, the car approached cabra-vale diggers club and slowly came to a stop. there was a fucking traffic jam and 8:15 am. the green arrow appeared and my very eager mum decided to turn even though she knew our car would block the left lane of the road. 2 cars beeped, the first car beeping twice, my mum cussing that it wasnt her fault and that the car in front should move forward a smidgen. arrvied at school at 8:24. i walked into the school grounds and was greeted by a cheery claudia, how told me she left her house at 8:15 and that "no one is here yet". we headed into the quad, and we were greeted by a distraught looking alexandra. some words were exchanged and we sat down. vicky and jenny soon joined our group and the bell rang. i thought "damn, that was fast".

8:43 am, my rollcall teacher was late so i took the initiative to talk to that boy chet and i call "cutie" and engaged in conversation using the same name "hi cutie". the maniac year seven boy who always calls me "buddy" interrupted our conversation, as per usual. he is quite fun to talk to, when he isnt throwing grass at me. Downes arrived and we headed in. roll call was extremely dull.

9:00 am, my slr teacher was not here today, so huynhs brothers friend, mr tran, took our class. we played soccer. i was not very fond of this. i had hoped for hockey all morning and quite frankly, my hopes were crushed! i managed to kick the ball 4 times and noticed that khanh was very good at the game. the teacher had a little fit over the fact that we had four people blocking the goal where as, when he was goalie, no body protected him. the wuss. after many aimless kicks of the large tennis ball, we went back into the change rooms to change into our uniform. i had informed emily that i did not break a sweat and discovered that she did not either.

10:18 am, excited yr 11 slr students waited at the canteen line, eagerly awaiting their meal. i wanted a chicken sandwich. i spotted one but a quick hand took the triangular package in a flash! i then searched for another, but sadly that was the only chicken sandwich present on the window sill. this rendered me contemplating whether i should buy a different sandwich, or a pie. after pacing the walkway of the canteen several times, i bought myself a 'roast beef, cheese and mustard sandwich' and it was absolute heaven. i had a mandarin after this delicious snack and my life felt complete.

10:38 am, chem was my next subject. not much else to say, chem is chem. there was a point in the lesson where ms ng turned to the prac side of the room and talked about the molecule sets the school owned. extremely baffled, i turned around to see if she had gone mad. turns out ms adams was sitting there the whole period and no one knew D:::::::::::::::::

10:57 am, missed nita ha, speaking of FUCK MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEE THIS IS SO BORING LOL 43 MINUTES INTO WRITING THIS THING AND I AM NOT EVEN AT MIDDAY!!!!!! anywho, the rest is going to be slapdash until i reach the end of the school day. Maths was .... how maths always is. next i had music and we had to do this bullshit copying of key signatures. our class learnt that coleen calls ms mayhew 'mama mayhew' and that mama mayhew told her to make crumbed steak. she described the process and my imagination of the end product left my mouth watering.

1:13 pm, lunch.

1:49 pm, drama. we had rainbow as a substitute. no work was left for us so huynh and i ran to morvillo to ask what we were to do for the remainder of the lesson. she suggested we watch a dvd. as we headed back to class, we took a slight detour [we being danny huynh, danny nguyen and myself] into the english store room. we looked at a few books and found andy chays doppelganger haha. we ended up watching 'whos line is it anyway?' the show where something happens ... and the points dont count. the girls established a hair braiding/plaiting line. fronted by diana and ended with mai. we taught each other how to do fish braids and normal braids, all the while laughing our gluteus maximus' off.

3:02 pm, jenny vo kha ky nguyen and i ran to the bathroom, the urge to urinate increasing with every step we took.

3:06 pm, meet up with girls outside the school. then walked on home or to other various destinations. i left jenny at the station with the rest of them and went to get myself a chicken roll. i walked home, simultaneously eating and listening to music and well, walking. finished off my roll at the kitchen table and decided to start on some homework. i finished 4/10 pages of my chemistry revision homework. i did one question from the homework jimmy set me and wrote one sentence for an english question i received yesterday. after the realisation that i had not accomplished much, i took out my maths book and decided to catch up on the exercises i had missed out on. i am now up to date. during this process, i received an unexpected call from linda heng, who asked for a favour the details of which i will not go into right now. after reading cynthias blog, i decided to download downton abbey. i had seen the ad for it on channel 7 and it looked rather raunchy. the download of the complete series finished 19 minutes prior to this sentence.

6:12 pm, my mother comes home with bags filled with live crustaceans, these were : yabbies, a mud crab and several salt water crabs [ghe]. she proposed we steam the mud crab and i was all "MUM!!!! NO ARENT YOU GOING TO KILL IT FIRST?!?! ITS STILL ALIVE AND YOURE GOING TO STEAM IT?!?!?!?! OH MY GOD ITS GOING TO FEEL PAIN MUM!! MUM!!!!! KILL IT OMG STEAMING IS SUCH A SLOW PROCESS, IT'LL BE IN AGONY THIS IS INHUMANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" so she tried prodding its heart with a chopstick. i dont think it worked completely, the legs were still waving about frantically, especially when she put it over the boiling water. i couldnt take anymore of this so i went back to my computer and told snez what she had just done. she remarked "your mum is funny"

and then i ate dinner, talked to trinh and hellen about our plans to skate and shop tomorrow and then went on my blog marathon, which resulted in nita ha telling me to blog about my day in great detail. so here you go, hoe. you better have read all of this.

i finished this post in 1 hour and 1 minute :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 // 1:51 AM

The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand; The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land; The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains... For every gentle act that passes, something beautiful remains.