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and i got you
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 // 5:32 AM

Yes it is, Jun. Indeed it is :D

Yo, what up?

So it's been an incredibly long time since... well, everything basically LOL and I so ceebs to write properly even though I really do miss writing so like, another photo blog? Hell yeah!

So Christmas came and went LOL then we had the boxing day sales :D dat was fun

den I go home and mek da puzzle of ze wurl, no finit yet the oseen it two bluuuuu and canadia, who want finit canadia neweii? LOL okay, i'll stop

Two days later, Hellen and I went shopping at DFO LOL despite having already gone shopping, I ended up buying more and spending a butt-load compared to her (her first time dat year lol)  I got myself a pair of sunnies, finally LOL bikini bottoms and a Nirvana tee :) also bought some stuff for eeh cos I am basically like his momma LOL okay, knot really....

my bitch :) when he still wore glasses out LOL

So New Year's Eve, I was still working. Then Maria and I headed off to huynhs at about 7. It felt like a different day LOL anywhore,

 He has v. soft hair

 My b3b :$

And that was all she wrote.... for 2012 LOL

Everyone kind of missed the 12 am mark cos we were just dancing and drinking. I think at about 12:01 someone yelled, Hey! It's the new year! and everyone drank together ... that is, everyone but Kevin and me. I was nice enough to pour him a drink but he didn't even wait for me and drank it himself, the selfish fucker LOL then we headed in to watch the fireworks on the tele while Emily and Osly where slow dancing infront of the TV. Then we I went to the front and ran into mars LOL don't know wot she was doing there... anywhore

 Sleep Ovaaaaaaa :)
 Steven and the dog, CC :)


 Beautiful Ems :)
 So a couple of days later, Eeh, Drew, Collin, Hellen and I went to the city cos I wanted takuyaki LOL we headed off to darling harbour and climbed that big ropey thing at the playground LOL and dis was the view we had from the top ....

 Swingin' on the swings :)

Chillin' in a tube

 Walkin' home in da middle of da roaddddddd

The first time I went to the beach alllll summer LOL 2 months overdue! I love the beach :)

 Sydney's best seafood LOL really was ace

 Ate Brazilian despite what happened in Bridesmaids LOL jk, delish :)

 We roamed Bondi and came across this tiny book store which came equipped with ladders and lounge chairs and tables and omg, it was heavenly LOL it wasn't a second hand book store either, I did a quick check and they stock all the new books like the ones we have at Dymocks LOL I wanted to stay in there forever but Cathy started to get scared so ... LOL

 Elyn's birthday!

 So Drew was riding my skateboard and he kinda fell on his butt LOL the board kept rolling, rolling towards Jun. Apparently, he stepped aside and let it roll into the water LOL I made Drew go into the murky ass, algae-filled water and retrieve my beautiful Penny and afterwards, he headed up to the fountains to shower LOL

It finally hit us, we have a rope climbing fetish LOL

 Da viewwwww
 Fagg3t LOL
 Happy birthday Elyn!
 Headed to Little Star after Bicentennial, which was very fun btw LOL almost forgot to mention :L Steven and I spent the latter part of the day doing childish things such as climbing trees and rolling down hills :)

 Drew, Huynh, Eeh and I went to donate blood LOL Bobby came too but because he had a booboo on his knee, he had to wait a few weeks :L

 Huynh's 18th! The actual day LOL he bought his first legal bottle of alcohol :)

 Then at about 1 am, we walked to Cat's house to chill LOL

 Diana and I had hangover pho
 Alex and Jacky's!
 Da cute gay couple :)

 Daddy Steveo LOL


 Floatin heads :)

 There was a photobooth machine!!! LOL I left all my photo strips in Hellens bag and she hasn't given them back yet, slut :(
 After work, Maria and I went to Bobby's house and played some Zombie game LOL notice the card name and the figurines positions ;)
 Also, something interesting I found at work LOL they're all film tie-in covers of Nicholas Sparks' books LOL the guy who wrote the Notebook
 Huynh's! (party LOL)

 Kenny was being a little fagget, we poured water all over him

 Look at what I noticed at Jimmy's BBQ

 Collin was angry cos he didn't score any points in the first 2 rounds LOL
 Steveo's!!!!!! It was mega fun. We went swimming and then we went kayaking and I released my inner Vietnamese and I went really fast and straight and omg it was so fun, can't wait to go again in Vietnam :)
Ran into Kelvin and Mok at work, then I went to hang out with them afterwards LOL

And so we come to today. I had Yum Cha with my daddy and then I met up with Snez and we headed to Collins house for the movie marathon. Bobby came and we kinda just shopped online while we waited for other people LOL We watched Les Miserables again and The Impossible and Bridesmaids and The Grudge 3. Em made pasta bake and it was awesome. We also ate sausage rolls and it was awesome. I'll post pictures up soon LOL The Impossible was pretty awesome :)

Anyway, heading off to Vietnam tomorrow :) Que Huong!

I'll miss yall!