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and i got you
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hello 2014
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 // 6:48 PM

SO 2013…

I didn’t really have time to do this last year so here goes…

2013 was a very good year. I may not have fulfilled all my dreams and desires and what not, but I had heaps of fun in the process.

On my way to work yesterday (nye cry) I compiled a list of the highlights of the previous year

  • The first being NYE at Huynh’s. We were all together and I had heaps of fun
  • The photobooth at Alex’s
  • Going to Bent’s Basin with most of KIK
  • Starting uni and meeting all these new people. Everyone was so nice! In particular, hanging with the optom crew and Sean in the Hub
  • VSA cruise which also turned into my birthday at midnight. We went to the Star and everyone bought me drinks and we all hung out and talked about basketball and I was lovely. I love Hellen.
  • Eating cheese in SCIF. One of our first tutes – I did really like that class
  •  Cheese board and wine with Hell and Col. I love blue cheese
  • Melbourne J I know we’ve had our ups and downs but, uhhhhhhh. It was good in retrospect. And actually quite good for me during
  • Mid year break without any work and Jimmy’s or Dymocks. I was so free!
  • Driving until the sun rose with Collin and Drew. And sometimes Bobs.
  • Watching the ‘Sunrise’ at Bondi
  • Last Dino’s concert!!!
  • Giraffage’s gig. Everything was so slow and beautiful
  • Going to La Perouse after work with Huynh, Collin and Maria. Dark Horse ;)
  • Trinh’s birthday party
  • Clinic fest and all the other Clinic’s with Danny and Dalena J
  • Sem 2, meeting Kevin and properly hanging out with him, Sean and Therese.
  • Post-ANAT dinners
  • Having too many drinks with Therese
  • My first dissection
  • Bios in general actually, it was quite fun
  • ANAT cadavers
  • Math lab with James and Will
  • STEREOSONIC 2013. DAY 2 and day 1
  • Swimming at Cynthia's Christmas party!! :)
  • Smoochies with love from Collin
  • Returning to Dymocks. It’s been pretty fun so far
  • 360 drop at wet n wild and also just wet n wild in general
Will put up photo's from my gallivanting last night once I sync them to my laptop. But for now

This was probably the best new year's eve/new years day I've ever had. 

I love you guys

Have a great year

Saturday, December 7, 2013 // 5:03 AM

Can ya'll see this?


What an eventful ... period of time it has been LOL

Here, have some photos

 Bits of roof flew off of one of our buildings at uni following really strong winds and so they taped off the area, so we couldn't make it to the other side where our classes were!! :(
 El Loco with Hellbell. Fab.

Well isn't that just an overwhelming amount of cheese? LOL there was sauce under it so all good :)
 Met up with Collin that night. Back when we were all in uni

 Arguileh with Dalz, Danny and Chaz.
 I brought some friends along

 Brunch with Bobby
 Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon omg i'm salivating
 fun times at huynh's
 We drove after this ice cream truck LOL

 Giraffage!!! He was amazing

 My first ever dissection

 On our way to Brighton
 Lashing's burgers. So good omg.

 Before this rose fully, I thought there was a new dome in the city which lit up LoL
 Someone made an alligator in the sand
 Korean BBQ with Cat and Col

 Lime milkshakes at this diner in Camden

 Burnt buffalo wings. No.
 Gay bar hopping

 Meet Max
 Pre hair cut
 hair cut
 Lunch with Bobs at fairfield heights rsl LOL
 Sunset at the Slopes

 Lunch with a side of sunset LOL

 Garrison Point

 Skate at Slopes

 Dinner at Summerhouse

 J's with the UNSW crew
 Post spot-test dinner with the Med Sci kids

 Driving to La Perouse with Collin
 At La Perouse with Collin


 Insanely windy that day
 Watching sunset from my car. If only he wasn't the homosapien

 Peanut butter and passionfruit milkshakes
 Breakfast buffet at Milano's with Col and Hell
 Skate after Moon fest with kik
 Fireworks at moonfest with half of kik
 Nerf gun/ card throwing fight at Huynhs

 We followed the moon the following day
 Mary's. Also, CC :)
 Memphis Wings
 Pulled pork sub. Was not good, but I went back and had a bite of Eeh's and it was superb.
 Mad Mex!!
 V Lounge

 Maria's Pineapple and mint frappe at the cafe in Hornsby
 Tapas and steak sandwich

 Back in our area. Arancini and baked egg/tomato thing from LC
 Seafood Pasta yum
 On our was to clinic

 Seafood pasta at that same cafe in Hornsby
 We brought the whole group to go see Collin work. Also, their malted milkshakes are the bomb
 Cards against Humanity at Huynh's!
 Fish markets with Maria, Hellen, Eeh and Bobs
 I went back to arancini with collin
 Bronte with the babes
 Ground's of Alexandria
 This was so good
 I love their chips
 Bowling with the babes

 Seafood feast with the boys. We went hoping to get them lobster noodles but we were too povo so we got soft shell crab. pipi's and other crap LOL

 Dessert at LS


 Back at Memphis. Did not like the wings
 Maccas dinner with Maria and Sue in one of the tubes in the playground. It was so humid and smelled of feet
 Carnival with Bobs

 I can't believe I went on that LOL so much fun
 There are people inside. But they were tiny kids and we didn't think we'd fit LOL
 Costo run

 Skate sesh

 Coogee. He really is short

 Ran into Snez at the station
 Pie Tin with Collin. I had the duck pie and he had the brisket. Mine was too sweet and his was too salty after a while LOL Coffee and potato salad were good though
 Steveo and me at the Halloween party


Bored during our break so Kev and I drew on the white boards in my next lecture hall LOL

Will continue in next post, there are just so many photos