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and i got you
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Saturday, July 10, 2010 // 8:34 PM



i hope they dont take my ticket :(, which reminds me LOL i ahve to bring my ticket with me

omg i biked today LOL and my breaks stopped working half way .. thank god it still did a bit when i was going downhill! LOL i almost died :O oh and there were these birds ... LOL

which i will show you some other time cuz i cannot upload my photos for some reason LOL ANYWHO ima go fairfield with eeh ==; and bobs :) LOL and then were gna come back to cab and eat steak yum :D

hope tonight is good :L

Friday, July 9, 2010 // 6:57 AM

TALKING TO JIMMY is totallye psycing me up forrrrrrrrrrr .... LOL everything but boys like girls haha, hes showing me his old school rap which influenced me to listen to chuckie akenz and now i am crying nostalgic tears :')

sorry for the spamz of random pseudo-ghetto lyrics on twitter LOL

anywho LOL

more photos! ...

coming soon LOL THEY wont mfing load

haha, night (L)

Thursday, July 8, 2010 // 4:37 PM

so ima shop with dono today :) and collin :) and eeh ==; LOL AHAH i seem to go everywhere with him. im amazed were not sick of each other yet.

well my hairs stickin up due to this fucked up retarded dream i had LOL

so the grades going snowy mountains right? and for some reason i didnt know about it ... so i turn up to the place in my summer clothes and i am not cold LOL. then we were at the asian grocery store at canley? god wtf LOL and i bought a drink. this old ass asian lady in front of me bought the gummi pizza thing. the shop owner dude opens up a sandwich press grill thing, puts it in and it grows like a million times bigger LOL BIGGER THAN A BIG MAC!! but it's so like animated and cartoon-ey LOL so anyway the lady is amused so she went home? O_O; okay yeah then for some reason i am back at snowy and claudia adam natasha and nicole are in the same cabin and theres 1 queen bed in the middle LOL me and nicole wrestle .. she falls out of the window we all thought she died, turns out she just fell on the floor and was laying under the bed LOL

yeah forgot the rest.

now i gotta fix my fucked up hair haha.

hopefully, my mum dsnt spaz at me going out too late tonight =/

okay good bye :)

love fodmn LOL :D

PS @danzodanzo love you bitch ;D

// 2:09 AM

RIP XENA, (L) :( (F)

okay now i feel bad for writing about happy stuff so ima just list ...

alejandro toxicvalentine poolparty warp1.9 twoisbetterthanone satchelandguise gimmiemore talkingtothemoon countonme pyramid fridayiminlove everytimeyoulie situations notgoodenoughfortruthincliche howfardoyouwannago? kingsandchandeliers hillslikewhiteelephants clush emptysighsandwie oceansforbackyards violalion cemeteryweather dontstopbelievein ikissedagirl californiagurls faggot stupidmf sleepwalker fearofflying attack thekill.

i made my own pizza today. spam tastes better than ham does LOL my mum sed it needs more cheese haha

you are your favourite thing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 // 5:55 AM

im too lazy to go to sleep

so ima blog.

i love my uke :) everything sounds better on the uke :) cept poker face ...

so me and claudias been biking places.

yeah so there was this fountain thing but i think it was just a burst pipe.

so ive been staying at home .. watching doctor who and the oc

then id go out to eat

then id come back home and watch something till i sleep

i miss one tree hill :(

i wanna watch toy story 3

i watched eclipse at snez's it was okay .. her party was pretty epic though :)

so craving steak right now LOL

fucking lady right. i patiently waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and she fucking didnt give me my steak :@

so now ive been craving since LOL

okay, so i was looking through old facebook photos and everyones hair looks so different LOLOL

bought my paramore tickets. the mosh was sold out. i have to sit. rightttttttttttt at the back. fucking best available shit :@

I say:
well depends like red brown or full on yellow orange cuc brown
[c=12]do[i]n[/i]o[i]vanluong[/i] ·$0[/c] says:
or white colours
I say:
[c=12]do[i]n[/i]o[i]vanluong[/i] ·$0[/c] says:
not cuc brown
you mean
I say:
[c=12]do[i]n[/i]o[i]vanluong[/i] ·$0[/c] says:
I say:

i love talking to dono, that metro sexual ;D

i did all my maths homework and i cleaned!

now all i gotta do is history, geo, science and read.

okay im kinda hugry. I SO WANT STEAK FUCKKKK :@

okay bye.