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stay gold forever

being here with you

we were meant to fly

you got me
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and i got you
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 // 2:54 PM

so many things have happened since the last post

okay not really LOL but its kinda .. a lot? nope LOL not at all :)

well my neighbour gave me his bike, thank you so so much <3 LOL

but im sorry, i dont like it =/

i want my old bike back :'(


i thought today was gonna be hot ....

well i can definitely smell summer LOL :)

i made progress with my composition!! LOL FINALLY :D

crap =/ i need to buy cardboard T__T

i should stop listening to pussy music LOL
@danzodanzo Listening to Taylor Swift.... makes me want to be in love and ride ponys and shit LOL

LOOL see wot i mean? LOL
nah i love taylor swift :)

shit i need to pay for camp LOL

i think ill blast taylor swift when im on it LOLOL

anywho, need to brush ma gumz LOL

byeee (L)

Monday, August 30, 2010 // 12:41 AM

thank you so much (L)

im going to shower now, im real dusty

love, fodmn.

Saturday, August 28, 2010 // 6:13 PM

right now, at this very moment, i am content with my life.

ive learnt to not give a fuck for people, in general

and that everyones out there for themselves

no one cares bout no one but themselves

so thats how im going to live



people are good :D i hope <>

i wish my neighbour would step outside his house right now. i need to ask him something lol.

anywho LOL FUCK YOU.

i swear, i can live without you :)

Friday, August 27, 2010 // 3:42 PM

where are you jake?

as im swimming through the stereo im writing you a symphony sound where are you now

// 6:12 AM

today was a great day,

love fodmn.

// 5:01 AM

dearest tabitha,

where ever you are .. i hope youre having the time of your life. i hope your new owner is not a little stevens maniac who slices you and covers you with abrasions.

im grieving lol .. this is real corny and in every way fucked up, but i miss you.

and im really sorry.

love, jessica.

// 3:11 AM

today was really fun lol :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010 // 12:03 AM

im sorry ...



TWICE!!! :'(

apologies LOL

it has yet to rot.

hasnt been opened yet either haha

i have a few assignments due soon ... i should really work on em
haha, anyone know anything about homosexuality?

i think for my music composition ... ill try to write something for a sloth .. LOL OR a tortoise :)

i have chem tutor in 1 hour and 39 minutes and i have time to kill..

maybe i should strat on that english essay lol



love you :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 // 5:49 AM

after the concert today ... i ran with cathy and it was so fun LOL .. we ran past this persons house .. they had their lights on so when ir an by this guy was like "oh my god ..." LOL thank god it was dark :)

full moon tonight lol

it was so big


lol, loveeee fodmn

Monday, August 23, 2010 // 1:59 AM

So like, me and him were having this convo on bebo anddddd msn at the same time, we were talking about this excursion to Luna Park even though he doesnt get to go :P .

Anyways, so .. my commerce class is going and i think he's jealous he's not ? He keeps telling me to sneak him onto the bus . Then he's going to take over the driver and drive us there. Then I take over the bus while he sits next to me (he said something about me sitting on his lap , like O___O ?! )

Then we crash :'( but somehow, everyone at the back of the bus dies .. and the only two who survives is me and him (he saves me, says he). Then a group of police and stuff comes and arrests us for murder and takes us to jail --' .

But before we go to jail, we went to court . According to him, the judge was a horny 100000 year old pedo . The judge thought ___ was attractive and wanted to rape him . But he also thought I was hot so wanted to rape me too . (So weird, i swear)

And then we went to jail , we lost somehow. We got seperated into opposite sides of the jail (or something) and he got all worried because i was locked up with girls with huge abs , LOL . He was also worried that at night, the horny judge will come and rape him .

And i have no idea how the story ends, lets just say .. i got out and lived happily ever after :) .

- Snoopy

Sunday, August 22, 2010 // 3:37 AM

wot happened to "new rule: study motherfucker" ?!?! ==; LOL still a bit tired from yesterday.. ORRR laid down for too long which in turn made everything hurt again .. LOL collin and eehs fault >:(

i need to do homework


i wonder if i go to the place again, my spew will still be there LOL ;D


things like that always seems to throw my daily routine / life schedule off .. lol

okay LOL cynthias covers are really good (Y)

omfg gotta bike tomorrow. i seriously cbf LOL WHATS HAPPENING TO ME


Saturday, August 21, 2010 // 3:43 PM

marys right, i think tony got everything he wanted for his 16th .. lol pissed drunk.

i shouldve stayed at the party. stupid movie LOL i was asleep half the time :@ i only understood the ending :( guess everything i fell asleep in was irrelevant LOL.

OH me linda alex gogo and elizabeth went to watch 4 3 2 1 it was pretty good LOL

they went back to the party afterward :( i went home to shower .. i wanted to go LOL but oh well LOL fell asleep on my mothers lovely bed :)

i remember everything so i wasnt fucked up k bitchez LOL

gogo drives like a maniac, dont get in a car with him when you've just had some.

nah hes good lol

i wonder wot happened after i left =/

so regret going home LOL

oh well LOL there'll be another party in a month or so LOL

no worries :)

i got a tonne of homework to do

tutor, maths, sc paper, science, chem notes, chem homework .. IS THAT ALL?!

okay piece of cake.

i still want dexter is delicious.


gonna watch cynthias covers now

love, fodmn.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 // 1:27 AM

im sick. kill me.

my eyes are burning. they feel like theyre gna melt my face off my .. face LOL

i really really really hate dry coughs. they kill. im having tonnes of them

maybe i should put a jumper on .. lol. its hot but :(

not my fault :'(


rush of memories.
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 // 4:14 AM

I never thought you would do this to me
Thought you was so innocent
Thought I was the only one
And you wait all the way til now to tell me
Man, I've been feeling like I'm in some kinda prison
And I wanna be free

I could still remember you telling me that I was the only one and nobody had ever touched you
Since the last time I called you and we were critical
So I moved on and you made me trust you again
No I take that back 'cause I never really trusted you
I just did what I had to do 'cause I loved you
I remember whispers in my ear telling me to have no fear 'cause nobody else lives here
But it was all a lie (lie)
And all the time (time with you)

Ever since you told me I'm a tell you how it's been
Don't talk to nobody not even my friends
I can't sleep
And I don't even clean
I ain't had a good meal
This is how you make me feel when you're not here
It's like you locked me up and threw away the key
And everywhere I turn it's like four walls are surrounding me and their moving in slowly
I'm so lonely
Feels like I'm in some kind of prison
And I wanna be free (free)
So come back to me

Now I know this might sound hard to believe
'Cause I'm famous all up on MTV
But you don't even know the half
No I don't barely laugh
All the girls around me but I don't even know the last time I got some ass
And it ain't 'cause I can't get it
It's jus cause I don't want it
Everytime I think about sex
All I can think is about you moaning
And some man fucking my name
Tatted between your legs
Image burned in my head
And it's killing me baby
It's driving me crazy

Ever since you told me I'm a tell you how it's been
Don't talk to nobody not even my friends
I can't sleep
And I don't even clean
I ain't had a good meal
This is how you make me feel when you're not here
It's like you locked me up and threw away the key
And everywhere I turn it's like four walls are surrounding me and their moving in slowly
I'm so lonely
Feels like I'm in some kind of prison
And I wanna be free (free)
So come back to me

You got me drinking?
You got me smoking?
You got me choking?
Do you hear me crying?
Baby do you hear me dying?
Ooh you got me drinking (drinking, drinking, drinking)
Ooh you got me smoking (smoking, smoking, smoking)
You got me choking (choking, choking, choking)
Do you see me crying?
Baby do you see me dying?
And I wanna be free
So come back to me

Ever since you told me I'm a tell you how it's been
Don't talk to nobody not even my friends
I can't sleep
And I don't even clean
I ain't had a good meal
This is how you make me feel when you're not here
It's like you locked me up and threw away the key
And everywhere I turn it's like four walls are surrounding me and their moving in slowly
I'm so lonely
Feels like I'm in some kind of prison
And I wanna be free (free)
So come back to me

Drinking, drinking, drinking
Smoking, smoking, smoking
Choking, choking, choking
Do you hear me crying?
Baby do you hear me dying?
Ooooh I'm locked up (you won't let me out)
You got me locked up (you won't let me out)

Ever since you told me I'm a tell you how it's been
Don't talk to nobody not even my friends
I can't sleep
And I don't even clean
I ain't had a good meal
This is how you make me feel when you're not here
It's like you locked me up and threw away the key
And everywhere I turn it's like four walls are surrounding me and their moving in slowly
I'm so lonely
Feels like I'm in some kind of prison
And I wanna be free (free)
So come back to me

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 // 3:46 AM

im challenging eeh.

if he can play this -


for me tomorrow, with the right timing ...

ill give him 20 LOL thats how certain i am that he cant do it.

im such a shit friend LOL AHAHAH

but that 20's going to his soundwave fund.

cuz, you see, the maine and nevershoutnever are coming to aus next year

they're part of the soundwave tour

and attending soundwave costs 160$

i dont think he reads this so ..

we kinda didnt get him anything for his brithday

so i guess i can try and raise enough for a ticket for him

or like give him the money so it can help him along

arent i nice?

gosh eeh is such a bitch

he doesnt deserve me

tuh face


love, fodmn.

Monday, August 16, 2010 // 1:16 AM

pantelli is the biggest meanest beach ever LOL ==;

we came in and she sed in that creepy raspy voice of hers "i have your feature articles ..." im a bit disappointed she said, not everyone handed me a draft she said, im loving the look on everyones face she said ..

and at that, i thought she was the biggest monster alive. i think she said something along the lines of .. "im joking" and started laughing, gosh she is evil! LOL turns out "out of a mark of 15 the lowest in this class was 11" i got 13! joy :D

things are looking up oh finally! i thought id never see the day when youd smile at me... i love paramore :)

LOL so she mind fucked us. we had a great lesson and we did the thing i predicted LOL we guessed whos collage belonged to who.


horse riding canoeing :') i love horses. just saying

i say just saying a lot LOL. well no shit im just saying ==;

lol failed my common. ngov gave me a sad face LOL

anywho im gonna do my maths homework now as lyanna tells me about her day. then ill work on project nancy LOL. im sculpting her

haha, love fodmn.

Saturday, August 14, 2010 // 5:51 PM

so dexter is delicious is out. i am so going to buy it LOL WHO WANTS TO GO PARRA WITH ME?!?!

// 5:28 PM

i need to wait for danny to wake up. stupid mf - msi :o :D. i need the photos so i can go print T__T

okay so ive got nothing to blog about LOL sooooooooo...

The following list of books teens love, books teens should read, and books adults who serve teens should know about was compiled IN ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC MANNER and should be taken with a very large grain of salt.
Put an “X” next to the books you’ve read
Put a “+” next to the books you LOVE
Put a “#” next to the books you plan on reading
Tally your “X”s at the bottom
Share with your friends!

1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy / Douglas Adams
2. Kit’s Wilderness / David Almond
3. Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian / Sherman Alexie
4. Speak / Laurie Halse Anderson
5. Feed / M.T. Anderson
6. Flowers in the Attic / V.C. Andrews
7. 13 Reasons Why / Jay Asher
8. Am I Blue? / Marion Dane Bauer (editor)
9. Audrey Wait! / Robin Benway
10. Weetzie Bat / Francesca Lia Block
11. Tangerine / Edward Bloor
12. Forever / Judy Blume
13. What I Saw and How I Lied / Judy Blundell
14. Tyrell / Coe Booth
15. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants / Ann Brashares
16. A Great and Terrible Beauty / Libba Bray
17. The Princess Diaries / Meg Cabot
18. The Stranger / Albert Camus
19. Ender’s Game / Orson Scott Card
20. Postcards from No Man’s Land / Aidan Chambers
21. Perks of Being a Wallflower / Stephen Chbosky X+++++ LOL go read. best book ever.
22. And Then There Were None / Agatha Christie
23. Gingerbread / Rachel Cohn
24. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist / Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
25. Artemis Fowl (series) / Eoin Colfer X i read the first book...
26. The Hunger Games / Suzanne Collins
27. The Midwife’s Apprentice / Karen Cushman
28. The Truth About Forever / Sarah Dessen
29. Little Brother / Cory Doctorow
30. A Northern Light / Jennifer Donnelly
31. Tears of a Tiger / Sharon Draper
32. The House of the Scorpion / Nancy Farmer
33. Breathing Underwater / Alex Flinn
34. Stardust / Neil Gaiman
35. Annie on My Mind / Nancy Garden
36. What Happened to Cass McBride / Gail Giles
37. Fat Kid Rules the World / K.L. Going
38. Lord of the Flies / William Golding
39. Looking for Alaska / John Green
40. Bronx Masquerade / Nikki Grimes
41. Out of the Dust / Karen Hesse
42. Hoot / Carl Hiaasen
43. The Outsiders / S.E. Hinton
44. Crank / Ellen Hopkins
45 The First Part Last / Angela Johnson
46. Blood and Chocolate / Annette Curtis Klause
47. Arrow’s Flight / Mercedes Lackey
48. Hattie Big Sky / Kirby Larson
49. To Kill a Mockingbird / Harper Lee X+
50. Boy Meets Boy / David Levithan
51. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks / E. Lockhart
52. The Giver / Lois Lowry
53. Number the Stars / Lois Lowry
54. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie / David Lubar
55. Inexcusable / Chris Lynch
56. The Earth, My Butt and Other Big, Round Things / Carolyn Mackler
57. Dragonsong / Anne McCaffrey
58. White Darkness / Geraldine McCaughrean
59. Sold / Patricia McCormick
60. Jellicoe Road / Melina Marchetta
61. Wicked Lovely / Melissa Marr
62. Twilight / Stephenie Meyer X+
63. Dairy Queen / Catherine Murdock
64. Fallen Angels / Walter Dean Myers
65. Monster / Walter Dean Myers
66. Step From Heaven / An Na
67. Mama Day / Gloria Naylor
68. The Keys to the Kingdom (series) / Garth Nix
69. Sabriel / Garth Nix
70. Airborn / Kenneth Oppel
71. Eragon / Christopher Paolini
72. Hatchet / Gary Paulsen X+
73. Life As We Knew It / Susan Beth Pfeffer
74. The Golden Compass / Phillip Pullman
75. Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging / Louise Rennison
76. The Lightning Thief / Rick Riordan
77. Always Running: La Vida Loca / Luis Rodriguez
78. how i live now / Meg Rosoff
79. Harry Potter (series) / J.K. Rowling # i swear, ill read it soon
80. Holes / Louis Sachar X+
81. Catcher in the Rye / J. D. Salinger X++++
82. Push / Sapphire
83. Persepolis / Marjane Satrapi
84. Unwind / Neil Shusterman
85. Coldest Winter Ever / Sister Souljah
86. Stargirl / Jerry Spinelli
87. Chanda’s Secrets / Allan Stratton
88. Tale of One Bad Rat / Brian Talbot
89. Rats Saw God / Rob Thomas
90. Lord of the Rings / J.R.R. Tolkien
91. Stuck in Neutral / Terry Trueman
92. Gossip Girl / Cecily Von Ziegesar
93. Uglies / Scott Westerfeld
94. Every Time a Rainbow Dies / Rita Williams-Garcia
95. Pedro and Me / Judd Winick
96. Hard Love / Ellen Wittlinger
97. American Born Chinese / Gene Luen Yang
98. Elsewhere / Gabrielle Zevin
99. I am the Messenger / Markus Zusak
100. The Book Thief / Markus Zusak

thats .... 7 LOL

i wanna read 1984 by george orwell? but thats not on the list LOL

im half way through the great gatsby i swear :'(

i want the new dexter book.


okay so youve all heard of the task my english class was assigned. if you havent .. we were told to make a collage of ourselves, as a person LOL ie personality, fave food, sport, clothes and our ethnicity.

for all of you who watch one tree hill, i think THINK IM HOPING REAL HARD TOO LOL that its like that "can one hour change your life" episode, you know! LOL the one where they were assigned partners and had to get to know them .. lucas didnt know glendas last name haley knew lucas' middle name LOL, bevin turns out to be smart? yeah LOL im hoping for something similar. she told us not to put our names on it .. maybe she'll try and decipher whos collage belongs to who LOL OR MAYBE she'll just split it up into male and female piles .. that would be a real waste of time LOL nevertheless, it is a fun activity :)

im trying to incorporate my fave colour. i tried making a vector which cuts smack bang in the middle diagonal, but it just looks like yellow and green guck LOL. nws ill add lines. hopefully more brilliant ideas pour out of ma brains :)

okay LOL im really bored.


i will go watch dexter


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUbCMbW-BRE watch motherfuckerz.

okay bye, fodmn.

ROFL, ==;
Friday, August 13, 2010 // 9:29 PM

all the 'friday the 13th' bad luck usually transfers to me AFTER friday the 13th.

item #1 - year 8, monday arvo, -it believe it was the 16th- : visual arts. i took out my COMPLETED circle of friends clay thingo .. dropped it it cracked. had to start all over again ==;

item #2 - year 9, sometime after friday 13th LOL .. i stepped on a crack and my mothers back started hurting. this rendered me holiday-less as i had to go to the shop and help her work. or rather, do all the work for her ==; stupid sister who has stupid uni :@. I ALSOOO had to lift that stupid door which weighed a tonne. i guess thats wot broke her back hehe. i love my mummy :) just saying.

item #3 - year ten. today. saturday 14th. - woke up this morning feeling like .. really dead. headed off to livo to fix my bike and do nancys present and buy several other things. ... so the bike shop was closed down ... ==; really not my day LOL 2 weeks ago i swear it was open. anyhow, i realised i forgot my usb which i really needed in order to complete said task above. didnt buy any food at livo cuz i wasnt hungry .. got to the station .. got real hungry. so me and my bike took the train to fairfield. i half rode tabitha to fairfield heights which was a mother fucking mission cuz its like fucking vertical. like 90 degrees. THERE IS NO GRADIENT well .. the gradient would be no solution. hence no gradient OKAY MOVING ON LOL got there in like 20 mins ... bike guy sed i had to leave it there and pick it up on wednesday ==; and turns out, its 25$ for each brake so T___T 50 gone LOL. my mums right .. i should really just buy a new bike. walked home, yes from fairfield heights. i pretty much slid off the pavement due to the verticality(AHAHAHAH i dont think thats a word) bought a slurpee from 7 eleven .. pushed the lever too hard ... too much slurpee came out and it over flow-ed and i had to wipe it off with my hands which later, got extremely sticky. the guy gave me a tissue but that didnt really help ... YEAH SO now im home .... took me fucking 40 mins to walk home mother fucker :@ but i had youmeatsix to keep me company :)

OH i saw helen! she was with some guy .. she looked pretty good actually LOL still white as ass. not a very good similie LOL she looked happy :) and she wass getting places so thats good hehe :) OH shes back on monday! LOL

okay so my hands are starting to feel sticky again .... but like theyre not LOL paranoia T__T im gonna shower. today was such a logn ass journey but now i am happy :D joy! arent you glad that im happy? :) i am :) hehe :D

love fodmn,

// 5:43 AM

friday 13th.

happy birthday osly! <3 LOL

he came to school i was gonna slap him 16 times .. so i went up to him and yelled "Osly!" and he hugged me LOL. aww :)

anywho. kbg today LOL that sounds cool. anywho, thats the burger grill place out on the horsely drive. took all my friends there. they loved it. next time i wanna share the massive burger with 3 other people :D it tasted so good.

anyhow, im fixing my bike tomorrow. now that ive typed that up, i will not fix my bike tomorrow LOL nah hopefully i can. need to print stuff for nancys birthday too hehe.

so after killa burger, we all went back to catrinas house except for eeh. we found a trolley and all rode in it for a bit hehe. they almost killed me like fucking 5 times LOL. yeah so cathy put on a fashion show for us-ish. then we watched the human centipede and played the credit card monoploy.

the human centipede ... fuck i forgot about it now im gna dream about it T__Tl anywho, its kidna stupid ... it felt like 5 minutes LOL you dont even see anything bad and it goes by so fast. weird movie.

ive been really into musicals lately. dramas influence lol.

uh uh

"then he ran into my knife ... he ran into my knife ten times" hehe
i love chicago :)

NEW RULE: study mother fucker.

yeah so LOL okay :)

need to buy pink paint, yellow paper, a paintbrush, print photos ... wot else? hm...

out of cynthias list of book thing on her blog .. ive only read like 4 T___T LOL all the books i read arent on there :( okay not 4 but around ... 8? LOL 7... anywho, im gna be doing a hell of a lot of reading from now till whenever because no one wants to go out with me anymore and homework only lasts me like 2 hours ... so yeah :) LOL got a billion authors down. starting with george orwell and tim johnson LOL. this is gonna take a while but ill do it :)

i think i will blog more often because i think cynthia should have something to read to compensate for all her writing LOL i say this now T__T

i wanna MT with danny and dalena :( and then we can go eat ramen :'(

ive been seening them semi frequently hehe. theyre fun :) i love them. ya hear? LOL i love you guise :) okay LOL

christofer drew ingle is fat. just saying.

i wanna drop physics lol

i really wanna skins back. im gonna watch dexter again.

i love dexter. the season 5 trailer looks soooo good.

oh. my. god. makes me want to just LOL

do many things that i cannot think of yet.

oh i also got a party i gotta plan i guess.

been watching love the way you lie vid everyday. maybe thats why ive been feeling so drained. add the killa burgers onto that LOL you end up with a sultana-like jessfodmn. wrinkly and concentrated ROFL.

okay, im gonna go watch the mv again.

OH i learnt how to jerk sorta LOL. i learnt 1 move still trying to perfect it LOL

okay bye,
love, fodmn.

Thursday, August 5, 2010 // 2:45 PM

so its 7:44 am.

im eating bacon easy mac.

tis salty.

well i went on this morning .. hoping to complete my morning routine

which consists of music, food, twitter and sometimes homework.

but to my fucking surprise.


and im oh so bored.

haha not really, tay is keeping me company :)

have you guys heard her new song?

its called mine, go find it! it took me 2 days LOL

which were separated by a week .... so really, i only took me like 7 minutes rofl.

its making my day, and i can tell you it made me smile last night

its so beautiful.

its structured like love story, but its a more modernized version

i remember how we felt sitting by the water
and every time i look at you its like the first time
i fell in love with a careless mans careful daughter
she is the best thing that's ever been mine

yesyes i can see it now.

hehe :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

this song has been played 8 times! and i know all the words xD

im assuming its in the key of c or d ... capo on 2 or 3 LOL AHAHAH not

imagine if it is rofl.

OR come to think of it .. it might be the cadd9 g em7 and d capo on 2 LOL

i need a capo

anywho DOWNLOAD!!!!!!! or rather buy :D

its already #1 on the american and canadian country music charts :D

god i love her

@taylorswift13 I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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You were in college working part time waiting tables
Left to small time never looked back
I was the flight risk with the fear of falling
Wondered why we bothered with love if it never lasts

I say "Can you believe it?"
As we’re lying on a couch
The moment I can see it
Yes yes, I can see it now

Do you remember we were sitting there about the water?
You put your arm around me for the first time
You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine

Flash forward and we'd been taking on the world together
And there is a drawer of my things at your place
You learned my secrets and you figured out why I’m bothered
You said we’d never made my parents’ mistakes.

But we’ve got bills to pay
We’ve got nothing figured out
When it was hard to take yes yes
This is was I thought about

Do you remember we were sitting there about the water?
You put your arm around me for the first time
You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine

Do you remember all the city lights on the water
You saw me start to believe for the first time
You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine

Woah oh oo

And I remember that fight 2:30 AM
Taylor Swift Mine lyrics found on http://www.directlyrics.com.com/taylor-swift-mine-lyrics.html
Cause everything was slipping right out of my hands
And I ran out crying and you followed me out into the street

Raised myself for a goodbye
Cause that’s all I’ve ever known
And you took me by surprise
You said ‘I’ll never leave you’ oh oh

You said
“I remember how we felt sitting about the water
And every time I look at you is like the first time
I fell in love with careless man’s careful daughter
She is the best thing that’s ever been mine”

Oh oh

Make it last

Oh oh

Never turn back

You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine

Woah oh

Yeah yeah…Do you believe it ?

Woah oh

We’re gonna make it now.

Woah oh

And I can see it yeah yeah

And I can see it now, See it now, See it now

i love you :)