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and i got you
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Death of a Bachelor
Thursday, April 28, 2016 // 6:26 PM

Hey Blogger, it's a been a long time since a proper post. But guess what? :O There isssssssssssssssssn't going to be a proper one this time round either cos I've forgotten all my feelings and well, I'm just a bit lazy today LOL. I'm kidding (for the most part) I'll try my best!

2 Eurasian lesbians snuck into my house and demanded a photoshoot
 Mock Gamsat exam led to a mini shoot with Brian
 Post Aspire aspirational speech w/ Huynhie, we got 9 for 9 KFC Chicken :D
 Good Friday views

 What a hoe
 Took them exploring

 Being Eshays with the devil
 Spontaneous swim at Stanwell that same day :)

 My last Aspire event :'( Gonna miss dese guise
 Maria and Em's 21st!
 I love my group so much
 Emily's party
 We found a trampoline on the foot path and took it to the park with us LOL

 Errybody in white

 Being stalked by the Papz on my 21st

 Pre Laundry
 Friends since '06
 Outdoor cinema bed, it was so cold

 What a cutie (the one on the left lol)
 Bobs bought us tickets to see Matt Corby!!!!

 Hi Matt!!!

 Bobs and Maria's Birthday party bash where we were being too loud appaz

 Making them tulips for them Moms out dere
Midnight Mafia with my mains

LOL that's enough blogging for one day

How have y'all been?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 // 2:09 AM

I can't shake this feeling that I get constantly. That I have something to do, but I can't remember what it is. But then I realise that I don't actually have anything I need to do. I can do nothing and I can do everything (am I'm still trying to figure out how that is) loljk.

I'm so free, it feels so weird. I have no responsibilities until GAMSAT results come out, which is in a month ish.

I turned 21 recently. Spent the day at Garie with Jamie. We ran into Julie, she was studying for and exam she had the next day, haha.

I had a little shindig at an air Bnb in ultimo. It was super nice. At one point, I went to get OJ and coke from the servo with Danny and Collin and when I came back, they surprised me with a cake and a nice happy birthday song on youtube LOL Went to laundry and dance for what seemed like 40 mins, but was a good 3.5 hours. I had so much fun :)

Anyway, photos up soon.

But recapping the rest of the time: I did my last Aspire event, and it was fun :) I ran my own workshop and was the MC for the event. Ems threw a nice white birthday party and we drank with her cousins and uncles. That night we moved a trampoline from the side of the road to the park, it was so much fun. I love my group. The night before, we were chilling at Marias and we dragged a bed out onto the road and pushed it around, pretending it was a car LOL

How was ur April?