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and i got you
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who is victoria?
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 // 1:33 AM

I finished Darkly Dreaming Dexter today and god was it .. different. It was still v. good :D. It didnt have Deb dating Rudy/Brian, or Tony Tuchi and omg the most unexpected happened! I wanted to read more about Brian tho. He escapes, in the series Dexter kills him. I wonder if he'll come back in the 2nd part :O I reckon the book was too short, but i think thats only because i watched the show first. I love them both very equally :)


Boxing Day sales soon, ill try to get as much shit as i can from queensland and get a whole new wardrobe. I really need it.

I am very bored at the moment. Theres nothing to do on christmas eve and its so cloudy outside. I CANT SEE THE BIG STAR THAT LED THE THREE WISE MEN TO JESUS :(

I think i should do something productive like .. PHOTOSHOP POWER PUFF GIRLS XD

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santa you player, i thought we were friends!
Tuesday, December 23, 2008 // 2:56 AM

Linda's Christmas Present.

Kudos to Catrina for doing the writing (:

I am i love with The Maine's new EP 'And A Happy New Year' its awesome stuff (:

I also love Psychosocial - Slipknot kakaka.

Aaron is a sheep (bah) tsk tsk.

Santa is a bitch :( he never came and gave me or dalena christmas presents :'(.

I got snoopy obsessed with ho ho hopefully LOL x]

Catrina's scared Slipknot's gna come kill her now haha.

My Mums gna get me panics live disc thingo LOL cd/dvd thing :D. kudos to her!

Emily dyed her hair back, she looks like a little yr 7 emily xD

Im almost finished the first part of Dexter: Darkly Dreaming Dexter !


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fodmn loves tacos :)
Sunday, December 21, 2008 // 3:28 PM

omg im so obsessed with ho ho hopefully - the maine.

I just realized, i havent told you about my report yet. lol i guess im pretty proud of it, but my mum wasnt :'( like omg i got all A's and B's and she was like omg yu should come first, i waste so much money on you for those really good tutors and yu come 10th :@. I swear to god i hate pre uni ==; anyways (:

English - A; 4th
Mathematics - A; 17th
Science - A; 6th
PDHPE - B; 9th
Music - B; 13th
Drama - A; 2nd
Geography - A; 8th
Visual Arts - B; 2nd
History - B; 11th

Its not that bad right?

Im very bored. I should and want to read Dexter but my neck kills from the way i slept last night ==; I need to go get season 5 of one tree hill off kevin but i dont think hes awake yet, so i guess i wait and try to find something to do. haha.


// 1:22 AM

Today was the day of our Christmas party, which wasnt that bad really. Yesterday everyone was stressting and no one could be fucked to go but it was good :) except that, all the food was salty cuz claudia put too much salt in the taco mince and i put a bit too much on the steak :L. It was a fun day filled with food, presents, singing and making prank calls xD

Nancy dosent own a toaster, can yu believe that? or a peeler/grater ==; lolz and her biggest bowl n the whole house is bloodaye small as. its like she jst moved in cuz it echos so loudly like half the house is empty! she so spoilt :@ she gets the biggest bed room with a big bed and her own private bathroom. I WANT A BIG WITH WITH MY OWN BATHROOM :@:@ so jealous >__>.

Anyways, i got Dexter. YAY. TY I LOVE YU SO MUCH NANCY xD. me and nancy got each other so we went parra with ling and catrina yesterday and got each other stuff. I also bought a canvas and drew shit on it for linda cuz she didnt get a present :( It was my first time working with canvas and it looked okay i guess lol xD she liked it at least :D. its so hard reading dexter cuz i have to bend the cover and then itll go all yucky :'(

Well i think ill jst have to bend it and get over it. Oh im leaving for queensland christmas morning, i should be fully sick :D

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have gun, will travel
Thursday, December 11, 2008 // 10:33 PM

Right now, its December. December in Australia is the month of summer.
Right now it is fucking pouring like Niagara Falls.

Like seriously, WTF? i thought Australian summers are supposed to be so hot that sometimes, tempreatures reach up to 40 degrees celsius. It always seems to rain at the wrong time too, like when im at school or on the way home, but for some really retarded reason, it starts to stop the second i step through my goddamn door ==;

On a much happier note; HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAIAH (L)

Well, techincally its not his birthday yet cuz of the different time zones and all, but oh well :D. He's not on stickam :( and omg hes like 23 :O

So schools almost over, theres like a week left and then ill be partayeing all nigth longgggggg! with my loner self :(. Im not really that excited for the holidays, im jst relieved that i dont have to do any work :D. Holidays can be super boring and lonley sometimes :( However, i have a lot of shit planned so i wont get bored or miss anybody too much ie. christmas parties, movie marathons, SALESSS x], and i really really really really really wanna go overseas, or at least, get out of sydney(stupid shithole), even if its jst for a day or two!

Sadly, i cannot get everything i want, so i jst have to endure 6 long weeks of nothing but tennis. WOOH TENNIS :D

I think im gonna watch Australia or Quarentine on sunday, we havent decided yet, but either way im happy :D, its jst that it might be hard to get into Quarentine cuz its MA15+, we've talked about fake id's and buying tickets to other movies and sneeking in, but, idk, we might get caught and im jst so bloodaye chicken ==;

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 // 1:10 AM

After school, Catrina and i went to watch High School Musical 3. The food was expensive as hell :@ like fah bro 11$ for a 380 gram bag of lollies ==;. So we entered the cinema and it was so, bloodaye empty. We were the only people in there and it was the biggest cinema O_o; God it was scary ==; We were so paranoid. I KEPT THINKING NORMAN WAS DRESSED IN HIS MOMS CLOTHES AND WAS ABOUT TO STAB ME FROM BEHIND F5F5. omfg bro, i was too scared to look on the sides ==; hahaha then cartina really needed to pee and i was so scared to be there alone so we ran together, apparently i looked more scared then her LOL. Anyways, we got back and it was nearing the end and all of a sudden THE BLOODAYE AIRCON WENT ON F5. I was getting really freak out :( i tried my best to pay attention to the movie.

OMG RYAN (L) XD hes so beautifulllllll :'). The movie was alright, i still like the first the most, their school is so big and beautiful :( Ryan was accepted into jfegajsomething WOOT =D lol im such a freak ==; well it was an okay movie (: good songs and everything :D

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how we roll
Monday, December 8, 2008 // 12:27 AM

Its almost 09. This year has been really .. hectic i guess, over all it was pretty fun. Time passed quite quickly. Schools almost over, you know what that means, HOLIDAYS! XD. So me and catrina are like planning stuff for the holidays, so far we have- movie marathons, sleep overs, over-seas trips to london, asia and/or america as long as were out of syd well be happy :D, and were totallye gna have beach house parties like in The OC. Sadly, were not rich like them so we cant buy or rent our own beah house ): i guess itll jst be sleep overs with huynh and elyn, watching what theyre doing at night ;)

Oh and during the holidays, im gna work on my piano and try to play the resolution and skyway avenue if i cannot play it already.

Im currently reading 'Vampire Academy' ive read like 3 chapters last holidays but never got to finish it so i guess i have to now lawl x]. Did yu know she has never been completely naked infront of a boy before? it was her first time :O and they kept having almost-sex moments says huynh ROFLLLOL.

Our christmas party is gna be pretty awesome i think XD. Were eating tacos, fish and chips and steak xD OH AND EMILYS MUMS BEAUTIFUL CHICKEN WINGZZZZZZZZZZZ =D

Well i think im gna go read now.

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i like tacos
Sunday, December 7, 2008 // 2:45 AM

Huynh and Elyn might have a horror movie marathon as their birthday parties, which is pretty cool CUZ I THOUGHT OF IT XD. So i guess ill try my best to get my hands on some good movies, so far i have

'Psycho' which is like a 60's film and is the top rated horror film on imdb. i watched it and it was so fucking funny LOL.
Snoopy taught me how to upload photos (:

One Missed Call

its 10 bucks at jb :O

OMG I WANNA FIND ARACHNOPHOBIA so huynh will fully freak out XD

omg i love this xD, anyways apparently it is pretty shit so idk =/

ahaha huynhs gna bring mirrors and quarantine. I WANNA WATCH TDK AGAIN F5.

lookign forward to it :D but it might not happen:(. if they dont make one for their brithdays maybe ill jst host it at my palce or something. :D

I really wanna go soundwave. I think ill go with Josephine if shes still up for it instead of a sidewave lol xD. i hope it dsnt sell out too fast :( i have to see jacks mannequin, madina lake, alesana, the audition and emery :(

Speaking of Jack's Mannequin, i think im gna make a new layout of them :D hope itll turn out okay lolz (:

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Friday, December 5, 2008 // 3:14 AM

There are a million words i couldve said. Something that no one has ever said before. Something that couldve changed everything. I guess 'im sorry' isnt it.

Sometimes, i wish i had my own Jake, so everything will be alright when he comes back home.

Im tired of this place. Im tired of the people.

Everything is so.. ordinary. I know some people would kill for ordinary. just not me, at least, not right now.

Everywhere i go, new or old. the feelings are the same. i hang with the same old crowd, everything is as usual. People are their typical selves. They make it very hard to enjoy a new place without the drag of the old things.

Everytime i feel this way. i want to do things beyond your imagination. i dont think id have a single problem walking to my kitchen taking a knife a stabbing myself.

Maybe then youll see the things you do to me.