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Food (pt 1)
Sunday, May 7, 2017 // 5:23 AM


(if that didn't make sense, I've posted something every month since July 2008 and last month I didn't. :(...)


Due to my extreme boredom, I've decided to finally post some photos from Europe! Today's instalment features images, descriptions and an experience rating of some of the food we delightfully consumed on our trip last year. Enjoy!

Cannabis flavoured ... stuff ranging from lollipops to cookies and mainly lollipops actually, haha.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
These products don't contain THC which is the active component in weed that gives you the high, it's just cannabis flavoured.. stuff. It wasn't very good. Kind of tasted like sweet dead grass.

Flower shaped gelato
Ibiza, Italy???? I think
This was actually soooooo good! I'm not a big gelato fan, but after this we pretty much got gelato everyday in Italy and Greece cos we loved it so much, haha. I forgot the flavours, I think it was hazelnut (new fave), pistachio and mango sorbet. Def prefer the gelato to the sorbet!
Boxed sangria
Barcelona, Spain.
Hands down, one of the best sangrias out there. As with the gelato, we pretty much had sangra everyday in Spain and Italy and in any other city/country if they had (Budapest!) it and this boxed stuff was actually so good. Not too sweet, not too goon-y. Danzo and I finished this box at sunrise, got home, napped and woke up with the biggest hang overs, haha.  The only other sangria that I remember being better than this was at a restaurant in Ibiza that did strawberry flavoured sangria. they also had this mad mango chilli cocktail
Jenny's whole lobster
Rome, Italy
We were just craving some seafood by this point. This restaurant was ho hum. It was pricey for what you actually got with below average quality. Forgot what it was called. Jenny's lobster was good tho cos lobster LOL
My first Greek Coffee!
Athens International Airport, Greece
While we were waiting for our good friend Bobs to arrive from SYD, Em and I chilled at one of the cafes in the airport. They barista was very nice, taught me how to drink this. So it made out of a powder that is quite insoluble (very much like Turkish and Leb coffee, which I have tried before) So after they serve it to you, you need to wait 5 mins or so for the powder to settle and you "decant" while you drink, haha. You're left with this thick brow sludge at the end which is v gross, don't drink that hahahahahahahaha. Also, it didn't need any sugar! There was this nice nutty flavour to it :)
Our first Greek Salad!
Athens, Greece
And so begins the greek food spam. If you've followed me on IG/FB you'll know that I absolutely adored Greek food and Greece in general! We got a greek salad with every meal. Idk why, but everything just tasted better there. The tomatoes were sweeter, the feta was a perfect balance of creamy, salty and sweet and all the vegetables were just so.... UGH. I love Greek food!

Bobs' Fresh Fish of the Day
Athens, Greece
Another one of my favourites. So on our cab ride from the airport to the house, the cab driver was telling us about his favourite places and his favourite foods. He told us that he liked simple meals like grilled fish and boiled vegetables and while the idea of it didn't really appeal to me, Bobs was so keen to try it. This was his first time and it was absolutely divine. The fish was cooked perfectly and came with a really nice lemon butter sauce. The boiled vegetables actually compliment it so well. This became a dish he and I ordered on the daily

My first Moussaka!
Words cannot describe how happy I was with this meal. There was so much potatoey goodness and so many veggies and such a nice sauce! I miss greece :(
Mixed souvlaki
Athens again
We got this when we went to meet Chanelle!!!! This was literally the best souvlaki I've ever had in my entire life. I know I exaggerate a lot, but this is a relative thing so, if all things are exaggerated and this comes out on top, that's saying something! haha. First time having tzatziki in europe and boy oh boy, was I impressed. I literally wiped up everything off this plate. There was not a crumb left!!!! so good
 Bobs' fresh fish of the day number 2 or 3 haha
Same day as the previous 2 photos. Bobs and I enjoyed the souvlaki so much that after the beach we got it again, but from a different place. This wasn't as good tbh. We should've gone back to the same place haha
 Jess' fresh fish of the day: Bass (i think)
This was hands down my favourite fresh fish in the entire trip! It was so well seasoned and juicy and sweet. 100% reminded me of the fish my mum makes at home and by this point I was major home sick so this meal was so spesh :)

 PSA: Savva's in Athen's has the best Baklava in the world
So crunchy, so flaky and no overpoweringly sweet! People on the next table could hear the crunch when we bit into these delicious balls of sticky goodness
 Savva's salad. Not sure what the dressing was, but it was 100/10
Savva's falafel plate
We loved Savva's so much, we had it once for lunch and came back the next day for breakfast!
 Octopus in an orange vinaigrette
This was interesting, but average at best. Just wanted to try octopus in Greece tbh haha
 Seafood pasta
Greek pasta is better than Italian pasta imo (don't hate me)
Saganaki (grilled feta)
Fira, Santorini! Greece
We stopped by this little diner or sorts for our first meal in Santorini. It was very homey, owned by an old Greek couple. They were excellent cooks with a great sense of humour. They also had the "best sangria on the island" according to the owner, and I had to agree with him, haha. This was nice! interesting, in a good way. A little bit too salty for me cos its all feta, but what they do to it is quite good. I'm just glad I got other things too to balance out the saltiness
Fresh fish (again)
Fira, Santorini
Need I say more?
My first Moussaka in a clay pot!
Fira, Santorini
Wasn't as good as the one in Athens, but still ace! We also had our fair share of vegetarian moussaka and it was always better than the meat one. This was true of a lot of things we had in Europe. Like veggo pasta, veggo stir fries, the veggo version of anything was always really good, if not better than non-veggo.
 Seafood moussaka
Oia, Santorini
We walked almost 3 hours along a high way, then on a trail peppered with donkey poop all the while surrounded by a cloud of dust to get to Oia to watch the sunset. We ate at this fancy restaurant with a great vantage point. The sun went down as we ate and when it disappeared, people applauded??? haha. This was probably the least satisfying moussaka I had on the trip tbh.
Jenny's lobster pasta "For 1"
Oia, Santorini
This pasta dish was supposed to be for 2 people. She asked for a serving for 1 person and this is what came out. (Yes, that is a full lobster)
Sunset, mussels and (no) muscles. Haha, kidding ily
 The fish I got on the day we went quad biking
 Real time reaction. (I really wanted chips hahaa)
 Our last fish! but with the lovely lemony buttery sauce we had at the very beginning. No other places besides these 2 served us this sauce
Budapest, Hungary 
Looking at this is making me hungary, hahahahaha get it? I forgot what this tasted like. I remember it being good, but not mind blowing

And so concludes part 1. 

Stay tuned for part 2 which should be out next week (or next month hahahaha)
okay bye