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and i got you
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Sunday, January 29, 2012 // 9:18 PM

I'm gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.

this belongs on twitter
Saturday, January 28, 2012 // 4:03 PM

#worstwaytoendtheholiday lazy LOL :(

I spent the entire holiday studying and doing homework and crap and this last week, well ... I did nothing. Literally nothing. Didn't even feel like I deserved it, which might be a good thing LOL Anyway, I tried finishing all of Jimjamz homework but I can't find the will to ... go on LOL I'm just leaving it there to rot.

I also feel slightly hung over even though the party was 2 days ago LOL There's a throbbing in my head and all throughout church I felt like I might throw up. LOL okay, not the entire time but I did for a bit LOLZ

Anywho, I'd really like a new bag and a new pencil case and all those new things for school but I cbf to go and buy everything again and I still kind of want to use my pencil case till the end of high school :D (I've used this pencil case since year 7)

Yeah, so ... not much has changed since last year which is kind of boring. I hope our new timetables are fun and lots of good subjects are grouped together for a day full of awesomeness!! LOL ... um so yeah I'm just putting off doing homework. I think I'll watch something now

Good bye

Friday, January 27, 2012 // 7:47 PM

Despite having already started year 12 last year, the pressure of the upcoming term is really starting to take a toll on my mental stability. LOl okay, not really. But it's finally hitting me, we'll be the eldest in the school. Kids will look up to us ... and not just cause we're taller then them.

It feels kind of surreal. I mean, on the inside I'm still the same person as I was 5 years ago when I started high school, so I guess, in my mind it's kind-of-almost-not-really right for me to be where I am now. 16, year 12. LOL I guess this is what the past 5 years have been about. Working hard and learning all that we need to learn to conquer by far our biggest hurdle and be ready to face the many others that have yet to come.

It's just really weird. I don't think the level of maturity that I currently possess is suited for this LOL

I just realised that whenever I listen to music, I'm analysing it in my head LOL it is so fun but also DAMN YOU MUSIC!!!

Anywho, I am so excited for school!! This holiday has passed by so quickly, too quickly. Lets reflect...

[LOL I think I'm only doing this because I don't want to study or do homework xD]


Col, Hellen and I biked to Stockies and we ate. LOl the pancakes were decent but their iced coffee was sucky

Me winning monopoly :)

We went to Superdish kind of late ... LOL all the workers were eating their late night meal of left overs and stuff LOL

Fairy bread for our "picnic" LOL

We were supposed to go picnicing near Garrisons Point, but Collin and I were too lazy to go cuz it was mega hot. I think by 6 we were all bored so Collin and Hellen came over and we decided to go skating :) Then Eeh and Danny met us at the park and then Trinh and Steven came. The boys and Hellen idk, made a circuit? or someshit LOl like an obstacle race around the playground area and they timed each others run of the obstacle LOL tres funny. Yeah so we vlogged throughout the night and everyone learned how to skate :D! The fairy bread was delish, thanks Jess. Oh no, it was no trouble, really :). Haha... LOL I need friends

Hole in the sky :O

Huynhs birthday trifle :) Eeh helped me make these LOL

Fuck, this was so good!!! LOL

Yeah, so Collin, Eeh, Hellen and myself, well, we went to Huynhs house to surprise him on his birthday LOL I think he was surprised.... I hope he was :D

Then we decided to go to Maroubra LOL

ii luv dis foto

You can tell I'm studying hard by my stern facial expression LOL (did that make sense? I don't even know)

While studying very intensely LOL I came across this recipe :) It's a muffuletta ... or something along those lines LOL It's pretty much a really packed sandwich cuz you take out all the white fluffy bits in the middle LOL

I like this one

Lunch with this fucker LOL It wasn't very nice... LOL


Molikhas surprise birthday party was a great way to end the school holidays :)

Wow, longest post LOL okay, time to read falling petals :)

Good bye :)

// 6:14 PM

Giving up, letting go. Schools almost here, so I guess it's the right thing to do. Plus, I'll always have chemistry :) hehehe :$

Thursday, January 26, 2012 // 3:32 PM

Something isn't right... I'm sad for some reason. Is this sadness? I don't even know. It just doesn't feel right... or normal or you know... It's like a mixture of all the bad feelings one can possibly feel all up inside my head. Also, I have cramps.

Damn, I feel better now LOL

Thanks blogger! :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 // 2:59 AM

I think ... I'm going insane....

I am so god darn bored at home and everytime I come home after a day out ... it feels like I didn't go out at all....



Lights fade

I'm not your anchor
Monday, January 23, 2012 // 5:21 PM

So don't hold on

I felt really very guilty yesterday. We got a day off from tutor so we could celebreate Chinese New Year and such, and I woke up with the intention of spending the day productively, studying. Bobs and I arranged to meet at the library but that plan was somehow scrapped and we went to Maria's house instead. There, we made steak and chicken wings which were uber delish. We watched this show called Awkward. which is so incredibly funny. Then, after we ate, we played charades until the sun set. It was lovely

My cousins came over last night. They brought their kids, their oh-so-adorable kids. The kids wanted me to play hide and seek with them. It was a really pointless game because my house is tiny. One of them, Angela, told me her favourite song is Dancing Queen by ABBA. I laughed a while when I heard this. She is seven by the way.

I love kids :) -no pedo, LOL danny nguyen-

cuz I really always knew that my little crime would be cold, thats why I got a heater for your thighs
Sunday, January 22, 2012 // 2:16 AM




Saturday, January 21, 2012 // 2:46 AM

Germany, Sweden, New York, Canada, New Zealand, Phu Quoc, North Carolina, Scotland, England, Wales.

Places I'd like to reside in someday ... with my built-in bookshelved library and my walk in wardrobe and pantry.

The tax rate in Sweden is 80%.

Okay, time to fold cranes and annotate the heck out of this kangaroo

counting cranes
// 2:12 AM

12 57 55 45 50

I'm excited for school!

I still have not attempted Jimbos homework.

I need to buy AAA batteries tomorrow for my calculator.

The coming week, I have tutor everyday except friday.

I'm realising that maybe music isn't so bad ... which is an extremely good thing :)

Every day for the past two weeks have consisted of homework and tutor.

With the exception of wednesday and thursdays of course, but guess what I did ...

Go on, guess :)

Yep. studying at the library LOL

Nerd 4 lyf

This better be worth it

My mum's been telling me for most of my high school life to surround myself with peers that have similar aspirations and such as I do. You know, hang with people who do chem, hang with people who can play the guitar ... maybe I'll learn something from them ... So I guess now I'm taking her advice and practising it

I've also discovered a new fondness for old school rap

Yep, goodbye

Thursday, January 19, 2012 // 3:21 AM

I like to think about my future. Where I'll live, what kind of furniture resides in my house. For example, I'd really like a built-in book shelf which spans across an entire wall and a walk-in wardrobe. Yes, that is my dream house.

some dance to remember, some dance to forget
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 // 2:30 PM

I finished Gatsby again last night. I think I've cleared up a few of my own queries as to why we'll be studying this book for English LOL I seem to have blanked out and/or skipped over a very important page or two in my first reading LOL

Anywho, I have tutor 3 times today and I am quite excited :) We're starting the Acidic Environment in our usual chemistry lesson and I am quite excited :)

I have not touched any sort of maths homework whatsoever. LOL it is really bad, really. I start Jim jams again on Sunday and the week after we go back to school and I have a lovely 12 periods of maths waiting for me :(

I just realised, I quite like Jessie J's voice

LOL okay, time to fold paper cranes. OH! btw, I'm folding paper cranes LOL yep, 1000 LOL the oh so cliche goal, but I believe that if I believe this will work, it will grant someone temporary luck which will, hopefully, lead to eternal happiness :)

Do cranes bring about luck? or do they grant you a wish ... LOl I don't even know


p.s. I have cramps :( fuck :'(

p.p.s I need a thesaurus LOL

Monday, January 16, 2012 // 10:57 PM

Umat is actually quite fun. Go future! wooh :)

// 2:30 AM

I'm starting to feel the pressure of all this UMAT suff...

On a brighter note, Federer won his first match of the Aussie Open. Not that I doubted his ability to do so :) Go him!

All the best to my baby Nole :) I lup chuu estt. 2006 LOL

Anyway, the skin on my feet is peeling. I need to moisturise.

Good bye my lover...

what =========

Saturday, January 14, 2012 // 11:39 PM

Every time I think I'm going at a moderate pace with all my studying and such, I think about drama. Gosh damn drama. FUCKING IP DIT ME MAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( I am so unmotivated to do anything :( And it's not the learning of the lines, perfection of movement etc etc that is putting me off... It's having to ghost write for these renowned authors and playwrights. I'm really very scared that I will ruin everything. I'm scared of having my work [although not MINE] being criticized. This is not English, it is drama. And although the two relate interchangeably I cannot face such ... heart breaking [LOL] critiquing of my? work .... LOL fuck. Why can't I find a monologue that does not require any, or very minimal alteration so I can work on my vocals and shit :(

Fuck the world

I suck :(

// 3:24 PM

So I've decided to do the UMAT exam. God, I hope this works out LOL

My dreams of a 93+ atar have changed. Instead, I've bumped it up to 96+ LOL wooh.... Gotta work hard this year, Jess. Make yourself proud :)

okay, time to go out LOL @____@ I should be studying... Oh well, I'll do it when I come back :)

good bye

Thursday, January 12, 2012 // 3:23 PM

Everyone's been telling me that what I said was wrong, but I don't think so. I think it was the way that I approached the situation that was wrong. I should've told you. I did, but that's not what I regret. Maybe I don't it regret at all. But something isn't right

We found love
// 2:38 PM

I thought I said my post titles would be a bit more creative LOL ... They're just song titles. Oh, well. At least it's a good song

I've adopted my sisters room. All my stuff is here and I've downloaded all my programs onto her laptop and such LOL I can't wait until she moves out so I can have this :D the room I mean LOL. She's away for a couple days cause she and her friends decided to hire a beach house out in Port Stephen. I don't know when she comes back. Lets hope it's not anytime soon LOL

I've resumed tutor. The break was too short. You'd think 3 weeks is enough, but it ain't, yo. IT AINT!! I now have to attend 4 tutorial lessons for chem ontop of my regular classes and I also have a tutorial for English on saturday. I'm so glad jim jamz gave us 4 weeks holiday :) he's the bomb diggity LOL Okay, that was very weird. Moving on..

I think we need to BBQ or beach or kill two birds with one stone and BBQ and beach simultaneously.

God, I am so boring LOL

OH it was Huynhs birthday 2 days ago. We surprised him by coming over unannounced. Yep, we came over and it made his day. That's all we did LOL only joking, Eeh and I made him trifles the day before and Hellen, Collin, Eeh, Danny and I went to woolies before we headed to Huynh's and we bought waffles and other assortments which complimented the waffles very ... well LOL What am i saying? Why am I awake this early... LOL =======

Anywho, we missed our bus by like 2 minutes so we decided to eat/ drink coffee/chill, and that was what we did, yes... LOL When we got to huynhs and we finished our waffles and he received his present [lol] we somehow decided to go to the beach.

This was very impromptu, when we got off at central we hadn't even considered what beach we were going to, but we saw a bus that said "Marboubra Beach" and we decided to hop on. Marboubra is very nice. It was also a lot of other things. It was cold, it was windy, it smelled like old seaweed and sewerage but the sand beneath the surface was very warm. Because it was a fairly hot day, the waters high specific heat capacity kept the sea water warm :) I shouldn't have frolicked in the water so many times cause every time I got out of the water, the wind would blow the very dry, fast and sharp sand onto my very sensitive-skinned legs LOL it hurt like a mother fucking hoe. I think Hellen and Huynh got cut by the sand too.. LOL

But after we got over the fact that it was windy and cold, we played a tips for a bit and then we took various photos of the sun set and the red clouds and the double rainbow, yep ... intense. Everyone but Eeh then burried their legs in the sand LOL because that's totes cool. The sand was also very warm, the sand that was underneath the .. surface LOL that is. I am so redundant at times. Sorry, anyway.

Despite the weather shredding us to bits, it was a very fun evening and I'd love to do it again :)

I also caught up with Danny LOL that was nice. We bought our Future tickets. I don't know how I'm going go yet.... I still want Big Day Out :( FOSTER DA PPLZZZZ

Um ... so yeah. You're a selfish cunt.

ALSO LOL the first episode of the final season of One Tree Hill was released yesterday. The beginning was so intense. The rest of the episode was ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Disappointing LOL Maybe I'm just not used to the whole inversion of the main complication/s being shown at the beginning instead of the middle or end.

Okay, good bye

PS danny, you owe me thai.

// 3:35 AM

Fuck, my head

so what we smoke weed
Monday, January 9, 2012 // 12:35 AM

so what we go out, that's how it's supposed to be

I'd like to apologise in advance, my title was a little misleading LOL there has not been a day yet in this holiday where I've engaged in teenage rebellion, the norm. Perhaps this is a change of pace? I guess it's the convention ... studying... it is our last year at high school after all. OH NO OUR LAST YEAR?! :'( I love high school LOL

Anyway... LOL

I guess I'll recap my day today, nothing exciting ever happens to me so I guess you guys have to bare with LOL

I woke up today with the heaviest eyes. Spent the day jumping between doing my chemistry homework, watching big bang theory and eating like a hoe. I've been catching up with Kevin. He's ... LOL I don't want to say difficult but to some extent LOL okay, I'm only joking. I like talking to him, we share many similar goals all the while remaining two very very very dissimilar entities LOL He's a douche bag, but a funny one at that. Okay, this post is getting really weird now LOL

I'm currently working on Huynhs present :) I hope he likes it cuz I put my heart and soul into it. I cut up little pieces of rainbows and ponies and smiles and shoved it right in there, ya hear?!

I've also discovered a new hobby of mine :) Yup, screwing and unscrewing screws LOL it's so gosh damn fun! I opened the back of my calculator today to see if it used a button cell or a triple A battery. I uses a AAA battery. Anyway, I think I was playing with the screws too much when I replaced the backing and now it does not work LOL Oh well! New calculator for Jess :)

Speaking of calculators. Collin the cunt didn't want to go Office Works with me today
ALSO OMG CITY, OMG I'M GETTING MY BIG DAY OUT TICKET TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah :) Foster the People and Parkway Drive here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whewwwwww

I mixed a halfcup-full of aeroplane jelly mix with pepsi today LOL the back of the packet told me to be creative, so I tried it out. Hopefully this turns out okay - okay being not disgusting but not so good that I'd be wanting more. Okay. So I filled the rest of the cup with pepsi. This left me with an open can of pepsi and a thirst which seemed to be unquenchable by water. I'm currently finishing off the can. This lead to my thinking that I am somewhat, a fat lazy slob-hoe LOL I need exercise, and I need it now. STAT!!!

I miss bike riding, just for the fun of it. Now I don't think I'd leave the house on my bike if it meant I'd be riding alone. Oh how dependent I've become.

This is bad guys, really bad


Sunday, January 8, 2012 // 5:01 PM

i like your company LOL ...

I should start writing longer posts...

I'll leave that task for another day


Saturday, January 7, 2012 // 4:18 PM

Happiest of birthdays Alexandra!!!! (L) sososo sorry I can't make it today :(

I am so tried right now. I don't even know why, I had 11 hours sleep... gah

Anyway LOL last night Collin, Hellen, Eeh, David and I were star gazing and I saw a shooting star!! No joke! Omg, I was so happy I kept yelling "I saw a shooting star, I saw a shooting star!!!" and they were all "WHAT? MAKE A WISH YOU DUMB BITCH!!!!!" only joking, they didn't call me a dumb bitch, but if they had... HOW DARE THEY?!

Also, Col took out his phone and started playing with this star .. app LOL There was this very bright, lone one in the sky. I asked him what it was and apparently, it was mother fucking Jupiter!!!!

So, shooting star and Jupiter all in one night, what could be better? :O

// 1:16 AM

I was such an angsty fucker back then. I am so gosh darn sorry guys!!! LOL

// 12:51 AM

I have a headache and I feel very lost

Friday, January 6, 2012 // 6:19 AM

I'd just like to take some time out of my really very busy schedule and wish my Mum a wonderful birthday (L)

LOL okay, good bye

Thursday, January 5, 2012 // 8:48 PM

Just read an e-mail from Nathan. I don't know if it's discouraging or inspirational ... LOL I'm scared now.

// 4:10 PM

Wow, what was I talking about? LOL

// 3:55 PM

Going to read that letter I wrote to myself LOL Yay.... I kind of don't want to ... LOL oh well, I'm bored. Why not?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 // 4:09 PM

I'm asking you to shape my heart, I wanna be your work of art

// 12:00 AM

I'll make excessive eye contact with you to strengthen our limerence :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 // 5:39 PM

I don't like change :(

One Tree Hill is ending and Amy and Rory are leaving. School's gonna be over and I'll have to make new friends :'(

I'd like to loop time, like on the 22nd of April at 5:02 pm.

Anyway LOL my attempts at studying have been rather poor. I can only seem to study Chemistry properly. Anywho, it's time to get back to work.


Inside in inside out
Monday, January 2, 2012 // 3:22 PM

It's been a pretty eventful 3 months or so LOL ... I'm too lazy to type, here have some photos!

LOL we snuck in a photo while Santa went to shake hands with some business people up the stairs

We were shouted this when we went to Vietnam LOL It was good, I think ... LOL I didn't actually eat it... LOL

This is what Huynh and I chose for Eeh to wear to As You Like It at Belvior. It was really good by the way, the play LOL heaps funny and that, a slight modern twist etc etc. LOL


Our Christmas party at Huynh's :)

My beautiful Penny :)

Dalena's Christmas party THERE WAS SO MUCH SEAFOODDDD OMG LOL too bad I didnit eat any :(

From my balcony at Surfers Paradise LOL

Glow Worms

Glow Worms + flash (LOL my bad xD) OMG THERE WAS ALSO A GLOWING MUSHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sunrise LOL I'm starting to sound a bit reduntant

Sticky Date pudding, nothing compared to the one at V Lounge I must say

LOL Christmas with the girls, we were outside singing to Adele and dubstep, mosquitoes started biting us so we burnt some incense and candles LOLZ

Bike riding with Col and Lyanna to the island. Saw the ugly duckling LOL omg, i just typed "fucking" instead of "duckling" just then LOl oh muscle memory xD anyway LOL who turned into the beautiful swan :)

Eeh joined me for New Years eve, we kissed passionately under the bridge LOL jokes, ew fucking incest :L

Our view, yo

Fishing at South Cronulla LOL Thanks again, Lyanna! :)

I found a Starfish LOL

At Manly

LOL So then we went back to Hellens house and watched Beauty and the Beast until the next day :)

Oh Look! It's How I Met Your Mother!!!

Good bye (: