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and i got you
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Thursday, March 31, 2011 // 2:50 AM

ive received a few test results back this past week and i guess im pretty happy LOL :)

also, i found out that boys like girls canceled on good charlotte so now i dont wanna go :(

i think im going to miley cyrus' though LOL pretty sure haha

lots of exams coming up .... got lots of things to hand in... LOL

oh, speaking of, im supposed to have my slrs half yearlies tomorrow but because i came late, i can, and i quote "run around outside, chasing butterflies ... if i liked" haha vlassis is awesome. kinda devoed shes not my roll call teach anymore :'( now i have stupid downes that always makes us read and i can never chat to anyone and reduces my chances of getting to know jack :'(

haha :( he's a little doctor who lovin' cutie.

anywho ... i should be studying for my chem test but since donovan and jun said it was easy peasy, i dont feel like studying anymore LOL so im just like .... wotever

i can so fall asleep now... maybe i should haha


i dont wanna dog fiona but i so cbf to go good charlotte anymore LOL

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 // 2:12 AM

i havent been practising the divers test lately.
and i plan to take the test like next week or the week after
so im doing it now
if i can pass 5 tests consecutively
i'll take it as a sign that i am ready :)
and the only book ive never finished was the time travelers wife
i found it really depressing, and i ended up watching the movie
so i was like whatever,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011 // 3:06 AM

i am beyond the point of nervousness.

i think im gonna jump off a bridge :'(

im so not ready. this is such a challenging task




=::::::::::::::::::::::::( <-tears btw LOL

fuck me man :'(

oh well, all i can do now is hope that ill be in the right frame of mind tomorrow. and polish my movement and my lines :'(

OKAY I WEAR, NEXT TIME IM DOING ANGRY LOL or autistic... thats alright :)

Monday, March 28, 2011 // 3:03 AM

i reckon mackenzie is a fun teacher, but he doesnt really teach us anything LOL as smart as people claim he is, it's like hes not bothering with us, like he knows were gonna be moved to standard LOL

i mean like underlying assumption? biggest contracting paradox ive ever come across :( it's hurting me. LOL my brain, that is. im getting some stuff down but this fucked up phrase just fucks up my train of thought which renders me producing fucked up sentences :(

im still devoed that i didnt do the essay in time so i couldve stayed in ext. english. :( boo hoo

and once again, im stressing over the fact that im not stressing over my upcoming exams and especially my monologue. tonight is the first time ive actually ever focused on it and worked on it LOL and i cant practise my lines else ill wake up daddy :(

i got full marks for my viva voce :) yay LOL

and i am so fucked for my maths half yearlies :'(

Sunday, March 27, 2011 // 2:05 AM

epic day with huynh todaiiii


homework >:( LOL :'(

but, on the upside we ate yum cha and kfc and spent half the time messing around ;)

we were talking about harry potter and i kept calling apparate "warp"

"hey you know how they warped to the forest of dean...." LOL ==

my toes are cold so im wearing socks


hello snoopy :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011 // 3:05 AM

i completed my metals exam and i think i failed miserably

well, knot really LOL im so unsure about everything though, reading over my answers i was like to myself, 'this is a bit general...' yeah so hopefully i pass, else ill get kicked out and lykkkkkkk i also finished 30 mins before everyone else and left the class 15 mins early LOL so if everyones still going and i finished with no problems, then something obviously went wrong!!!

like before the test, i wasnt stressed, so i stressed over the fact that i wasnt stressing and then i just stop stressing and watched house. haha.

today coleen asked my how i find time to watch friends and everything. so i told her my daily routine... she was amazed that i still get homework done LOL so this is what i told her:

wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy
brush my teeth with a bottle of jack
LOL go home, shower, watch friends, eat dinner, watch tv...
8 pm do homework... chat, tweet, fb,go on tumblrs and youtube LOL
do homework while doing all that
10pm - watch whatever i downloaded when i came home from school
11- go to my sisters room to watch tv LOL
11 20 - go to bed :)

sometimes i dont even do homework... LOL i love my subjects :) its so not stressful :L not anymore anyhow, cuz i offically dropped extension english and it is by far, the worst decision of my life. i regret it so much but if i could take back me dropping it i wouldnt. if i could take back me not working on the essay about 3 weeks before then hellz yeah LOL

but whatever LOL

anywho, back to doing maths homework, im letting it accumulate. shame on me

Dear Future Jessica (of 2012)
Saturday, March 19, 2011 // 3:17 AM

Inspired by lyanna, i've decided to write my own letter to my future self, as you can gather from the title, haha. i guess you can read this new years day, up to you. whenever you stumble upon it... i hope you remember that it's here.

Wellllllllll, it's currently 9:18 pm on a saturday night, the 19th of WHAT?! I THOUGHT IT WAS THE 18TH WTF MY TRAIN TICKET SAID 18TH!!! anywho, march LOL 2011

today, you attended the playwright australia thing and you did agelia LOL and you just listened to never grow up - taylor swift. i hope you havent, by then. please be childish, dont let it go, not for a moment because right now you're going through some shit, you get lonely and most things are getting you down. i hope you've kept the friends that are around at this moment, cheering you up and acting kiddish with you, theyre the best, you best not have forgotten that.

theres someone you miss, at this moment and i hope that in the future, you've patched things up with him cuz things right now are really shit. and you really do need him, honest, whether you've realised it or not... i hope in the future, we're still friends and i hope in the future i will remember who i am talking about here LOL

its nearing the end of term 1 of year 11 and things are, as mentioned above, pretty shit. it started off shit and continues with it's shit-ness. its like, at any and every moment there is something wrong with idk, school or home or my life or whatever. I've never had, well, i did have that one day, do you remember? the day when we thought things were great and we actually felt happy. but that ended soon after, and since things, problems have been piling on faster than i can resolve them. you're making the decision to drop extension english and you're thinking, "how long can i keep this up and not fail?" just like cassie did with her essay in skins. do you still watch skins?

there's that photo on the wall to your right, of that boy you love, the boy you miss. i hope its still up there in a years time and i hope that he's still there. i hope he still hangs with you and the boys, and our new addition. i hope you dont need to miss him.

just crossed another drug off my list, you better have gotten some more things crossed off that list, ive done 3. 4 if you count alcohol? but thats up to you. you were supposed to do dot points tonight but found yourself reminiscing about earlier years of high school, and you then realised that lyanna did the same thing, haha. it was so much easier before, things were simple, you could kick off your socks and get underneath your dads blanket and watch one tree hill all saturday long and you wouldnt have to care about a thing. i don't think they properly prepared us for year 11. the change is so dramatic, you find it hard to adjust. you've always had shit with change, hey? i wonder how you're dealing with that in the future. i hope not much has changed, as fucked up as things are right now, i really like it, the way it is.

you better still be best friends with huynh, if you're not, fuck you! and i hope sissy is nicer and more open. maybe she'll get engaged, haha. and you better have gotten the last two seasons of that 70's show!!!

how'd the halloween party go? hope it still goes through. oh yeah, right now im thinking about trying out for src LOL cuz i didnt wanna try for captain but now, id love to be in src. speaking of, it was cross country yesterday and past you is feeling guilty cuz you cheated, SHAME ON YOU!!! you had fun doing the music though, kinda.

mummy and daddy are always talking about work, if they dont i think they'll end up arguing again. its kinda your fault hey? centerlink sent you a letter saying youre no longer continuing your studies at school? HAH wtf, gotta get that fixed up on monday.

im worried, you were worried. the cycle isnt coming and you know if it never does, our future will be fucked. what was our #1 option? well, you cant do that if this doesnt fix itself...

yeah so like LOL thats all i got so far... um dont read till 2012, i prolly will though, haha

currently playing yeah 3x - chris brown
i know past me hated this music, it always made her feel lost. its taken me some time but right now, im used to it and its alright, i hope you still listen to paramore in 2012. :)

9:51, same night etc.etc. LOL

go and get yourself a good future

Loveeee, Past Jessica

BY THE WAYYYYYY LOL, has rebecca black released any new songs? HAHAHA

Friday, March 18, 2011 // 3:39 PM

Cross country yesterday LOL

it was mad fun :) i feel kinda guilty cuz i cheated LOL and i missed the chance to tango with maria :'(

im really behind on my dot points for tutor, cuz lyk, i havent started LOL

however, i have remembered all my lines for my performance on monday :D

and now i need to memorise my monologue lines LOL

oh shit LOL and my musicology :'( fml

anywho, a bunch of people from drama entered the playwright australia thing and they all made it in woooh!! good for them :) LOL and a bunch of the other people are gonna head off later to watch em perform :) i cant wait to see maria's LOL

i also cannot wait to finally eat macarons LOL and kfc OMFG BEEN CRAVING KFC SINCE LIKE THURSDAY "omg nita!!! i was craving kfc last night so i didnt eat dinner" LOL == i went to bed hungry :'(

lol ive never admitted to this before, but i really miss hanging out with you and its like now, youre gone and i dont know what to do and i dont know how to talk to you or be around you cuz i cant remember how things were before. so im sorry for my random rudeness but its all your fucking fault i miss you so much

okay bye

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 // 1:34 PM

im sorry but i cannot stop listening to this


it makes my day, everyday LOL :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 // 2:14 AM

you're very vague and i dont understand you anymore

today i was like so relieved

LOL i pretty like 99.81 % sure im dropping extension english tomorrow haha

i felt like so weightlesssssssss

it doesnt matter that i still have like 8 assessments due in the next 2 weeks, I DONT HAVE A 6 PAGE ESSAY DUE ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

part of me still doesnt wanna give up but i just push that thought aside and think "YESSS I CAN WATCH FRIENDS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL NIGHT NOWWWWW WOOOOOOOOOOOH" :)

apparently me and huynh do something really cute LOL eheh 8)

margs scored the part of sally in some play :) cant wait to go see her perform


now i got musicology, a monologue, a performance, 3 essays, a playwright research, a reflection and an open book thingo that i got to do :)

im so like free LOL LOOK AT THAT LIST!!!!! its so SHORTTTT :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011 // 1:28 AM


fuck me man LOL if i had that amount of work i woulda dropped out of high school, got pregnant and started a family LOL

i hate missing out on work. like, its not that i truant or anything i just go on lots, i mean like looooooooooots of excursions and what not, like they're all exclusive to a certain subject or group so like the rest of the grades still at school .. doing work .. while im in the common room playing big booty or making up fictitious worlds called wonderland with extinct fairy floss trees and latino alcoholics living there.

im so distracted LOL ive left this page open for like 47 minutes and now ive forgotten wot i was going to talk about

oh well

time to do homework :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 // 12:28 PM

Okay, so heres wot i think's gonna happen

Mini will end up with Alo
Liv will leave Matty when she learns Frankys feelings towards him
Matty will fuck around with Franky LOL
leaving Liv, with Nick
and Rich and Gracie will stay together cuz opposites attract even though they're people, not magnets 8}

LOL well, thats what i want to happen, i reckon my predictions are pretty much spot on

anywho, i have debating today and i so cbf so for the first time in my life, im going to be team adviser LOL

i hope we get maccas today

i reread the first few chapters of The Turn Of The Screw last night and i understood every second chapter... LOL i had to read the first chap like 4 times.... im always distracted LOLOL

anddddddd ive finally come to a decision concerning my monologue for drama :)

also, for the first time since ive come back to school


i should buy that 70s show :) im missing the last 2 seasons :(
ive been watching it on 7mate though, ERICS COMING BACKKKKKKKKKK
I wonder where Kelso is LOL =/

anywho i got drama homework due tomorrow .... who should i do it on? LOL its supposed to be a contemporary playwright so.. not shakespeare LOL shakespeare wouldve been so easy :( ah well LOL maybe ill do um LOL oscar wilde? he's more 19th century though. maybe i can idk make him fit LOL


HAH look at me, talking as if i have 20 people reading my blog :L

okay you two, danny and cynthia LOL should readdddddd The Importance Of Being Earnest if you have not already done so LOL

its a fun read :)

im not wearing any socks ... LOL

anywho, watch us lose today LOL

goodbye deerz (L)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 // 9:39 PM

ive been under so much stress and pressure.
school is constantly asking me to give up my life and just like live in a text book, wait no, several different texts books and i cant cuz..

of this guy :)

Yep! thats my kid :) LOL isnt he just the cutest? xD

he has beautiful eyes :)