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stay gold forever

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you got me
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and i got you
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Dearest best friends,
Saturday, January 31, 2009 // 3:13 AM

On Monday, i'm gna bring a can of fly spray and spray the little ants that are building their nests on my territory :D.


school sucks
Friday, January 30, 2009 // 2:12 AM

Well the school years gone off to a terribly shit start. All my classes are so homo, and all the little year sevens, god, theyre like little ants! far out they're so small it feels like there are 400 of them always following me around ==;. God, i hate them so much. They think that we'll pick on them so they become so stubborn and wont be reasonable, well fuck thats wot gets them bashed in the first place. felt like choking one of them today ==;. omfg. catrinas only in two of my classes. im gna beg mr ebbot to change me to drama; god i hate va its so .. GAY?STUPID?CRAP?BORING? lonley :(

I hate school. School is gay. I have to go find a new tutor aswell ==;.

I went parramatta yday. guess wot? DEXTER WASNT FUCKING OUT YET. FAHHH i was gna throw the whole bookshelf down :'(. I WAITED LIKE 2 MONTHS FOR IT AND THE DUDES LIKE 'ITS OUT IN FEB, IDK WOT DAY THO' LIKE OMFG DONT YU KNOW HOW TO DO YUR JOB?! :'( wot if it gets kicked back all the way till august? :'( omfgomfgomfg



school blows.


Miss California
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 // 12:27 AM

The school holidays are rapidly comming to an end. There are still many thing i have and want to do and so little time to do it. I have however finished many other things like reading the dexter trilogy, vampire academy, fixed my computer, went to the beach, watched bolt and tennis; i havent watched Novak in the Australian open yet, i missed him today. dammit.

So Vampire Academy wasn't that great. My opinion, it's kinda written by a 16 year old who's obsessed with Edward Cullen and decided to make up her own vampire fantasy. It's better then Twilight tho, i think ill give it a 7/10 for the numerous almost-having-sex parts.

Dexter was super awesome (haha, seems kinda biased dsnt it? xD). The whole Moloch thing was kinda confusing at first but it was a pretty great ending. The 4th books comming out on the 29th so im gna go buy it after school :)

The release date of attics got kicked back a month, its out april 28th now. The 28th is the first day of term 2, so if its out then me and mitchell will go after school and buy it, if not well wait outside jb very early and run in when they open shop :D.

On friday people are gna come over and watch tdk and play tennis yay (:

I love Matthew Eugene Susojoicic.


i(L)nole :)
Friday, January 16, 2009 // 1:40 PM

Whoa i havent posted in such a long time. Since im nice, i shall bore yu with the past events that happened during my holidays so far.

I went to Miami, jealous? ;] haha i spent 3 days in queensland and theres a beach called miami near the gold coast, it was like super deserted. The first day was really boring, we went around brisbane looking at stuff my mum and aunty like looking at, oh this was christmas day btw. On boxing day we went down to the gold coast and shopped at 'Pacific Fair' which is kinda like Westfields but they have lots of outdoor shops too. After that we went to this other place called 'Harbour Town' which looked to me like an outdoor DFO. Burliehg Head was our next stop, it was soooooo nice, we climbed a mountain thing and it had such an awesome view. So we ate, then we walked around Surfers Paradise and i saw the 'condom kingdom' snoopy was talking about xD oh i also saw my friend Patricia :D but i didnt get to see josephine :(. Anyways, on our final day we went to Wet n wild but the line went out all the way to the edge of the parking lot, so we went to Miami and ate fish and chips and swam :). Oh and my cousin taught me Tears in Heaven (:. the end.

This year went off with only a little spark with my mum making stay home on new years eve and me doing nothing for the first few days of 2009. However, catrina and i went to watch Bolt on the first and we saw huynh and elyn ;] at jb (omg they were like on a date xD) so they watched Bolt with us as well.

Alexandras birthday at Bondi was super shit, except for the swimming (:.

On wednesday i went to homebush bay pools with claudia mom and emily. It was boring as always, but the new rides are okay.. the alligator thingy is fun (: Oh and theres this new playground thing with a huge buckt on top and every ten mins or so people stand underneath it and the water is tipped over yur head, which is pretty cool.

Thursday was a bloodaye scorcher 'with tempreatures rising up for an amazing 43 degrees in penrith, and 41 in the south west' I walked in the hot burning sun to catrinas house to watch 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' but we never got to finish it. We talked to claudia for like an hour wasting all my credit. Read mags and played outside when it rained :D i was so happy :').

So today,jo and i are going to Dannys' and were gna guitar for them :) and hopefully, we'll play tennis afterwards.

i(L)nole :)