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and i got you
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Monday, April 28, 2014 // 3:31 AM

Rest of my posts from April.

Not sure why my blog always does this

I'm probably making the photo blogs too long

We're going back in time here







It's weird how these are named after the post title and no with random numbers

Like all the other ones, more for me than they are for y'all

Enjoy anyhow

Where did I leave y'all?
// 3:15 AM

 Probably missed a whole bunch of stuff, but let's start off with OPTUS ROCK CORPs

I was very sick when we actually volunteered, I really only did it so I'd have something relatively new to add to my resume... Which reminds me...

Wasn't keen on going to the concert. Didn't care for the acts.

But, Lord. Rudimental killed it! and L.A.M. were such great filler DJ's LOL

No regrets :)

Don't even regret not staying for Empire cos I saw them at Stereo and they were weird
 Miguel. Had to ask the gay kid next to me who he was LOL the girl who was standing on the other side of me also had no clue.

 Miguel's guitarist. He is so attractive when you see him with his guitar. OMG passion is hot LOL
 Only ride I got to go on before everything shut :(
 BBQ at Wilson's. Dis guy so G
 Finally got to try James' Bistro! This burger was amazing
 Mars bar milkshake ... tasted more like a very sweet mocha
 We got this corn which was basted in butter and rolled in Parmesan Cheese!!! Delish.
 Maria's 'period stain' at the Bavarian, Dymocks work party. The boss' were so chill they let us do shots and buy unlimited food and alcohol. Ben also dropped cake on his pants. They became period buddies
 Jake was K.O.'d Sam wasn't too far behind
 Love dis pic LOL
 LOL Tyler, dickhead. FULL RUINED THE PHOTO. Jk, still a nice photo :)
 La Perouse with my babes. Hellen like's holes. ... ;)
 Storm over Sydney. We were almost under it at La Perouse, this was at Watson's Bay.
 Steak on the rocks with my favourite cartoon character :)
 Snoop and I drove to North head, the look out near Manly.
 Chills and tree hugs at Shelley
 Sun disappearing at Freshwater :(

 Amazing waves at Curl Curl
 Emily and Maria's birthday. Yakult shots!!!! (with soju)

 Karaoke. Vodka Sunrise
 B'day gal
 Bioc lab with Hugh
 Skate sesh @ roof top
 Bobs' birthday.
 Moo Burger's with this lovely bitch
 Chills on the beach. E-cigs
 I so devo :( LOL jk
 Our hole...
 Water so high...
 Collin feels my pain :(
 Trying to be photographer

 Canh Chua for dinna
 Gay time fired ice cream with Huynh and Eeh
 Bored lolz
 Rude bitch
Clearly not in his right mind

Life's been filled with lots of uni and lots of not taking photos when I go out LOL

Will post soon