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and i got you
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I'm surprised
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 // 2:32 AM

 Looking back at all these photos, I realise that I have actually done quite a lot of shit LOL anyway, we went to Luna Park for Snoop and Juliana's 18th
 Cat and me being retarded LOL. I actually tore my pants this night. The tango ride thingo was so fun :):)

 Last day with Danny before he left for Vietnam LOL I kinda of miss him now
 The Harbour Bridge from the other side LOL.....

This was fun

 Rode our bikes to Tommy's

 Drew fixed my fish eye!!! It wasn't actually broken LOL I just didn't know how to remove the cap properly..........

 We biked it to Livo and went shopping with Snezzy. Ran into these girls at JB LOL made my day :L
 The drama class had dinner at the Green Peppercorn, Kenna showed us the news article we were in :D

 Bob's became a taxi driver for a night LOL
 Their fried ice cream was delish :D
 Hellen met me after work and we ate Criniti's LOL the pizza was delish, omfg, best thing i've ever eaten LOL
 Then we went to Strathfield to meet up with Collin and I had my first Moochi ever. It was okay LOL
 He was kinda moody cos we took a while....
 Rehearsals at Collins

 Eeh was angry LOL
 Christmas at Huynhs. Such a great day LOL I wish I took more photos :(
Chocolate room opened LOL Hellen was working so I decided to pop by and say hi... she tricked me into buying all this :( the white and red one was nice :)

 Huynh received his Scream mask gift from bobby
 The boys were playing magic so I decided to shop at Collin's LOL

The perv pierced his ear LOL

 Bobby received a nebula shirt for xmas LOL

I worked 5 days straight, pulling a 12 hour shift once too LOL fucking christmas :( So nothing happened really, I was too exhausted to go anywhere LOL according to Trinh, I look really tired when I'm at work

We received our HSC marks and ATARs this week too LOL I guess I was happy with how I went. I wasn't surprised or anything, so I guess that was okay.... LOL

 Playing with the charcoal from the BBQ at Collins, which was today (christmas day LOL) it was an insanely sad day. I blame the weather. If only the rain was snow :(

Good bye

Hope ya'll had a happy Christmas :)

post everything depression
Saturday, December 22, 2012 // 2:57 AM

So I guess it's all starting to hit me. I didn't cry at graduation, at formal or after my exams and it all felt so small to me then, like it wasn't a big deal. But it is. I've spent the last thirteen years of my life doing the same thing day in and day out and I left it all behind like it was nothing. I don't really know what I'm trying to say... I'm not sad but I'm not happy either. It's this strange feeling, like at the end of a movie where, despite having lost everything near and dear to the protagonist they're alive and they get to move on. It'll be hard, I'll admit that. High school was easy. I was good at high school. I knew my place and I met the most amazing people during my time there and for that, I am eternally grateful. I just feel lost. I've changed my mentality so much so in the past year that I don't think I can survive in the real world. Everything used to be about that one hurdle and now that it's over, I don't know what to do. Everyone seems to have a clue but some days, especially today, I don't know if I do anymore. About anything. I don't know what I'm interested in or who I want to be around or where I should go to spend my limited free time. Someone told me this 4 month break was going to be the most liberating time but I feel so trapped. I'd like to blame the series finale of gossip girl and house for this outburst. They've been with my since the beginning of high school and I guess now, it'll

I don't know LOL

I wish I had time to be a kid

I think I rushed to places too quickly

I want to screw up

I want to regret wasting my time

I want to black out after getting drunk 5 nights in a row

I wasn't supposed to care about anything during this break

But I can't help but feel like my whole life is riding on whatever happens these next few weeks

I don't know what I'm saying anymore

I miss everyone

Good bye

its been a while
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 // 1:00 PM

 Where were we? Right, Andrew was making me Easy Mac like the little bitch he is LOL
The boys were gaming. I made profiteroles and chocolate cake. Totally not gender stereotypical LOL
Bought my mum all this stupid shit with my first pay check LOL it felt so good :')))))))))))

Making waffles is actually harder than it looks LOL I've yet to trying the cupcake maker though. I don't really care for cupcakes LOL WAFFLES wooh :)

So anyway, you guys remember the train diner thing I showed yall in the last post?

Well, Huynh, Collin, Drew and I gave it a go. It was actually very cool LOL
 So the inside is a train, as you can see by all the bars and what not. It has a very retro atmosphere LOL the sauce holders were made from old vinyls
 Vinyls and posters and stuff from the 50s and 60s on the wall LOL
 Collin had a hotdog, drew had a hawaiian burger, Huynh an egg burger and I had the roo burger LOL the milkshakes were the bomb and omfg their chips were heavenly

 I got to sit next to the conductor ... wooh LOL the buttons didn't work and I was kinda bummed :(

LOL yeah, then we went on an adventure....

 To the Anchor LOL
 Drew looks like a girl

 We decided to make a little fire

It was lovely LOL sometimes I think I like fire a bit too much....

 Saw a weird bird LOL yeah, I'm not putting much effort into this sorry LOL

 Bye coffee!!!!!
 Princess Drew LOL
 Bobby and I saw this when we went late night shopping. He tried carrying me like Matt did Karen. LOL didn't work out :( BOBBY YOU NEED TO GROW SOME GUNS
I was stickering these at work. They're so cool LOL My fave book :)

new menu at J's LOL this was so good :) I think the day I ate this was one of the hottest days all year. 40 degrees or something? LOL That night, Collin, Hellen and I went to the night markets and ate takuyaki :)

 And I was phoebe for 2 seconds
 Princess Collin
 Looking out and that LOL at the observation deck. This was the first time we hung out with Hellen since she came back from Hong Kong

 Then we went down and stood on this pier thing which rocked in motion with the waves. It was fun LOL. Then we laid down on the pier thing and it rocked us back and forth and it was very lovely