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and i got you
this layout was hand coded by twelfthnight ( else ) with inspiration from Gold Forever by The Wanted. Gold from colourlovers

Wednesday Night
Saturday, July 29, 2017 // 1:33 AM

So Collin and I went and saw Tove Lo for the first time at The Metro on Wednesday night. I had an absolute blast! I've actually wanted to see her for so long so this was super spesh for me.

She had on this really baggy sports jacket that had the Kellogg's Cornflakes brand on it. I want it. LOL

I can't get over how good she was LOL.

Anyhow, we had watched her live performances on Ellen and stuff a few years ago and it was kind of cringy tbh. If y'all are interested, it's the vid of her performing Talking Body on Ellen and dancing around mannequins, lol.

Despite awkward dancing back then, I've always enjoyed her music. It's just like really relateable pop and I hate to be cliche or teen angsty or whatever, but her first album Queen of the Clouds really did help me get through a tough time in my life.

So one night earlier on in the year, Collin and I were singing Habits in the car on our way to ... somewhere. He then said that the next time she comes to Aus, he'd promise to go with me to see her. That was in February.

Now idk if many of you know Collin. But you know how you can have friends who have the best memory like, you'll ask them, 'Oh have we eaten at this restaurant before?' and they're like "Yeah, we were here 5 weeks ago on a Wednesday you were wearing a blue shirt and that white cap and you said this...." yeah well Collin is the complete opposite. He usually can't even remember what he had for dinner last night.

Anyway, we find out that Tove Lo is coming to Aus for Splendour in the Grass and she's doing a side show in Syd. So on the day the tickets come out, I message him and ask if he still wants to come along. He's like .... aw nah... I don't really care for her music tbh... and I was absolutely gutted. I told him about our promise and he said "Okay, look Jess...... I already got us tickets from the pre sale so don't buy it" LOL and I couldn't stop smiling the entire day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best friends <3 nbsp="" p="">
Can't believe he remembered tbh :)

Anyway, also another little memory. On the night he kept going on and on about how she flashes us her boobs and that he wanted to see her titties. Anyway, he then said something to the effect off "I love titties, I'm straight as fuck bro" and the girl standing in front us turned around and just burst out laughing LOL

Anyway, so we got a selfie with Tove Lo!!!!!!!

I just wanted to remember this great night. I love Collin so much. And I love Tove Lo wooh!!!!

food pt 2
Sunday, July 16, 2017 // 5:30 AM

So my laptop died and silly Jess didn't back up the recent photos. So there will be no more food pt 2 from europe :(

I'll try and put something together of food from elsewhere (maybe) haha

okay bai