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and i got you
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Saturday, February 28, 2009 // 3:31 PM

Well this morning was very ... good? I managed to make that soup thingo for dalz, it is quite nice. I watched the last episode of One Tree Hill and god, ITS PEYTON! ITS GOTTA BE PEYTONNNNNNNNNNN :( and omg dan.

I managed to copy out the maths work that had scribbles all over them again. CUZ OF SNOOPY :@. Now that i think about it, i dont have much work, the response thing is due on wednesday, the poster i can do in 2 seconds once i get photoshop and well thats it i guess. I was stressing voer nothing --'

The pianist is a very good movie. It is quite boring tho, god it took as long as well ==; and i seem to like it. Nowadays, i dont think i have much of an objective on anything anymore, this saddens me deeply LOL. I like everything, even the most boringest and shittest episode of heroes was quite awesome to me. Im so neutral about everything, its making me so negative :( Six feet under is quite shit but something in me always wants to watch it, god.

Thursday, February 26, 2009 // 11:15 PM

I finally finished dexter, after almost two long tedious weeks, im done.

To be honest, the beginning and middle were kinda boring. I was up to the third last chapter and found out that Weiss went back to Canada, which was kinda like a super crap ending, BUTTTT the last chapter was so .. like omg. Dexter was off the hook, yay! they're having a baby, Rita and Dex hehe.

I reckon Lindsay's ideas are from the second and third season of the tv show, which is kinda crap. He's loosing his touch.

overall, was a v good book. i still like the 1st and 2nd ones more, theyre awesome :)

Today was kinda boring, yet fun. PE was awesome, cuz we were jumping on the trampoline x]. In drama, like omg finally PRAC we join forces with danny and collins group (:.
English was boring, but that story was kinda intresting.
Lunch, verena was telling off cassandra. I wouldnt call it telling off tho, it was kinda .. like more of talking loudly and mean-ish? LOL and i missed some fight that henry and some girl had :(
Music, was fun, wish i couldve stayed for the double but nooooo had to go to science ==;
We looked at our rusty nails.

So tmr, i have preuni and i think im going to kelvin, collin and helens birthday and kelvins house, were not even invited but were going to eat the food :) how nice are we? LOL
And on sunday, im going to jo's bd, if i can make it.

The end.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 // 1:09 AM


hehe x]

Monday, February 23, 2009 // 9:16 PM

Okay you really can't take a hint can you?

You act stupid, ridiculous, lost, when your quite sly. Doing that, acting like nothing happened. That's bullshit, you fucked her up in more ways then you know.

Your so caught up in your own little mess -which, really is like a normal day for me- to give a fuck or know that SOME PEOPLE HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS.

Bros over hoes man. What happened to that? Shes your best fucking friend. Do something at least. sympathy? empathy? Don't try to make it like the way it was, cause the past is fucking gone alright.

I really don't get why she even bothers with you. Your like every other guy. When you hurt someone, you say you've done nothing wrong. Well mate, you have done anything fucking right either so don't fucking complain and try to put the blame on someone else.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 // 11:23 PM

this year was supposed to be a year of happy posts. instead it mostly consists of teenage angst.

i couldnt get mcfly tickets today ==;


i think my singing has made very good progress (Y) LOL.

thanks to eric, i am now in love with 'carry you'

um, dexter is v good (Y), i want him to get found out like in season 2, but i know he wont -sigh- cuz theres a book 5. maybe hell get caught then. or maybe people will appreciate his work and worship him :D

aaron, hurry up, i know your reading. lyannas waiting.


// 2:51 AM

today. i felt like punching the wall.

I was greeted in the morning with a very nice hello. i was then asked to go watch a movie but plans were changed and we went city instead. i went out the wrong exit at town hall ==; walked around the whole block and got to the metro, hoping that the mcfly tix will brighten up the ever-so-gloomy day but guess wot? i got there, and it was closed. god dammit. i went all the way there, got told off by my mum on the train and i couldnt get my tickets! HOW THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO WORK?!

got back to cabra, got told off even more. theres something wrong with my family now. they dont yell. yu'd think thats a good thing. but, no ones even talking. at least not to me. id get the occasional go get me this jessica, go do that. but now, ugh, my mum does stuff upstairs while me, my sister and dad eat.

hopefully dalena will be allowed to go tmr and well get the tickets and that'll brighten up this shitty week.


i really should pay attention, it always makes my day, catrinas too (: blogging distracts me. okay im going to stop now bye.

colorado sunrise
Saturday, February 21, 2009 // 3:10 PM

Its 10am, i missed church, i'm wearing my cs tee and monkey boxers xD. LOL ...

I needa go buy McFly tix, but i dont wanna go by myself and dalz apparently has to go cabra ==; DAMMIT why cant you jst go buy it now and then come back to cab later????????!?!?!?!

Everyone has a blog now, hehe me snoopy and lyanna are trend setters xD says mitchell.

I think i should leave now. I really dont wanna go by myself tho, maybe emilys going city or something. sigh x1million.

I have to vaccum, then i shall go to get the tickets :) all alone ... :)?

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// 2:00 AM

I just partly finished my english homework.

The most tragic thing jst happened!

but lets no dwell on the bad things.

more fish in the sea right?

something will


haha cynthia xD

Anyways, oh god i hate it when this kinda of stuff gets to me.

thigns have been pretty sad, revolutionary road - i really thought they'd end up going to Paris. i think id cry this time if i watched it again.

` Bageshri Rocks :] says:
ur an emo but goes LOOOOOOOOL x]

god, i think im sad enough to cry.

catrina bullied me to write this, ... joking (:
// 12:34 AM

The people of the future will all be loving, adoring, and admiring someone more famous than Oprah, ME.

15 years later, I would’ve finished my masters and gotten my pH. d. Everyone comes to me, begging me to work for them.

32 yr old catrina’s pov.

I took up a low wage job in my hometown, Potterville. From there I slowly rose up and became QUEEN.

One day while I was busy making nachos for some hungry customers, people in black suits came and told me to follow them. I didn’t want to, but I don’t regret it one little bit.

They made me the CEO of a 21st century swiss army knife factory. It is now, 81 times its original size, and consists of a butcher knife, laser, usb, mini harpsichord and a mirror.

Everyone owns one now because well, in the year 2025, an army of Listerine filled bubbles came and invaded earth and we had to fight back. However, when they came, they just burst while entering the ever so thin atmosphere and everyone had very good breath for the next year and a half. There was really no need for the swiss army knife 102, but when it ads hit our 1381 inch slim screens, everyone wanted and needed one.


So now, I earn trillions as the owner of 9 major companies and creator of 3 new products, the Devine Dance Lights, Foundprophets and skyhunter; by products I mean bands that I bought for my ferret, who loves them so very much.

Though it seems like I have everything, I am yet to find true love (kinda cliché isn’t it?).

My life has become like a book. Its full of clichés, it can be so easily predicted, it contains many similes and adjectival phrases. I, unlike my 29 year old self, do regret getting the CEO job. I mean if I hadn’t of gone with them, I would be happily married with a lovely child named Charles Taylor, who’s nick name is Chuck. Chuck Taylor. Like the shoe, who’s company I own.

My ferret, fodmn, keeps me company for now.

I am so miserable, I have thoughts of doing things to myself, but, I know I shouldn’t and I won’t. My life is an open book (SEE METAPHOR) and if anything happens to my body, every single person will see and I will be news –again-. I’m trying to keep my life a bit low-key, but how can you possibly do that when the paparazzi have infrared cameras that show colour now?!

I hope I die of stress in the next 81 hours, if I do not, I shall suffocate myself J.


Thursday, February 19, 2009 // 9:26 PM

Guess wot i found out today?


Today was kinda fun i guess. Well only pe, music and science.

I made most of my free-throws in pe YAY!

Drama was gay, we had to do more theory ==;. Oh Cathy also pretended to be pregnant, idk why, but it was funny LOL

Science, omg, i totally get how to balance equations now. The molecule thing we did yesterday really shed some light on the work, which i did not understand.

I should really do all my maths homework. I have like 4 incomplete chapters i need to do, OMG I'M BECOMING LIKE DANNY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Hello McFly
// 12:05 AM

Ew, I'm going McFly's.

Sadly, Soundwave is no longer on my to-do list. I got so excited for nothing :(.

Well, a lot has happened that i ahvent blogged about so i should tell you all now.




Catrina almost got harassed but the crazy man. I walked passed him today and i got shivers up my spine, i really thought he'd turn around and follow me :'(.

Jun made a blog.

I am feeling slightly dizzy for some reason LOL

Lyanna asked Aaron to be her valentine, he said yes. After, she asked him to be hers and we are all still waiting for an answer SO HURRY UP!

I just went to parra with danny, dalz and jo so they could apply for jobs. Almost every shop didnt hire, so we all left for home very disappointed.

Elyn and Snoopy are writing these stories, which, in my opinion, are pretty awesome. Theyre funny, erotic and its written so beautifully haha. Its kinda autobigraphical, but everyone lives in mansions and everyone makes out with each other ie. snoopy and jimmy, noicholas, eric and elyn and elyn making out with snoopy then having sex with anitas boyfriend LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Hmm, I havent finished dexter yet, i should really read it all now.

okay, bye.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 // 3:23 AM

hi emily :)

another wet day.
Sunday, February 15, 2009 // 2:14 AM

I missed church, im up to ep 7 of six feet under, i still have 29 chapters to go in dex and i have made the every bad decision to do my history homework at lunch tomorrow.

My sister went to eat dinner with my cousin and left me at home with stupid asian food :'(

heres a note to the audio man of so you think yu can dance: DONT FUCKING PLAY JACK'S MANNEIQUIN! omg as much as i love the resoultion and swim, i dont want little teenys who think they can dance listening to them and loving only those two songs ==; i want jm all to myself, its not their time to go mainstream :'(.

anywayz, roves on soon! yay!

Danny, Dalz ans Selina came over today cuz the party they went to was so shit. LOL. yeah and i taught dalena remembering sunday & OMFG! SHE GOT IT STRAIGHT AWAY!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY OMGGGGGG :):):):)

11 mins till rove :D


dexter morgan is back!
Saturday, February 14, 2009 // 1:56 AM

It's finally out! YAY! i was constantly smiling today :), its pretty good so far LOL but i still have like 29 chapters to go.

Today, Catrina and I went to Parramatta for valentines day. It was quite fun i guess, got dex and six feet under and many other things which were taken. tsktsk. Then we went to lyannas shop. It was a long and tiring walk to chens takeaway with paranoid thoughts in our minds, all cuz i sed 'was that car there before?'. Her rents are pretty nice. They gave us free food, prolly cuz they saw my drenched raben LOL. They make it so nice, if it was at like cabra or canley or closer to chester hill station, id totally be their best customer :)

BUT sadly its still a 20 minute walk away from the station and i left today with a tonne of homework i still have to do. Hopefully someone will be kinda enough to let me copy? hehe so i can spend all my time reading dex and watching six feet under.


i'm ready
Friday, February 13, 2009 // 2:32 AM

And today was a day just like any other.

My cousin Nam is visiting, they're out at star city now with me. :(

We had gym this morning, it was so fun. I snuck onto the tramp when browne was talking to someone... it was so fun! :D Next we had drama which was kinda boring, all we did was walk and miss got pissed off a lot. So then i had english then src assembly. THENNNNNN valentines day radio, which was um kinda LOL. Jess got pissed at all the little kids xD and lyanna was like 'stop changing songs' LOL ... I have to make a model of molecules for science with cynthia and juliana. hopfully that'll be fun.

Tomorrow, i think im gna go city with dalz and jenny or maybe we'll go on sunday. I wanna go eat at lyannas shop. IM IN THE MOOD FOR ASIAN. LOL and i eat it almost every day ==;


kill the rock
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 // 3:04 AM

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
she's so short too

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
she looks really brittle

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
but its a bit weird
she has a small body but normal sized face

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
shes so nooby

:Lcynthia[¢ullen] says:
lol yeh
but mb she'll go loud one day

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
when she gets pissed off

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
when were gone
shell explode

cynthia[¢ullen] says:

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
i cant believe shes dealing with the crap everyones giving her
in her head?

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
and externally

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
in yur music class

cynthia[¢ullen] says:

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
yull get brains all over yu

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
she should totally teach fadi

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
i wonder how long itll take for him to make her cry

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
not long
teachers can't stand him
mb she'll start yelling at ppls

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
nah i think shell cry xD

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
lol yeh

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
cuz fadi 'll be like

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
she is a crying type

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
'miss do yu want my cupcake?'
or someshit
or wanna play with my glocks?

cynthia[¢ullen] says:

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
and then

cynthia[¢ullen] says:

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
shell run out crying and ms morvillo will have to come in
and shes gna give all of yu detention

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
she always tells ms morvillo to help her with stuff
like when she couldn't use the comp properly

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
she always comes in a spies on us

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
i don't know..

Fodmn.L.Blossom says:
she keeps smiling at me

cynthia[¢ullen] says:
coz she likes you


kidna pointless, but better then nothing?


Monday, February 9, 2009 // 2:00 AM

Today. I wanna turn you on.

Today was beautiful. It was totally 27 degrees, and it rained a few times, i didn't perspire at all, i don't think and i got a high school musical shoelace. hehe, YAY!

Oh, i just realized, you cant buy neighbours on DVD. I wonder why.

Since were on the topic of DVDs, i wanna buy six feet under. Its on sale, but i wanna go jack's too. I don't mind, either way, i might get a bit depressed over jacks, but ill get over it.

I have incomplete history work which i must complete now LOL ahaha --'

I wanna watch my bloody valentine :(


do yu like my drawing momma?
Thursday, February 5, 2009 // 2:53 AM

catmom = queen


that jst made her really happy lol x]

anyways, schools slowly getting better. tmr me and mom are gna go to lyannas and plan our 'debating speech' ;] so she can move classes LOL. its not full like science so they should let.

i love corny music :')

omg heroes is like SO AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i wonder who flew out of the plane. cant wait for next ep :D

and omg gossip girl is like so BULLSHIT i hate dan, but its so good! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS GNA HAPPEN I KNEW IT SUZANNE!ye and have to wait a whole month for the nxt ep :(

Drama is so bullshit, its boring, stressful, un-educational LOL not, its not like last year, last eyar everything was fun good beautiful :') but now :@ god i think i like art better.

im gna pray to god tonight so momma cat can get into my well 'her' english class LOL.

i (L) dillinger escape plan :)

thats all.

happy days.
Monday, February 2, 2009 // 9:34 PM

My world is slowly getting better. I got into drama YAY :D and Madina Lakes' new single is DA SHIZZZZ LOL ew wtf :L it's so good, way better then the other one LOL omg the other one is so shit i dont even remember the name LOL well, its not shit, its jst different. 'Never Take Us Alive' is different too but its so AWESOMEE. Oh the other single's called 'never walk alone' i THINK, the names are kinda similar. I also have less maths homework today AND TOMORROW i have double music then double drama :D hehe x]


Omg i love madina lake so much. I WANNA GO SOUNDWAVE SO BADLY NOW :@ cant wait for their new album! hopefully they'll come again :D

cat: wots my name?
anna ton: uh.. MOM


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