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and i got you
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 // 9:01 PM

final entry for the year

next year, im gna say 'sorry' instead of 'soz' LOL also, i will speak slower while using correct english and i will try to not incorporate foul language in my sentences. i will party hard too!!! wooh have fun :D etc. all that LOL

not gna have many resolutions cuz like i never do that, i always rebel even if it my own rules LOL so dont be suprised if you see me studyin' and acting like an angel (A)

i am going to stop blogging about things before they happen LOL

i MIGHT be going to a party tongiht, i am no certain so yeah

i really need to shower soon, hm how about now? okay? okay!

okay, byeee have a great night, love you all .. i think LOL yeah so idk have fun, ahve a great new year hope to see you all soon etc. LOL okay (L)

// 2:52 AM

my neighbours in the flat adjacent have been having a week long party which i think will last till new years day LOL. i wonder who buys the food and stuff. they all sleep over or well stay over cuz i can still hear them talking at 3am on their balcony.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYY i finished my thing ive been psing this whole year .. just need a few words to finalize my masterpiece. hm, any suggestions? i was thinking of fodmn _____ someone fill in the blanks LOL i can see it in my head, but i cant make out the word :L k im weird yeah i know okay? LOL

k tired gna watch prison break till i die :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009 // 2:16 PM


Wednesday, December 23, 2009 // 1:43 PM

next year im not making any fucking resolutions :@ okay only a few, but nothing like photoshop more or do homework straight away cuz those will just fuck up after a week or two. if im destined to do it, then i will LOL

i dont think ill have any cept, 'stop swearing' AHAHA wonder how long that'll last. maybe if i start hanging around sophisticted people who dont swear, ill stop and say wotever they say hahahaha. i told huynh i wanted to sit by myself next year in all my classes LOl but i wonder how long that'll last :) dont even know if i can loooooooooooooooooooool

i dont know if i can finish prison break, or even like start scrubs again omg LOL all i wanna do it lay down and watch one tree hill all day, and not have to change discs but i have to! omg :(

anyway, dalena isnt answering me LOL i asked her if she wanted maccas breakfast after each time she dced LOL i want to have some :L OH MY GAWDDDDDDD I WANNA EAT THE ANGRY ANGUS AGAIN LOL OKAY IM GETTING IT TODAY XD

oh btws im not going america anymore, if you havent heard :)

k bye.


// 2:43 AM

emily, wtf happened to your blog template? LOL

anyway i was gna blog about something and now i forgot cuz this took like a million years to fucking load. LOL

just giving you the heads up snoops, me and jun are gna come over to your house unannounced again .. soon LOL

um going beach tomoz :D

avatar on sunday, anybody wanna go just come LOL

i think that will be it for now LOL

doing this again cuz i have no life. :(
Monday, December 21, 2009 // 2:33 AM

How many songs do you have in your library: 8165
How many days/hours of music do you have: 21.4 days
What is the first song and artist: I'll Take The Tears - a1 o_O;
What is the last song and artist: Devastation and Reform - Relient K
What is your favorite band/artist: gta say Paramore atm
How many songs do you have by them: 96
Which band do you have the most songs of: Coldplay
How many songs do you have by them: 185

Go to your Top 25 Most Played
What’s your number one song: Slow Motion - Third Eye Blind
Number two: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Number three: Move Along - Ne-yo
Number ten: The Only Exception - Paramore
Number twenty five: Half Of My Heart - John Mayer
How many times have you played the first song: 292
What cd is it on: Blue
How many times have you played the third song: 266
What band shows up the most: Paramore

Put your library on shuffle
How do you feel about life: Only Hope - Switchfoot
Who do you want to kiss: Shadows - The Getaway Plan
Where do you want to be: Sleeping Like Electric Eels - Kill Hannah
Who is your best friend: Luckie St. - Cartel
How do you feel about him/her: Over - Son Of Dork
What did you dream about last night: A Perfect Tourniquet - Anberlin
Where do you want to live: In My Place - Coldplay
How was your high school experience: The Adventure - Angels And Airwaves
First boyfriend/girlfriend: Two Weeks In Hawaii - Hellogoodbye
Your ex: Ability To Create A War - A Skylit Drive

Type into Search
Life: 218
Love: 400
Hate: 28
Death: 161
Fear: 32
Pink: 38
Him: 19
Her: 926 } whoa at the difference LOL. i know right LOL
Crazy: 13
Friend: 97
Family: 5
Fun: 72
Wish: 17
Sex: 50

Put on Shuffle and press ‘over’ 5 times
What song is it: Sunday Bloody Sunday - Paramore
What album is it on: The B Sides
How many times have you played it: 27
Do you like the song: It is okay ... LOL
Do you like the artist: YES :D
Have you seen them in concert: YES :D
Own any merch: I WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

// 1:50 AM

yesterday i went to parra with emily jenny and claudia. i saw jenny on the way to cabra then we took the bus to canley and then we all talked about stuff... LOL i was happy :) with all the shit i got :D and then ig ot real pissed just before donos, i was so fucking hungry :( LOL then i ate and i was so happy :') then i felt like vomitting. EMILY ATE 10 PLATES OF FOOD!!!!!! LOL OSLY ATE 9 DANNY ATE 7 OR 8 CATRINA ATE 6 AND I ATE 5 AND DONO HAD 4 LOL

today watched oth. so devoed and depressed that i didnt get my book!!! :( then i got over it LOL and watched one tree hill. then i sang. then i read my sisters porno comso magz LOL then i went for a bike ride to emily. we went to um mary mackillop, then came back saw claudia walking with her dog and sisters. then claudia went to get my tennis stuff from her house and then we played unti like 8 and i went home and took a cold shower and now im going to eat dinnaz LOL k bye rentz are yellingz

Sunday, December 20, 2009 // 3:04 PM

i slept more so i drempt more AHAH. this was real weird LOL we were at some uni or someshit and we had no teacher (like our recent english calsses) then this spanish teacher or something in the next room chased me and osly around the school LOL then i forgot the rest LOL

xmas party tmr wooh!!!! :)

anyway so today i think ill just stay home watch one tree hill. go claudias for a bit and go to dannys to drop off gg for his little cousin LOL who is my age. i need to buy the rest of nitas present, sigh. :( i so devoed that i didnt get my book!!! :'( LOL ill get it soon :)

danny nguyen has a 1 inch dick AHAHA


Saturday, December 19, 2009 // 3:33 PM

I HAD THE MOST WEIRDEST DREAM. okay it wasnt weird, it wasnt even odd LOL it was well ... normal acually. amybe a premonition :O all i remember is i went on the scales and i was 60kg LOL and i was like FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK im tank :)

AHAHAH yeah, so next year me jenny dalz and dannyzo are gna go gigging once a week :D or so ... LOL ahve to beat my record of soundwave + 1 gig LOL which i will, next yer :) ita already tied LOL soundwave and tayswifts :) i wanna go gagas.

anyway, HI EMILY LOL my only reader xD

claudia and i have been exchanging emails lately. were gna bike ride together and play tennis. wooh!!!!

k bye bye (L)

Thursday, December 17, 2009 // 2:11 AM

hey you, didnt see you today hope youre okay. i hope i get to see your beautiful face remember 3/42! haha. im not going anywhere, if i didnt tell you yet so dont think you need to run or go away too. lookign back, all i can see are the good things, the hysteric moments, the pms sessions, the steak and the moments that brought us closer together. the things you did to yourself and myself well theyre in our rearview mirror disappearing now, arent they? things are moving too fast but we've got all the time in the world cuz ill always stick with you, youll do the same haha no matter how big your ego is i know underneath all those words you wont go :) cuz i love you the most.

and you. we need to slow things down again right? were growing up too quickly and youve been through far more then most adults have in the past 15 years. hope i get to spend time with you doing kiddish stuff :)

now you. dont know where this is going and i dont know how to discretely say get over me cuz things gta get back to the way they were. you were my bestfriend and i still want you to be, so please

yeah you, we miss it dont we? back then. things were so much better but you gta have faith in our friends and in yourself cuz things will onyl get better if you make it. lets mend all our broken relationships so we can have a supergroup of close friends. oh, just realised i only started to talk you properly this year, seems like its been forever haha.

okay you, what happened to having a tv show marathon? LOL hope i get to see you a lot, and help you with that 6 stringed instrument ;] you know wo im talking about ;] *nudge nudge LOL ...... <>

finally you. LOL we need to start psing together and i need to get your mums approval :D okay that is all LOL, ill spend every moment i have at home with you and the program ;] and we'll both learn together.

k bye.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 // 12:28 AM

i was on the phone with lyanna just then right. shes going on sunday :( anyway, ive decided to kill my time in the holidays with teaching danny guitar, tv shows (that will of course run out extremely soon), going out and reading. she told me to read dan brown books and i decided to read harry potter. i wanna be able to finish the first one in 1 day LOL. ill do it :D anyway i bought the great gatsby a while back, and ive read like 1/5th of the book so im gna start again and understand it this time. other then that, i think i'll prolly be filming randow crap with danny and huynh :)

oh the whacky ideas :')

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 // 12:06 AM

why arent you on? why arent you on? why arent you on? :(

i remember when we used to do this like 3 or 4 times a week, lol god it was hell. then we stopped and now well now i dont expect to be seeing you a lot so, no worries yeah?

Monday, December 14, 2009 // 1:15 PM


wots gna happen? =/ :( WHYYYYYYYYYY

Sunday, December 13, 2009 // 12:39 PM

i hope your okay, not too upset or anything. it's a gift or so ive heard, haha. im pretty sure were all here for you :D

Saturday, December 12, 2009 // 1:23 PM

OHOHOHOHOHOH im going to taylorswifts concert with emma :) well LOL she's going too is wot im trying to say ........ :D ell oh ell smiley face. she was the onyl one who got it :( LOL

// 1:02 PM

JENNYS PArty was soooooooo LOL funny, at the end. it's was actually pretty fun, nothing like wot dalz and danny described to me about her last one. so (Y). met a new person ... LOL or a few LOL there was this guitar guy that is like so pro omfg :@ and we've been playing for like the same amount of time. con cac okay im gna be better than him :)

ANYWAY jennys friends are like my other friends, theyre not likemy school friends LOL ... i just wanted to share that with you :)

ANYWAY ThAt guy has inspired me to explore and expand my very limited musical abilities. i really gotta start workign on notes. they're so hard :'( :(.

I WANt an electric or acoustic from america. oh btw, did i tell you im going america? LOL prolly did but the time changed, so many times omg LOL now im sorta deffo going on the 23rd - 17th but im back on the 19th .. you know wot that means? :( oh well, maybe when i come back! ;]

I ThINK i'll check my uh 'findings' with the internet, its the only way i can think of to find the key LOL, oh if i do omg i can like do shit on piano too LOL i should start playing with it more, it has my dead skin all over it.

OH mY gOd i have ice skating today :) will we hold hands and skate across the rink like you said before? hm doubt it LOL

Friday, December 11, 2009 // 3:17 PM

wow. really truly honestly wow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009 // 12:21 PM

have you noticed? that there is not one moment of silence on one tree hill until the end or the beginning of the show, well for this season anyway. there's always music even when theyre talking! omg they dont even turn it down a little, okay they do LOL but just a little. aww i love clay :)

OH OMG I HAD THE MOST FUCKED UP DREAM LOL okay maybe not but its so weird. we friends were somewhere, i dont remember there was just a basketball hoop and an awing like the ones at school LOL anyway there was alcohol in these sunkist cans someone brought in an eski right? and everyone started drinking, i had like 1 sip and i got so fucked LOL oh there were shots and shit too. anyway hayley you know? adnum LOL she was there and i started to play basketball wih her and like i could dribble and everything but when i went to shoot, i well i epic failed LOL it barely went over my head and fell straight back down, like it was a fricken shot put or something omg :L yeah that made me fell v weird. okay guess it wasnt that weird of a dream LOL okay buy (L)

wild at heart
Saturday, December 5, 2009 // 2:42 PM

i biked to lyannas shop yesterday. sorta got lost >_> LOL i was so tired took me like almost an hour! fuck me dead LOL but i got home in 15 mins o__O;

anyway, yumcha with catrina in a bit :D

yesterday was sooooooo like cool but it was pretty sunny. as a result my arms are extremely black ==; LOL there was a dragonfly in my room last night, i put it outside haha.

HAVE ANY OF YOU HEARD OF GLORIANA?! LOL course you havent :) anyway listen, k? LOL :D they're so good that i actually sing to their songs LOL it's been on non stop from friday night till now. can't wait to see them :D

im like starving bro :(

are you excited for donos? im excited for jennys LOL cuz i havent seen her in over a year :(

fuck me dead, we get our reports back in 1 week and 2 days @_@. im really scared about science LOL and music =/ and drama well i guess i shouldnt be expecting such a great mark, but lets hope i dont drop LOL. :)

okay im going to blog until catrina comes over or calls or msns me LOL

so i started watchign prison break again yesterday, and like i; oh my i need to email diana my article. anyway LOL it's very good :D they've been compromised so many times and soemone found the hole!!!!! OMFG WOTS GNA HAPPEN? LOL i dont wnana watch it tho, ill save it for tonight, no mroe rove and all :( i shouldnt rush thoguht this cuz i dont wanna watch 24 all holidays. i should really ask for more shows off people :) I WANT MROE SKINS AND SIX FEET UNDER!!!!! :'( anyway i love wentworth millers eyes 8} theyre so .danny LOL beautiful :')

oh and theres this party at canley heights on thursday. its a christmas party and its free. you get sausage sizzle, snow cones, jumping castles, horse rides and other shit LOL sponsored by the council and local shops and my tutor. should be good fun. i shop it rains, or looks like its gna rain so no one else goes :D LOL more food for me :)

i aint here to do anything halfway dont give a damn what anyone might say just wanna free fall for a while

if youre leaving dont look back leave me like you mean it if youre going pack your bags make my heart believe it

just some of the awesome work by gloriana ;] :D

this is extremely long LOL. i hope its not boring you :)

k she's back from her long shower LOL byeee

love, fodmn.

where is gg? :(
Tuesday, December 1, 2009 // 1:04 PM

so theres like 23 days left till chirstmas. shit i have to buy my secret santa their present LOl fml. im so poor :(

anyway, happy brithday juliana! lol green just for you.