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West coast Coconut records Young baby.
Friday, November 21, 2008 // 1:57 AM

So were having a good ol' aussie barbie with thick juicy rump steak and the best mash drizzled with gravy and a green salad on the side and a ball to kick the footy.

LOL so nancys gna have a christmas party and catrina and i are cooking (:

i reckon itll be pretty awesome LOL. (: and hopefully we'll all trade our christmas gifts with each other and we'll end the year greatly.

Majority of our grade went to the commerce excursion to Luna Park today, our classes were so empty, we had to combine our maths ones. We had ms lal and catrina cried on the inside LOL. hmmmmmm we jst surfed the net in english, mucked around while doing our contour bs in geo, and jst like talked in science while doing our practise essa test, the real one will be on tuesday :(.

Lyanna sang at lunch, and we fully mucked around LOL. half the grade should go on excursions more often xD it was still fun without them ;] LOL joking ;]. no one won me a big toy or bought me food :'(.

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neopolitan dreams
Thursday, November 20, 2008 // 2:19 AM

How do yu like your eggs in the morning?

Omg i dont have any ideas for my comic bs for ms best ==; maybe i shall jst print something i psed and say i did it during those 7 periods. LOL.

I hope we have revell tomorrow. shit i have done my homework yet ==;. People are gna be gone tmr :( ALL YU BETCHES HAVE TO BUY ME FOOD OR WIN ME A BIG TOY F5!!!!!


Oh, we had src nominations today, i reckon kevins gna get in cuz alot of people voted for him, out of pity, and as a joke thinking no on would vote but alot of people did. I also think catrinas gna get in too ;)

OH YEAH; RADIO TODAYYYYYYYYY :D:D:D:D:D, it was fucking fun as LOL but no mosh pit :( and music only played for half of lunch :( LOl well, like mitchell and jesslady sed people will get used to it and like itll be fun :D. maybe i can get those little yr 7's to mosh with me ;) I reckon there'll be faster more mosh-able songs LOL so everything will be good (:.

West coast Coconut records Young baby.

oh, lisa mitchell was on sunrise today (:

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smile for the paparazzi
Tuesday, November 18, 2008 // 2:15 AM

why do you make him tell me, why dont yu do it yourself?

I started talking to him a lot and we went away. i dont come back.

in my view, it started when yu went and sat there but came back, it got more frequent so i went too. i stayed when yu went and left when yu stayed.

I started talking to he and she a lot; they were there when yu werent. everything was making me sad.

i couldnt get a seachange so i changed friends.

I turned out to be a pretty good idea, until yu told me what was really going on.

Why didnt yu tell me sooner?

I told you straight away.

Why didnt yu tell me yourself? why didnt yu tell me earlier?

I can help it, ill do what i did to you, to them.

it'll be okay. if you let it be okay.

I know im a bitch, im sorry.

i know you probably know im jst saying all this bs to make yu feel better when it dosent, im sorry.

i know i did those things but they happened for a reason, it didnt happen jst out of the blue, im sorry.

you may see it that way, i dont and wont, im sorry.

blame it on me all yu want, i wont blame you, im sorry.

you probably wont forgive me but im sorry.

mondays are strange.
Monday, November 17, 2008 // 1:55 AM

FUCHSIA FTW! well close enough anyway :L

I have been very bored. I am trying to photoshop but hayleys hair is too long and hard :(. itll take really long. Maybe i should jst watch simpsons and nbc.


_ _ _ _ _ _

Clue: it has something to do with music and has no vowels. If you people dont get it F5.

another one

_ _ _ _

Clue: Music, but a specific type of music, again no vowels.

Recapping today.

I had science, geo, music, english and art.

In science, we were to finish out scientific reports on 'corrosion' and rusting metals. We cut boxes in geo, and chatted in music.

For english we had bowens friend. Shes strange, but okay... but weird.. better then bowen? LOL maybe.. we did alot of reading.

In art, we went outside and plucked flowers and leaves off the treez. We entered the dark room and everything totally went black, i couldnt even see my own hands :( SO ANYWAYZ, we took our flowrs and shit and arranged it with various other objects ontop on photopaper and um used the.. thing.. that flashes and the picture of the stuff ontop of the photopaper goes onto it as a photo (LOL?) and we developed it. Mine was shit, were doing it again next week, ill try to make it better. Were also gna enlarge our thing.. our um picture that were colouring... so yeah, should be fun.

Overall today was shit but i had quite a fun time.

Da end.

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kill all magpies
Saturday, November 15, 2008 // 11:43 PM

I totallayeeeeeeeeeeee did not knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww decode was on aussie radio LOL. I WAS SO SHOCKED WHEN I FOUND OUT. my mum thought it was weird :( :L.


scenies are fkn gay
Friday, November 14, 2008 // 1:31 AM

At 3:22, i arrived at my house tired and leaking water.

I entered and was overwhelmed by how cool it was, i then showered.

An hour later my sister came home and got ready for her formal.

I went to the fridge to get a drink.

I saw smoke, so i went outside.

At first i thought it was coming from up Hill Street, but i then went out onto the road and saw that it was all around, suffocating everyone.

I went back into my house and found it that it was all over, from lidcombe down to bonnyrigg.

My friend told me she saw something orangey, somewhere near the Hume Highway, in the direction of Sydney.

Two hours later i felt a drop of water on my face and i took down the washing.

It started to thunder and Catrina was getting scared.

Paying too much attention to Better Homes And Gardens, i did not realize that the thunder had stopped.

The smoke is now gone and my sister is probably having a great time at her formal.

Da End.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 // 12:04 AM

fodmn says:
fodmn says:
fodmn says:
omg today was so emo
fodmn says:
all my friends were emo
fodmn says:
says dono
fodmn says:
and they were
fodmn says:
fodmn says:
which made me emo
fodmn says:
which made him emo
fodmn says:
fodmn says:
everyone dsnt feel like talking
fodmn says:
ie lyanna
fodmn says:
she lieks to be emo apparently
fodmn says:
fodmn says:
so then me and dono
Sir nancy says:
yeahhh ..
fodmn says:
wanted to be happy
fodmn says:
so we did all the happy emoticons we had
fodmn says:
and made me feel a bit better
fodmn says:
fodmn says:
fodmn says:
i talked to edward
fodmn says:
for the first time in a long time
fodmn says:
it was great.
fodmn says:
da end
Sir nancy says:


dear jack,
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 // 2:43 AM

I'm Aries, but i think i should be a Gemini, 'cuz ive got a gem in my eye! xD

i reckon change is a hard thing to deal with. especially when its with myself. this strange feeling has taken over my whole body and i dont even know what it wants with me or where the hell it came from.

Its caused doubts, fear, sadness and anger, i dont even know how but its what i feel.

Feels like everything and everyone around me has changed, myself included. i hate it.

Everyone seems to be a Gemini.

I dont get why people have to lie and make others suffer for their entertainment. why people have to make up bullshit to get answers out of people. how people can change so quickly.

I hate it when you yell. you dont even know the full story. you jst take out the key words you wanna hear to use against him. do yu really want him to go? its like you purposely piss yourself off and fill your head with angy thoughts so hell go. i know when people are angry, they say things they dont mean. but this time you jst said it without hesitation, when nothing was wrong. He was vulnerable and you took advantage of it.

Im not very different from you. i know what i feels like. you say that i dont seem to be your friend anymore. it seems like your not my friend anymore. i dont know who my friends are anymore.

All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace
Monday, November 10, 2008 // 8:01 PM


P N~

Drama was so fun and tiring. We did a dance where we had to spell out our name with out bodies, and the letters are in a certain position around you. LOL. Dancing's kewl (: I did mine with huynh and i reckon it was pretty awesome xD ROFLLLLLL we used our buttox a lot LOL and i like doing his last name xD was was friggen awesome!!!!

I made arm warmers out of socks :D

Lyanna dsnt like huynh anymore :( not point apparently... i guess she cannot get any more inspired from liking him then wot she already has.

I skipped 4 periods yday to draw (:. we didnt even end up drawing that much, & OMG I USED A TABLETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT it was so cool! but i was so shit :( i asked ms best if i could have it and she sed no :'( but i can use it when i want to o__O; so maybe ill ask her if i can use it for like english or something if we do a webpage again :D or like at lunch! :D:D LOL. My comic ended up being kinda crap, but still awesome! i bet its hung up on catrinas wall LOL; its of a bald man, and lighter and twilight. I think yu can figure out wot happens next xD.

BOWENS GONE. so is cordina. he talks more when shes not around LOL. We have the cameronseszs now ==;

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Saturday, November 8, 2008 // 1:58 PM

As he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.
Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.
Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.
Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.

Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.

Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.

Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.

Black engulfs the dying light, as he falls, on frail wings of vanity and wax.

Yesterday, i had this nice smell and great feeling in me. I don't know what it is exactly, but it smelt like the first time i entered Dalenas house, and felt like the moment right before i entered Sydney Park. It was awesome and i want it back :(.

So its November. Many birthdays in November. Tomorrow Emily, Catrina and hopefully Snoopy are coming to my house to make Stephs box .. I HAVE A FEELING.. its gna be not great, BUT we will all try our best to make it awesome. Wow its november. Soundwave dsnt seem that long ago and like almost a year has passed :O

Wot should i get snoopy for her birthday? =/

LOL um so anywayz. Me and Dalena want to go soundwave now ... ==; LOL, tho we have a feeling its gna sell out kinda fast, we will still save up anyway and if it does sell out, we will use that money for shopping spreees and/or sidewaves. OMFG DID YU KNOW JACKS MANNEQUINS GNA BE THERE?!?!?! theyre the only reason i changed my mind LOL. Forever the sickest kids and underoth are gna be there too, so dalena wants to go even moreeeeee lolzz. I think we're gna make shirts so get the money faster, but =/ i kinda dont wanna go. Like i wanna go but its so expensive and im only gna see like 13/60 bands and i thought 10/40 this year was bad! Maybe ill just go to a sidewave and hope jacks mannequin, madina lake and alesana are all in the same one.

ill jst wait and see.

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black engulfs the dying light
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 // 11:46 PM

I feel dizzy.

I think im getting sick-er :(. i went to parra and bought stuff and dogged danny and dalena and when i got back to my mums shop, i was so dizzy o__O; and then i walked home and some strange guy offered to give me a lift which was O_O;

Yeah, so i ate oporto today :D ^^

Yesterday, Barack Obama was voted the 44th ameircan president, and the first black president. Hes pretty cool (: the john mcain dude, according to my mum, is 'too old' LOL and Sarah Palin is just weird.

I wonder what the next single's gna be from Jason Mrazs' 'we sing. we dance. we steal things.'.

oh i got 17/20 for my history assignment and 7/10 & 13/15, and still more marks to come(: LOL so far sooooooo good (:.

UH. i like need a big box and alot of wrapping paper and um............. OMG maybe emily and mom-o and stuff can come over and we can paint the outside and contact it so it wont break :D or something OMG THAT'LL BE COOL!!!!!!!!! i jst need paint :( CAN I BORROW SOMEONES?! DANNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (:.

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i like pie.
Sunday, November 2, 2008 // 11:16 PM

OMG the oporto ad is making me hungry :(


So me, catrina, jun and eric went pools today and met michael from last week, and his brother simon. It was pretty fun (:. then like an hour later huynh came and didnt swim. Eric was my bride (: and people kept poking me :(. Tommy drowned me alot ==; SO DID EVERYONE ELSE F5 and we all drowned each other. Yeah so then we went and got changed and bought hot chocolate and chips; catrinas brother drive us home.

Madina Lakes' site changed. and the vid they have up is bloodaye awesome! if only they were spinning and jumping and everything at soundwave :( BUTT i still touched nathans hand 8) so im happy :D i want him to jump off something big so we can catch him :D maybe @ next years sound/sidewave (:

I'm hungry.

i feel like going jamberoo or the beach to ride the wavesssss (H).

LOL so um im in the mood for food (:.

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