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and i got you
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Sexy Reports
Sunday, June 29, 2008 // 11:03 PM

Today, i watched True Blood. Its about vampires telling the human race about their existance, and this drink called tru blood which is real blood? that the vamps drink. And for some reason there was a hardcore porn scene where this guya nd girl were playing.. and then he finds out she had sex with a vamp and it bit her. she recorded it, whatta whore. and they watched it. he then did her in the same way, god it was so .... not good. i think it made me sick. it was either that or the fact that i was gonna get my reports. i think it was both cause when i got my reports i still felt sick.

Speaking about reportssssssss. I was quite happy? with what i got. I didnt get that well in maths, but i already knew that i came 18th in the class. The only crap position i got was in history and pe. but i kinda expected to get prutty shit in that cause i never pay attention in class. I was very quite shocked at my english, music, drama and art positions. i came 6th in english? like OMG last year i came like 13th or something. and music i came 9th... i was expecting somethign in the teens after the lecture ms music teach gave us on friday. and omg drama i came 1st :) I OWNED ROBERT ahahahaha x]. i did not know i was very dramatic or played the leader or the group in group work or soemshit. lol i am very happy that i did tho :). and art i came 3rd.. more of a reason to pick va next year? i guess so. i came top 10 in everything except for maths, pe, science (missed by like 2 :@) and hist i think? i am very proud :)


i will revise more so i can get better marks and to please ms lal and majd :L:L.

i feel like showing off x]

English - 6th
Maths - 18th
Science - 13th
Music- 9th
Drama - 1st
Visual Art- 3rd
Geography - 10th who wouldve thunk it.
History - 18th

Welllllllllllll if yu look it like that, I GOT SO SHIT


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Saturday, June 28, 2008 // 8:00 PM

humans are a weird species. they can get agro and chuck and huge fit at a very small topic or subject. a little nothing can turn into a big something.

Just ignoring someone can make that person feel like crap and start crying. i dont get why some/most people act so brave and tough (guys and girls) when someone is telling them off or saying things that are really hurting them inside. and yet when someone isnt listening to them or ignoring them or if they dont believe them or something, two waterfalls are falling from their face. Some other people just cry at everything, if its small or big.

I hate being sad. So when someone i love is hurting me i make it seems like nothing. i say something along the lines or 'oh issert, sorry'. i have all these feelings bottled up inside of me for quite a long time, but i release everything i have to say to huynh or jun or someone else, all at once and that makes me feel better i guess? i hate it when one little thing like someone calling me stupid or not believeing/in me can make me cry. those things, tho they are little, can cause me and many other people -i have witnessed many- to come to tears, then we continue crying for all the times we didnt cry. Sometimes i just find any excuse to cry so i can release all my feelings. Is this a bad thing? keeping everything inside me until that one little thing comes along and then everythign is released? maybe i should cry more often? :o or i should just talk to people about my problems.

Do yu know what else i hate? when grown ups think that little children dont know anythign cause theyre 'little children' no matter how old, 7 or 15. when they think that all teenagers are tbs and that they think they know everything when they dont. some do. i for one am quite a smart child and it really pisses me off when a teacher or my parents or something dont trust me to do something cause im too young. i really should tell them, but i know theyre gna say, 'you think you know everythign but you dont'. bloodaye mfs. since they dont believe me i have to lie and say all this bs, so i can do something. i hate lying to people. i wish they would just believe me when i say i can do something.

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untitled post #1
// 2:26 AM

Todayyy i had to go to tutor. it was pretty boring. science was a bludge again, english was fun? maths was boring and maths tut was just... how it always is. very shit. i hate going to preuni it wastes so much money. did yu know that we have to pay 27.50 for maths tut. and we do nothing. its like a poor homeless man asking for 28$ every week for 12 weeks and my parents are giving it. i want to leave.

Welll, before tutor danny taught me how to upload a skin or something.. the coding was very long.. but i still like what i did i guess.


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i am a noob
Friday, June 27, 2008 // 3:18 AM

how do yu use this?