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and i got you
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Friday, September 26, 2008 // 3:53 PM

omg holidays are so boring and it only like started a few hours ago! ==;

i feel like talking to a bunch of new people. SO IF YOUR READING THIS PERSON/S, please chat with me i am extremely bored, im not afraid to talk about anything LOL i am pretty straight forward except when it comes to myself. so :D like lets chat yu know! :L

Well i have been reading the catcher in the rye and im still not done. I've read the last two lines over and over again tho ' Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you'll start missing everybody ' . that line stuck with me the whole week and i acted all retarded and all.

This week was pretty ordinary, did all the normal stuff, but i felt very fatigued the whole week. Went to the yr 12 concert, it was funny and all but not really memorible. Then we had the year 12 farewell assembly which was pretty long... lol it was pretty funny too. So like i got this history assignment yeah. All i have to do is write a song about the aztecs and try to be creative as well as have detailed info. sounds pretty easy, tho i know when i try it itll be hard. I've decided to like mix like prolly about 10 songs togetehr and use that final tune to write the lyrics with, its gna be like a parady i guess.

The last day of tutor for this term is today, im gna skip science agen, i hate it so much. THAT STUPID TEACHER LADY KEEPS PICKING ON ME, IM BLOODAYE IN YR 8 TOO FUCKING HELL MOTHER FUCKING WHORE. i hate her. yeah im gna go to that valleygirl thing and get freebies with nita and emily :L but im gna watch that angus movie with catrina. when they start moshing ill get up on my seat and start jumping and like moshing!

I really miss moshing, i havent done it in a month! Well i mgiht @ katy perrys on the 10th and every thursday or tuesday lunch with the radio :L.

I dont get why i blog in the mornings.

anyways good by dollfaces. (L)

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Thursday, September 18, 2008 // 11:18 PM


well it should be, tomorrows like 31 degreees f5.

Well, i havent been blogging that much, i have alot to write about, i just dont have time but even if i did i wouldnt be able to because my firefox and explorer is stuffed f3. i am writing to you form my sisters new vaio! its really cool :) when i type the noise makes me sound like a bloodaye pro fast typer x]. BUTTTTTTTTTT its really gay cause the 'caps' is right next to the 'a' which is a bloodaye vowel and i use it in almost every bloodaye wordddddddddd, so sometimes it would be like 'hi how ..' then id started screaming 'RE YOU?!' fh its so annoying, and it keeps breaking wind, this laptop LOL like every 5 minutes there would be this wind-ey noise comming out of it :L omg im typing and it feels like in breaking it :L

Well i miss dalenas net :( AND ISAIAH FUCKING HELL everyone like died on me :( its so sad, makes me wanna sook till i die.

Im gna try using the mouse pad as a tablet, hope it works! :D, i hope my sister has photoshop! let me check

she has elements setup f3. thats gay, oh well ill install and try it next time.

OH did yu know?! ALL MY SHOWS ARE COMING BACK :D most of them next week :) i am very happy :) and i have to start doing this thing this lady showed mne, well the girls in our grade

Well she took a matchbox yeah, decorated it and shit, then put somethign inside it, eg, bubble stick thingy, a bear, or wotever and yeah, shed go and hide it or put it somewhere in the city and if people found it and opened it, there was a blog address inside, and if they visited that address, there would be a blog about how she came to putting that thing inside the box and wot she did in that week and wot it means and everything, OMG I LOVE TYPING ON THIS, yeah and it seemed really awesome, so after my science assignment and reading the catcher in the rye, i will make one for dannys birthday :). speaking of science assignment, i must go and do it now!

good bye dollfaces.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008 // 2:58 AM

omg havent blogged in so long. my apologies. (:.

so we finally started making the shirts, check it out, its on my dA somewhere. http://www.rprrad.deviantart.com . yeah so we went back to livo on saturday to watch a movie. we walked around and 'wanted' to play hide and seek in the shopping center, but people kept saying were crazy and that wed never find each other, so we just went to jb. we turned on 'naive - the kooks' on all 3 macs there, we checked out most of the cds and the dvds and played with the hip tops LOL. After that, we went to watch 'baby mama' and dalena dogged us to go some place with her friends and went on the net and played pool. So the movie baby mama, was kinda, really, shit. I tried my best to make it entertaining by laughing at everything that would be slightly funny, i went hysterical for some parts but it wasnt really that funny. i rate it a 3/5 stars LOL better than breaking dawn :D.

We then, went back to cabra and attended the 'moon festival'. it was very quite boring, the fireworks were shit and it was supposed to be the best year ever. i reckon prolly 5ish? years ago was the best. when there were big beautiful fireworks. now its just noise and some nice colours ==;.

Yeah so i met this dude named mitchell, hes pretty cool, and his friend with the nice hair, bmth lady :L, i think we share the same name.

We started 'im yours' by jason mraz in guitar.

GG AND OTH CAME BACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! omg i almost forgot to mention it. tsk. shame on me.

Today was emilys birthday. We went to the city, i bought a new top because my cobra shirt and black skinnies was attracting too much heat. We took cocos and i took 3 trains back to pre uni. in preuni, we are currently doing statistics for maths, its kinda fun. and maths tut. we left half of it and went to eat icy-poles. LOL. and when we went back, we chatted for like idk how long but it didnt seem that long, but we went overtime and didnt notice until the head teacher lady came in LOL.

I think im gna pick up on my reading. I finished 'hatchet' for english, and it was quite .. good. idk why everyone dsnt seem to like it. so right now im reading 'the catcher in the rye'. i have like a whole list of books i wanna read, or people are reccomending me to read. im gna try my best to finish the catcher in the rye before the holidays, prolly will anyway, so i can read the following books -

- Vampire Academy By Richelle Mead

- Frostbite By Richelle Mead
- To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee
- Bombproof By ? Robert something i think..
- Before I Die By Jenny Downham
- City Of Bones By Cassandra Clare

I know i wont finish all these books in the holidays, i know i will have trouble getting my hands on some of the too. But i shall try my best to finish the ones i can get/ have.

I feel very thirsty. &&&&& my dA dsnt work :(.

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Monday, September 1, 2008 // 12:56 AM

new layout LOL i finally put it up.

its kinda fked and i dont know how to fix it :L

maybe itll come to me soon.

but omg the 'layout' is the same =/ only the bg is diff bro i need a totally different layout