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stay gold forever

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and i got you
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collin's hissouse
Saturday, May 18, 2013 // 7:02 AM

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 // 3:15 PM

Can't wait for mid year breakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Monday, May 6, 2013 // 4:35 PM

Hey, blogger.

How's it going?

I've competed all my mid sems, yay!

Well, my last exam was last Thursday, so I've been free for a while now. Lol, "free".

I celebrated by rushing through my chem prac so I could meet up with Maria and Collin and Bobby so we could watch Eeh perform. His recital was at Leichardt and it was actually very good :) very proud of him LOL It was in a pub and the walls were decorated with posters of the upcoming gigs and events. I found the Tame Impala poster (definitely not during eehs performance LOL) and thought, OMG DATS TONITEEEE. After eeh was done we all decided to go and it was all lovely n that.

Took the train home, printed the tickets, ate dinner and we headed off the Hordern Pavillion!!

I only knew like 2 of their songs but I had an amazing time. Still need to find out the name of that song before the encore....

We ended the night with slurpees and lots of snapchat photos

After driving everyone home, Bobs and I went to get maccas and that was nice LOL

Very good start to my 'post-midsem' break (I'm always finding excuses to party) SPEAKING OF, OMG I HAVE NOT BEEN TO A PROPER PARTY IN A VERY LONG TIME LIKE WAIII WONT ANYONE INVITE ME :'(((((((((((

but yeah LOL following day I chilled at collins house after work and fell asleep... LOL

I find that if I'm not at uni, I'm working. Which is a shame because it's like post-HSC all over again where Maria and I would work most of the time and we'd never have time off to hang with our buds

But it's all good cos work gives me strange hours LOL

I'm liking our current BABS lecturer, she reminds me of David Helfgotts wife in 'Shine'

Osly, Huynh and I decided to go to KFC last night. It was a terrible, they ran out of wicked wings :(

After I drove them home, I hung out with Cathy and Eeh at LC. That was really fun. Haven't seen that hoe in ages. Cruised for a bit.


Yeah so like, why can't more things be free? Like fun things. Like I don't wanna spend money anymore cos I gotta save up for my trips interstate and overseas

Like waii.

What do ya'll do for fun that's free? :)