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stay gold forever

being here with you

we were meant to fly

you got me
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and i got you
this layout was hand coded by twelfthnight ( else ) with inspiration from Gold Forever by The Wanted. Gold from colourlovers

i wish
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 // 10:50 PM

I havent blogged in quite a long period.
if you know that why do you have to say it? LOL
its just like when you get a private number calling and the person goes 'hey, its me' LIKE WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? or when your friend calls and goes ' hey its me ' yous hould reply ' yeah i know i read the caller id '.



i hope.

the sky is blue, but it still feels like its gna rain
Friday, April 24, 2009 // 7:02 PM

dammit i miss em :(


jamie cullum is awesome (Y)

i dont wanna leave my house. BUT I WANT PIZZA T______T; haha. really not in the mood to watch movies.

its a nice day for a picnic.


i think the most active thing ive done this holidays is walking, jogging a little maybe up the stairs

damn girl
// 5:39 PM

you look good and im drunk.

Well this last week of the holidays obviously flew; compared to the first week, it was a drag T___T;

Only 10 more days till attics come out :D. Ml's new song 'statistics', quite good i must say :) better than never take us alive, and i dont event remember wot never walk alone sounds like LOL ...

i just caught you like a disease, its terminal and im going down

Anzac Day today, well, let us all take a minutes silence to remember what happened to all the brave Anzacs that landed in Gallipoli today.

OKAY. So like, 4 days till school.
4 days till science half yearlies
10 days till attics :D, ONLY if its released in aus the same day as everywhere else.
1 hr and 12 mins till movie marathons, and i really, really, realllllllllllllly cbf to go.

Ohh, did i tell you? i went to luna park on wednesday. my first time there. it was shit as LOL easter show is way better. BUTTT some rides were pretty cool ie that flying saucer thingo :) maybe thats the only cool one LOL.

Have i finished my maths homework? i remember looking through my book, at previous chapters and completing the incomplete ones but idk about the msot recent ones. maybe tonight :)


lets tick things off the list shall we.

easter party; DONE
band? thingo at cynthias house LOL hopefully she'll know how to play manhattan from the sky xD; LOL don't think its gna happen any time soon
learn the resolution; partically. kinda learnign the climb and we walk instead 8-)
watch that sad drama nancy has; nope :(
finish skins, ask jess for season 3 :); dling myself EFFY&FREDDYFTW!
go to keings? LOL lyannas sisters wedding cuz of an emergency :); :O ITS TODAY
maybe ill learn one of chopins ballads or something; AHAHAHA no.
play tennis with claudia (hopefully); nup
bike ride and bitch with nita and catrina :L; bitched, without the bikes
sleep alot :). yess, i did do that alot :)

im bragging :O

miss you dalena (L)

Sunday, April 19, 2009 // 3:36 AM

its so weird watching chase and brooke together in season 4. then watchign seasno 6 and seeing mia and chase together. like omg, OMG!

NEW EP TOMORROWWW omg i think its the last ep of the season with mia in it :( GOD I LOVE HER x] by far one of my most fave characters throughout the whole season hehe xD but of course, not after jamie ;] =D

kate voegele - she can make the salt taste like sugar on her hands.

anyways, my devianart is up and alive again hehe visit it :) www.rprrad.deviantart.com

i think

and snoopys :)



my mom got me truthagen
Saturday, April 18, 2009 // 7:37 PM

fuck it. like chris.

screw my blog layout. ill ask danny very nicely when he comes back xD

i really am bored these past few days. i literally stay home and do nothing.

yesterday jess and friends went to see bleached academy and i cant believe i didnt go. the night before that i had a dreammmmmmmmmmmmm~

tommy and friends were going to ice skating and laser tagging and blowling which was supposed to be on another day. for some reason i was there too and i was like ' i cant go today, im going to a gig' then me and tommy; tommy and i went to the place and i woke up.

I TOOK IT AS A SIGNNNNNN but i went online and didnt see jess or tommy on, so i didnt end up going. just stayed home complaining about being bored and hungry.

ooh i feel like tommys chips and chicken :(

god im bored.

not quite hungry yet.

Thursday, April 9, 2009 // 3:16 AM

i am gg81 (:

I loved today's drama lesson. We played 'the hunter and the hunted' basically, both persons were blind folded and spun around, the hunted had to find the keys which are placed randomly on the floor, and the hunter had to try to catch the hunted before they found the keys.

haha xD the dannys played first and it was so fucking funnny, i couldnt bloodaye bretahe! LOL :L:L, then it was me and marias turn, it was so fast :L i got her straight away ;]

By far the best drama lesson this year, and i think for the rest of the year. who knows.

Mr Ngov cracked at us at the end today. LOL. so next term were gna sit in alphabetical order. It was so funny LOL, he sed some words really loudly mid-sentence and omg almost couldnt hold my laugh in :L

Me and Snoopy have this theory that mr ngov and anita have some sexual tension between them xD WE ALL KNOW ITS THERE, DONT DENY IT!

oh fairly easy tally - 43. over like wot? 6 weeks?

Mr Ballsacks 'shoosh' tally - like 50+ in 3 periods LOL

oh i almost forgot


As of this moment, i am promising myself that i am not going to blog until i finsh my layout. i finished psing it, still ned to code. dear god please let it be easy :L

so in the holidays im gnaaaaaaa go easter show :);
easter party;
band? thingo at cynthias house LOL hopefully she'll know how to play manhattan from the sky xD;
learn the resolution;
watch that sad drama nancy has;
finish skins, ask jess for season 3 :);
go to keings? LOL lyannas sisters wedding cuz of an emergency :);
maybe ill learn one of chopins ballads or something;
play tennis with claudia (hopefully);
bike ride and bitch with nita and catrina :L;
sleep alot :).

tomorrow is my birthday
Saturday, April 4, 2009 // 1:39 AM

dammit, i think i failed my indices test ==;.

judo was cool. the old man smelt like old men. i have a natural talent :)

i wrecked my legs in cross country yday.

today i was aching but still went to preuni.

soon after i watch one tree hill and cried :')

then i went to cabra then went to eat pizza hut and blue heaven.

and we chatted about boys ;]