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and i got you
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no idea where this is going
Thursday, October 31, 2013 // 12:30 AM

A few of my workmates were talking about how old they were and how old they felt. Because everyone is generally 17-24 besides the managers two of the older workers felt like they haven't grown up since they were 25. And I can see that in the way that they speak and act. When I first met them I thought they were only a few years older than myself, but decades separate us.

This got me to thinking about my life and age and how I've grown or how I haven't. Growing up I guess I always hung out with people older than me, be it Danny and his friends or Gogo and what not. I remember going to Vietnam when I was 16 and telling people I was 18 accidentally because that's exactly how I felt. And now that I am 18, it doesn't feel like I've matured at all. I've just got a list of experiences to add to my memory box. But I feel the same.

I remember those angsty, confused teenage days when I was, what, 13? LOL I guess most of my 'growing', that obvious to myself anyway, occurred then. 

If my life were a bar graph, I'd be reaching maximum capacity because 18 was all I prepared myself for. Recently, my friends and I have talked about where we'd be realistically at 25, in 20 years and I honestly have no idea.

Everything from this point on is unwritten. I am unprepared and yet, I am ready to accept and work around everything that happens to me. I have no specific goals. I am neither happy nor sad. I am just waiting.

Let's hope the coming year will be a good one!

Thursday, October 10, 2013 // 6:47 PM

So we had our first 40+ degree day this spring yesterday and I've gotta say... I loved every minute of it ;) LOL okay, not really. But I didn't really mind it. I do like it a lot more than winter.

Anyway, I've recently caught up with Grey's Anatomy and now that I have to wait a week for an episode I have absolutely nothing to do with my life...

So I've been catching up with my other TV shows. Dexter's end was .. meh. Kind of disappointing. I was hoping it'd be more intense. Like Breaking bad. Oh breaking bad! Now, I haven't finished it yet but everything's just like WTFFF you know? LOL so I'm trying to make that last...

So I'm here... all caught up with work and tv show-less

It's too early to start my stats assignment

Too early to start studying

Too early to prepare work for my classes

LOL jkz, I've done that for this term, surprisingly

So I have nothing to do...

Well nothing I want to do that appeals to me LOL

I guess I'll just watch pretty woman and read :)