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stay gold forever

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and i got you
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Thursday, September 29, 2011 // 5:15 PM

book a book case, wooh!!

// 5:10 AM

Hence in a season of calm weather
Though inland far we be
Our Souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither
Can in a moment travel thither
And see the children sport upon the shore
And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore

Sunday, September 25, 2011 // 3:00 AM

I've uploaded the camp photos onto facebook. LOL cool :)

Glad to see Cynthia's enjoying doctor who ;)


Collin came over early to help me make pancakes for the lovely girls :)

Took lots of photos while waiting..

Bus ride was kinda boring .. LOL everyone was tired. Went past a strawberry field and thought "NITA!! FARM!!" LOL

Separated into groups when we arrived at vision valley, saw a goanna and did team building. Pretty fun LOL

The food was epic there!!!! omg LOL esp. the lunches :) yum yum yum LOL towards the end of the day, we were all busting to get back to our lodges and just chill LOL

The disco was sososo fun :) LOL I don't understand why people were complaining LOL JOKEZZ i do, the music was alright LOL i liked it. Maybe cuz I knew all the songs .. LOL

Next day was more fun :) Had about 3 hours sleep LOL stayed up talking to Nita and Molica, Mary kept falling in and out of sleep and we got her to sing "glad you came" with us for a bit. She had no memory of it in the morning LOLOL

JUMPED OFF A 10 METRE TREEEEE!!!!!!!! WOOOH LOLOL :):):) anticipation = sweaty palms. But luckily, my hands dried up once i climbed the tree LOL felt like i was flying :):):) LOL i'd so do it again several times :D

MY GROUP GOT TO SWIM!!!! YAYY LOLOL :) the water was very cold, but there was a spa there pumping out hot water LOL all 15 of us squished in there :) there was also the cold, free swimming ;)

Campfire was alright, don't know why people were complaining LOL David and I layed back and watched the stars and i think there was a nebula :OOO LOL doubt it. Went up the field and saw a white figure. figured it was huynh in his saw mask LOL

CHOCOLATE MILK FOR SUPPER!!! for a few days after we came back, I was craving chocolate milk at 9pm LOL oh vision valley how you've changed me! LOL i love vegemite now :)

Slept pretty early the second night LOL but I woke up early and went for a stroll. I climbed down a mountain and vlogged most of my way around LOL

Ran into Daphne and Jenny, they were up early. Saw huynh at the slide, we decided to run around looking at stuff LOL went to the still burning camp fire, saw kenny, yelled at the animals to come out and play LOL i aint weird =/

umumum yeah LOLOL played a few games with the rising generations crew and then we went home LOL

cynthia and I singing most of the way back :)

that was camp LOL very fun LOL exquisite food :)

good bye

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 // 3:27 AM

camp was cool

Saturday, September 17, 2011 // 5:23 AM

It's very overwhelming. This. Having exams, receiving results, hairspray, birthdays, preparing for camp. It feels as though I have no time to blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011 // 3:16 AM

After I finish the mound of books I'm currently sitting on, I think I'll start reading the Bronze Horseman and the books thereafter.

Nagele said it was real good LOL so it should be

Um, school tomorrow. totez cbf

Just 3 books to go! Oh my holiday will be fun :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011 // 3:39 PM

So, like I have to go tutor today. Then I'm coming home and watching Doctor Who, hope that'll be ready =/ At 12, I will meet up with Jenny and we shall get money off Nita, eat something and go to Fairfield to look at cheap kettles.

When I come home, I will most definitely, clean, exercise and read!

I feel like I've not accomplished much, and that I'm not taking proper advantage of Jimmy being cancelled, or rather, postponed.

Also, I have to go to Hairspray on Wednesday night. This means I have to find an outfit. Oh poo, that's what I had to do! I'll fix something up.

In exactly 8 days I have camp. I need to shop for some clothes and a kettle. Also, noodles would be good. I am so fucking excited!

So, this was a checklist for myself. As most of you know, I forgot to go tutoring on Thursday, and I cannot afford to forget going today.

// 2:30 AM

Hello nita, i love you :)

i must
Friday, September 9, 2011 // 6:10 PM

i will, i must I WILL



I will search high and low today, and if that fails, I will try again!

They're bound to have it at the beach right? =/ LOL I'm going to the beach on friday YAY! :) That's extremely convenient! xD

I feel like
// 4:55 PM

I owe you guys something =/

like a REALLY LONG BLOG POST!!!!!!!!!!!


So Monday right? Monday, English exam oh my god!!!! PANIC PANIC PANIC I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO CHANGE THE BROWNING QUESTION!!!!! LOL ANYWHO :) very freaked out. Thought I did alright, until I realised while walking past Cabravale park [i tend to have lots of epiphanies here] LOL that i forgot to CONTRAST!!! Truman and NLMG :( oh poo LOL the fact that Sea Haven was artificial didn't even come up === poo. LOL :'(

Tuesday, chem okay was alright. Bobs Huynh and I were studying in my hose [Canadian] and got a good say .... 70 minutes worth of studying done? LOL Huynh said he got a lot from it, i hope he did!! LOL um spent the rest of the time eating fish fingers, drinking chocolate milkshakes [home made!!] and bitching LOL Went into chem exam "your 5 minutes reading time starts now" okay, flip to back, i think there's an extended response, do the multiple choice later. At back; no extended response just a 5 mark question that i know absolutely nothing about. AND THEN!!!! i was walking through cabra park [lol epiphany] Nathan talked about this a couple weeks ago. Wrote down as much as i could remember. Worked backwards. Definitely lost 3 marks. Nws, It's alright as long as it stays at 3 marks HAH DOUBT ITTTTTTTTTTT

Maths 2 unit. I did the past paper the night before and I don't like want to sound like a big cocky cock head but it was insanely easy LOL Perhaps, I was too used to the 3 unit past papers =/ anywho LOL got into the exam. Was alright, I didn't go in big headed dw LOL and um yeah I'm bound to have made a mistake, but I reckon I did okay, better than usual [oh, I suck at 2 unit btw LOl] um yeah, Bobs and I decided to go to Cooks Hill after the exam cuz he was hugnry and we couldn't concentrate or something like that. Got to Cabra, decided that this time could be used wisely to study, we let a coin decide our fate. Heads = cooks, Tails = don't study

lol jk. We ended up eating steak and fish and chips and Cabra and went to study at the library. Ran into Therese!! Gosh, it's been a while since I've properly chatted to her :) LOL huynh came, Tri came, Tri left, Therese left, Bobs left, Huynh and I went to the park. Sat on the swings. It was just :') then, little kids came and started pouring water on these rails? LOl wtf and we hugged and I went home

Couldn't bring myself to study for extension. Watched Breaking Bad, felt bad. Like guilty, and so i went upstairs and studied.

AFTER the extension test, which went by super fast LOL I was so out of it, filled with glee and what not. All serious tests are over. SO HAPPY I forgot to go wedding shopping with my sister "call me when you finish your exam, Jess" she told me that morning. SO OVERJOYED I missed the first week of year 12 chemistry tutoring HAH LOL fml :L but nws, I can go on Sunday! :)

Yeah so Drama yesterday. I'm glad I looked over my crap LOL I bullshitted a lot [all but one paragraph] for the last section LOL

And today, I'm going to watch Final Destination 5 with David and Huynh and afterward, perhaps I will go eat at a restaurant with Danny and Dalena

I still have my music exam on Monday, but that only goes for 1 hour and I can easily copy , as can everyone else, in our pathetically small music room with her. ugh.

I should be getting ready now, oh poo, my sisters in the shower :( okay time to read. :)

OH!!! I'm reading One Day the book that's been made into that movie that's in cinemas now, with whats her face Anne Hathaway? Yeah LOL it's very good :) I wish I had more time to read. I need to finish this before Monday because I'm going to watch it on Monday.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 // 8:28 PM






ALSO LOL i think maybe we'll have another picnic this term :) we'll see ;)

also, this is wot im talking about...

Transforming intooooo.........................



// 1:21 AM

school work , expectations, panic, fail, just pass, stress, no stressing, stress.

i start to miss everyone

claudia, cathy, collin, eeh, bobs, dono, nita, class, school, danny, danny, huynh, cat, lyanna, morvillo, mum

Saturday, September 3, 2011 // 1:11 AM

i want ribs lol

Thursday, September 1, 2011 // 10:51 PM

Karma, you're such a bitch.