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quater past eight
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 // 1:33 PM

I had the best sleep in today.

It's only 8 in the morning but omg, for the last week and a half I've been waking up at 7 ish feeling so unsatisfied with the amount of sleep I've been getting.

Anyway, my anat spot test was really, really good. I'm actually quite happy with it cos I guessed two things and got them correct!! :) I did get a few wrong but I'm not fussed. I'm just glad it's over. I know I should be feeling free and what not but there's still one more thing bugging me and I cannot wait for that to be over so I can just party all day errday starting with stereo.

BY THE BY, I'm going to stereo LOL who would've thunk it. I needed to end everything with a bang anyway so I guess this is a good thing :)

SO after my final exam Therese and I went to get drinks and we talked for so long omg, we didn't even realise we were gonna be late for our dinner reservations. I so wanted to just stay at the bar and keep talking cos she is pretty interesting LOL but we went to dinner with Kevin and Kim and had some more drinks there. We ate at chophouse in Martin Place. It was superb. I would go again.

That night though, some lightning fucked up the train signals at some station so Collin and Hellen had trouble coming to the city on time to make the movie. I had to switch session times and what not and wait for them at hungry jacks for 2 hours. But this man from Belgium sat next to me and we had a very nice conversation. He works as a gold caster for Chanel and his dad is an anesthesiologist. Anyway, that made me less bored which is a good thing LOL. Collin's train finally came but Hellen's didn't for a very very long time so she just went home :(

Catching Fire the second time around was still very good but Collin and I predicted everything and it was over way too soon.

I haven't seen my 6E class in 4 weeks, I miss them LOL and I haven't seen my year 8's in 2. Miss them too :( but I'm back next week so it's all good LOL omg I have to write their exams... wai

So at Dymocks, I've been sent to b1 for the last 2 days and I don't like it. b1 is so shit compared to b2. These are our bargain stores btw LOL It sucks how very few customers buy stuff at b1 compared to b2. I miss the interaction. Kinda wish I was at the counter again. But anyway, the upside is that I get to flick through all the sale stuff and see what I want. Maybe even skim through a book here and there when I've run out of everything to do.

Night before last, after Collin, Maria, Drew and I had dinner Danny came over to grab his hard drive and we had a really good talk in his car. I was so tired but it was worth. LOL we really got into the nitty gritty stuff and I felt good afterwards. Thanks bro :) Anyway, that conversation made me realise that I do keep quite a bit to myself LOL which is odd. I thought it was the opposite,

The talk got me thinking. Other than this one thing, I'm pretty fucking happy. That one thing won't get in the way too much. So I'm glad. :)

Photo post up soon LOL these text ones take too long


How are ya'll? :)

quarter past ten
Thursday, November 21, 2013 // 3:34 AM

It's actually only 10:12, but I'm going to try to finish this in three minutes LOL

Whoops 10:13

oh well.

I have my last exam tomorrow. It's the anatomy spot test and I am really excited. You have no idea how terrible this study break and exam period was for me. I had 5 exams across the time span of two weeks and they were spread in the most awkward way. I had too much time to prepare for stupid exams like stats and so little time to prep myself for my other anat exam. 

But yeah, thinking about tomorrow is making me so relieved. Like I cannot stress this enough. 


Good Lord this semester was so long cos the mid sem break wasn't until week 10???? um????? and when we came back I was just ceebs to do anything. 

But in saying that, this semester has been quite fun. I realised that I quite enjoyed everything that I learnt after cramming for them during stuvac. 

So my friend and I thought we were really screwed for chem so we spent the entire stuvac week studying for it. Once we got the hang of it everything was so interesting and oddly enjoyable. I had a whole week to study for stats which was the following Friday and because I knew absolutely nothing, I spent the majority of the week studying for it. I've got to admit, it was probably the most difficult exam I've ever sat through. Like the way it made me feel at the end was so weird and retarded and I've never felt that way after an exam before... like it was my mum telling me I was a no good low life who can't even find the proportion of something. 

It wasn't a difficult exam. It was just this one bit that really got to me LOL which is so retarded. I felt like crap after that exam, even though I know I can still pull a D (which is what I was aiming for anyway) It just ugh

Yeah, so terrible feeling. The following day was anat and I really only had 1.5-2 days to study for it cos I was too caught up in the stats stuff. It was alright. Went pretty well. I know I fucked up this one question slightly but, unlike stats, I was okay with it cos I forgot to look over that thing while revising. I mean it'd hurt me more if I spent all night trying to remember a concept or something and it just won't come to me during the exam - which is what happened for stats. 

Anyway, next exam Huynh and I drove to the racecourse cos it started at 8:30 in the morning. Like, lord jesus why LOL We got there right on time. It was a good exam. I was very happy. 

In between exams, I was living in the library like we all used to during the HSC. It didn't really bring back nice memories though. It was just a library this time. I was probably too stressed about exams. Which would be quite ironic because I was not nervous for any exams this time round. Not even anat. 

I think I stopped putting 100% after I found out that it may not be necessary for my future. But I should've tried my best anyway. Not bummed that I didn't. But I know it'll come back and bite me later. 

That brings us to tonight. My exam starts at 2:50 tomorrow and afterwards, I'm gonna have dinner with med sci kids and then Hellen, Collin and I will go and watch Catching Fire!!!! WHICH I WATCHED ABOUT 22 HOURS AGO BTW. MIDNIGHT SCREENING. MY FIRST TIME. SO WORTH. I FUCKING LOVED IT. WILL NOT SPOIL ANY FURTHER. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT AGAIN THO OMG 

So in retrospect, it really wasn't a bad time. I just wasn't fun. I mean the only good thing really was I got to hang out with Andrew and Emily a bit more and I've missed them so that was ... good LOL

I have so many plans for the break but I know I'm gonna be working heaps at Dymocks this holiday. Good thing a lot of this shit I have planned is at night ;)

Anywho, I've still got the reproductive system to look over. But I'm pretty confident with it, so it should be okay :) We had a revision lab at uni yesterday. My friends were amazed that I knew so much about the workings of a penis. I'm not worried.

I'm excited.

Christmas, here I come!!!!!! :):)

Love Always,


LOL 10:30......

and to add to that
Monday, November 18, 2013 // 1:55 AM

I would also like an array of different coloured crepe paper for Christmas. (not light blue or pink)

And a tape dispenser.

Thank you


Saturday, November 9, 2013 // 11:54 PM

I really like surprises.

Like really, really.

But seeing as I've gotten a few odd things here and there as a result of my liking surprises, I'll compile a much requested list.

In no particular order

9783833161605 (...hi)
Roller Skates (not blades, pls)
Two pairs of snorkeling gear
Two fishing rods
Two 36" x 16" frames
Doctor Who DVD's from season 1 (i.e. William Hartnell onwards)
Global warming mug
All black Vans like the base is black too. The thin one would be nice. ty :)

Basically, I like learning shit and new experiences n that so if you buy me dinner that'd be cool too. Or pay for a trip over seas that'd be nice. As I said, I like surprises so maybe y'all can use this as inspiration.. LOL nah, I'm not too picky. I'll be grateful with whatever :)

Pls don't get me clothes.


Merry November!