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stay gold forever

being here with you

we were meant to fly

you got me
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and i got you
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Friday, February 25, 2011 // 2:13 PM

OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGG im so hyped for soundwave :D:D:D:D

okay not really LOLOL but im not dreading it :) but omg im pretty excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i dont know wot im gonna wear :S i dont wanna come home with a massive tan :(

hopefully they have good band t's LOL i need some clothes.... LOL

Friday, February 18, 2011 // 3:28 AM

i really need to go for a bike ride

i dont fucking care if its 10 fucking 30 pm

i need to go

but fuck my bike its broken :(

// 3:05 AM

at the beginning of the week, things have been putting me down and making me feel like shit. GOD FUCKL ASDGJGHWEIOTU23IJT@#^@$*^@*(#$yc (wbyctz and more recently, ive been feeling really sad at really random moments. and this sadness lingers there like an unwanted smell, like even if i am happy for the slightest moment i can still feel its presence creeping up behind me like a fucking rapist or something.

and everything i do, everything i see, hear or eat or whatever just kind of depresses me further. so i guess im gonna have to stop doing, seeing hearing eating and whatever

fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

i really really fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

this song isnt making me feel any better LOL ==

why cant


i just dont know what to do anymore

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 // 2:11 AM

so im sticking with extension english =/. i need to answer these questions and im finding it so difficult because i havent written a proper sentence in like 3 months :'( so fuck me dead LOL i kinda wish i hadnt gone to vietnam, or at least for that amount of time cuz im like behind on school work and i hate it, fuck


anywho, i got my soundwave timetable written and ready! decided to watch the maine instead of bring me the horizon cuz danny and i came to the conclusion that bmth comes here kinda often so we can just go see them another time. i have a feeling, or rather i hope, its gonna be like last year where alexisonfire over played and paramore played a little bit later which resulted in everyone else being slightly delayed by like 40 minutes LOL that way i can catch both :)


yeah so it was valentines day 2 days ago. i was pretty bummed in the morning but bobina made it all better LOL <3 it was mad fun. :) i love the 7 bushez LOOOOL

honey bear, i am a honey bear. i like honey, i am honey, i am a bear.

i just called dono my honey bear LOL :)

sooooo ... anyone interested in buying the oc, gossip girl, true blood or big bang theory? LOL complete seasons or whatever its up to so far for approximately 30$ per tv show LOL leave me a comment ;)

anywho, i gotta finish homework now :'(

if i wasnt behind, i wouldnt always contemplate dropping extension english LOL

Thursday, February 10, 2011 // 11:28 PM

today, a wasp kinda bit me in the face LOL

well it did, it didnt kinda bite me, it bit me LOL

it was so random and weird and omg LOL I TOLD EVERYONE LOL all the teachers at the lecture theater knew ROFL

then.... at lunch.... i was eating a banana paddle pop OMFG YUM and then .... :'( I DROPPED IT ON THE WAY TO CLASS!!!!


speaking of half...

half full = half empty no?

hence therefore, empty = full


my first week of school was pretty fun :)

took me a day to get adjusted to things LOL but it was good :)


gonna play it now .. i need to name my electric guitar

e suggested drake, i dont mind isaiah LOL but i want a girl name :)

oh just to let you know LOL my bike's name is transformers, my skateboards name is max, my guitars name is masters and my old mountain bike's name is tabitha. tabitha rest in peace! i miss tabitha :(

time to do homework but im gonna watch gossip girl LOL

okay bye

Sunday, February 6, 2011 // 12:22 AM

im back from vietnam

i cant tell if ive gone darker ...

i lost weight wooh :)

so excited for school tomorrow :)