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and i got you
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Saturday, June 30, 2012 // 4:28 AM

So I thought about what I did today, right?

I thought that because I was so tired, that I did a heap of work ... but no :(

Looking back, all I did was Haber and the multiple choice for monitoring ions, 1 UMAT paper and 1 hours worth of guitar ...


Perhaps ....
Friday, June 29, 2012 // 4:50 AM

I was being a but melodramatic. My wire popped back into place. All is well in the mouth of fodmn!

LOL I havent referred to myself as that in agessssssssssssssss

Okay, bye :)

I fucked up guys....
// 2:33 AM

I messed up real big ...

Today, I bit into a really tough piece of beef jerky and I bent the back wire of my braces...

It's been 4 hours and the left side of the bottom of my teeth is kind of ... slanted compared to the right

So, I'm in deep shit

I don't want these stupid braces to stay on longer :(


BUT, I do have an othrodontist appointment this tuesday, so hopefully it won't do too much damage in the next 4 days


Okay, I guess I have to go on a soft food diet for the next 4 days ...

This is going to be hard :(

Thursday, June 28, 2012 // 4:36 AM


5% writing....

I don't even know anymore... ======

wise words
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 // 4:23 AM

Who would've thunk it. The things my girls say can be quite profound.

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough

We'll its a good thing my dreams terrify me ... right?

LOL we were in the midst of playing Taboo yesterday at the library and someone repeated that line. I thought it was really nice .. 

Speaking of Taboo, OMG IT WAS THE FUNNIEST GAME WE'VE EVER PLAYED LOL I laughed so much xD


So night fell, and I woke up at 9am

I skated to woolies [which felt so weird cuz i hadn't skated in months] and bought bread and peanut butter

Maria and Bobby arrived at me house and we assembled sandwiches before heading to the park to meet up with the rest of .. THE SEX!

We discovered that there is actually a reason behind that name LOL ... we basically talk about sex and sexual organs a lot

Today was so productive!!! OMG we got like 3 entire scenes done and got some transitions and omg we rewarded ourselves with cooks hill and when we came back to cabra, we decided to try on wedding dresses .... ... ..

There are 3 girls and 2 guys in my group right? We all wanted to couple up, so I called Huynh from the library and we headed up the stairs at the bridal shop. Huynh and I went in first, pretending to look for formal dresses. John and Jen came up and it went something like this

Jess: Oh! Jenny, John! It's been so long!!

Jenny: Yeah, it has, how are you guys?

Huynh: We're good ya'll

Jess: OMG Jen, you're so big now!! How far along are you?

John: (insert fake number here) months

Jess: OMG so you're finally tying the knot?

John: Yeah, we are...

Jen: Hey babe, what do you think about this dress?


Then we move away from each other, Bobby and Maria come up

etc. etc.

So we actually then try on the dresses ....

The one I had was too, dare I say .. slim :( I was deeply saddened LOL Marias was too big and Jennys one was just right LOL

The lady then took jenny into this room, where she stood on a pedestal infront of a mirror and everythang!!!!

She was so beautiful :')

[Jenny and Maria try on wedding dresses]
Lady: So is this for a wedding or formal?

Jenny: Wedding

Maria: Formal


Anyway, other things happened, we went back to the park and worked on transitions

Then I went to the library and it all just gets boring here onwards...

My music exam is tomorrow. I am not stressed, more nervous than anything LOL

Things should be swell ...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 // 4:20 AM

So I was rocking out to Queen today for a good 4 hours

And then I cut my nails....

Now they hurt a little when I play, my phalanges ...

I hope they grow back soon

Also, today I went to the library and played taboo with the girls. It was mad fun. We should play taboo everyday :)

Monday, June 25, 2012 // 4:09 AM

Jess: Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch ten ten ten twenties on your titties bitch

Dad: can you play some real music? George Michael?



Strangest Dream
Saturday, June 23, 2012 // 5:16 PM

So I was in Singapore ... by myself ... LOL well that's highly unlikely :) anyway, I was exploring the places and such. The pillows had wings O_O I made a new friend, Andy LOL!! and oddly enough, I went to a house ... in Singapore. I was a lot like the outside of huynh house, but when I knocked on the door ... Jun answered LOL and then Eric came out of the house too and a few other people from school LOL forgot :(

Anyway, I was at their train terminal vlogging, and I hopped onto this elevator that took me to the top of a idk 300 storey glass building. That's where I met the flying pillows LOL ANDDD my mum and sister came and gave me a hug. Yep, they were in Singapore too LOL ALSO LOL I had a brother!!!! He looked a lot like Kelvin :L and I remember saying to my saying "Well, I'm from a family of 5" LOL.....


each moment only once
// 3:43 AM

So I woke up at 7:30 cuz someone kept calling the house phone and no one picked it up cuz they were all sleeping and omg .... so I picked up and the person hung up, then I heard someone slamming my front door. I woke my mum up and she told me to go down stairs and tell the person to go away, only to run down and yell "COME IN, MY DAUGHTER WILL OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU!" seconds later ... She remembered it was the sewing machine mechanic LOL fml

I spent the morning watching this weird sitcom on channel 10 about a band and some guy, who i think is a fairy. LOL I don't even know. He was cute though :) A documentary type thing came on about the great barrier reef... It was lovely LOL kinda makes me wish I'd chosen geography cos I remember Mr Tucker promising a camp to the reef is there was a geography class... LOL OH WELL I'll go after hsc... =/

Anyway, I had tutor today. The teacher surprised us with a past trial paper LOL WHEWWW we did the short answer questions and omg, my answers we so shit LOL I don't even think my sentences made any sense ... I was too busy trying to remember what I had to include in the bloody thing. So i'm getting 0/15 :)

I got my hands on a slower version of spain. I spent an entire hour playing 4 bars (over and over and over)x30. Cuz I played it 90 times LOL Yep, I counted :L no, really LOL okay, no, there was this counter thingo on the program LOL

I ate instant noodles ...

I was supposed to make mongolian lamb =/

yeah, so I did nothing today LOL go future! :)

I cannot wait to bungee jump off a bridge while high on ecky :)



g'day multicultralism
Friday, June 22, 2012 // 3:35 AM

hello mister, pleased to meet ya
Thursday, June 21, 2012 // 4:05 AM













Wednesday, June 20, 2012 // 5:28 AM

I hate myself for being so lazy :(

Monday, June 18, 2012 // 3:06 PM

for real this time LOL

After blog surfing, I've noticed that everyone is really stressed and panic-ey about the future LOL Should I be? I guess I just don't like thinking too far ahead. I remember that time period were I'd just constantly talk about my life outside of high school, as a performer, as a graphic designer AS AN AMAZING ARTIST BASICALLY LOL but those dreams have since subsided. I'm not interested anymore. I really only thought up those dreams with my best friend anyway, and now we're not so close. So I don't know if I've stopped cos I think it's like horrible to just dream without her LOL or if I'm just getting a more perceptive view on life.

Things come, to me, as a lot of little hurdles I need to over come. Be it an assessment or performance or what have you, I prefer to focus on the most important thing that's coming up sooner than others. I'd put all my effort into that particular thing, and if I don't get full marks, then it'll be okay, because I know I've done all that I can, and if I just can't achieve full marks, at least I got the best mark I possibly could.

Digressing LOL what was I discussing? Oh right, the future LOL

I reckon I'll be happy at any job. I enjoy lots of things LOL and if I just so happen to dislike my job, but it pays well and it's easy. That's another kind of happiness :)

Whereever life takes me, I know I'll be fine

And you will be too

I know it :)





okay, bye.

no regrets
// 2:44 PM

so i did shit all yesterday

raspberry jam
Sunday, June 17, 2012 // 1:16 AM

what a great day :) and i'm finishing it off (almost) with some raspberry jam and, golly, is it good! :)

life sure is swell (:

Saturday, June 16, 2012 // 2:27 AM

I was a bit wary about going shopping today, with the rain and all =/ But it was alright in the end :D LOL Tommy and I went to Westies and we got some stuff....


Sorry Bobby, I couldn't find pink ruffles :(

We spent like an hour in Dymocks just discussing books LOL I love discussing books in Dymocks :) It's one of my favourite things to do ... LOL I wanted to split a text book with him but no :( we decided to save money instead.

OH we also ran into these people who were promoting Airwick the antibacterial spray LOL they were all wearing green bottoms and a white blouse with grey cardigans. They looked funny LOL

We wanted to go to Max Brenner but it was full :( so we went to eat thai instead LOL yum :) i'm glad :D

So that was my day LOL, how was yours?

Friday, June 15, 2012 // 5:23 PM

I call this next piece, "Food"


Yum, chips and lollies LOL