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stay gold forever

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you got me
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and i got you
this layout was hand coded by twelfthnight ( else ) with inspiration from Gold Forever by The Wanted. Gold from colourlovers

quarter past seven
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 // 12:58 AM

New bistro at Richard's run by Jay from masterchef. This is his tomahawk. It is amazeballz
Deep fried brownie. A bit sweet. But, amazballz

Burgers and milkshake at Rise. Amazeballz
Eggs Benedict at some cafe in Livo. Too much hollandaise. Too much bread. But overall, not bad
Cronut from KK's. Pretty awesome
Night view at slopes. We cruised around Olympic Park that night. Good times.
Not drunk, I swear LOL.
beautiful sandals <333333333333333>
Brought my fam to Hux's. Alinh and Dad demolished it
Lychee dessert at pho 76
Seafood Linguini at Ground's with Huynh and Em after their final exam
Cheese burger at Hux. Exact composition of the Macca's cheese burger without the processed goodness
Moon rise at some place in Mt Pritchard
Drinks with Therese after our final exam. They were both so good omg.
This was in the bar. I didn't catch the name but the place is real nice
Wine at dinner with med sci kids
Lamb platter. omfg the mint jelly <3333333333333333333333>
Banana and either toffee or coffee dessert. Yum
Hux again with Drew, Maria and Collin after work
First time we've seen snez in 47 years

On our way to Newcastle!

At three monkeys on Darby street. All the med kids kept raving about their giant milkshakes. We got cookies and cream and sticky date (yup, sticky date pudding milkshake)
Ricotta pancakes and pumpkin and feta pizza. Best thing I've ever had

Heading into Stereo
At the Stereo stage.
Either Will Sparks or Zedd. Both were amazeballz
Met up with Bobby. Sebastian Ingrosso. Amazing.
Ran into Jenjen!!!!!!!
Calvin Harris. V good.
David Guetta. Probably. He was so fucking happy!! Omg, I loved him!!!


They even had fireworks!!!
And fire!!!!
Pre drinking at the park. Met Terry and the black dude. Both were v cool
Day 2
Found Jen again!!!

Collin on Wade's shoulders. He was the nicest
m8 who wouldn't let me dance
Axwell? LOL maybe
Armin. He was omg. No words and describe how happy I was in that set.
It's ova :(

Not that bummed we missed Krewella. Apparently that stage was too full they stopped letting people in LOL

Stereo was so fun. Ima just recap so I can remember these moments.

So Collin and I bought drinks at Granville cos we're too povo to buy anything inside. There we met Terry who was already off his face and we weren't even in the grounds yet. Some realll nice looking black guy came and told us to be careful cos if cops saw us we'd get fined. He was very nice too. We saw Will Sparks first. Came in just a few minutes before he played Bring it Back <333333> Zedd came on next. He is so goddamn cute. At one point there was some technical difficulties and the sound just came out as a blaring brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so Zedd took the microphone and asked us to sing a song with him. He was like "I have a song called Clarity, will you sing it with me?" and everyone was like HIGH DIVE INTO...

We then went to meet Bobs while Nicky Romero was playing. We ran into Jenny and Gekleng and they told us Osly n what not were in the seats above us. When we went up there they were gone LOL oh well. Nicky was good. Anyway. SEBASTIAN Ingrosso was omg. He played most of his Swedish songs and I knew em all and I was just dancing like a greyhound and he ended with reload and omg.

Empire of the Sun had very good and well dressed dancers

Calvin Harris was very good. We were right at the front and there was room to dance unlike the other mosh pits I've been in. Anywho, David Guetta closed and we were all insanely tired by then. But he was so good that we jumped and danced all our sores away LOl

Very good end to a very good day.

Day 2.

Bobs and I ran into the girls at Cabra. They hired a bus. When we got there, we went to see Mat Zo <33333333333333333333> omg one of the best acts of the day. He was so heavy gutar riffs and good bass drops. Gareth Emery followed him at the Sonic stage. He played Lana!!!! We met Chad and his mates. He was very nice. Very friendly. Left him to go and see Afrojack. Went out to eat. Danced on the side. This white girl pulled me over and we danced a bit. She was very nice. Even blew me a kiss goodbye :) Ran into the girls in Above and Beyond's set. Also ran into Jenny then too. Met Wade and his firends. His name is not Wade, he was just wearing a Dwayne Wade jersey so I've been calling him Wade LOL took some photos with him. Collin hopped onto his shoulders. Started dancing with other people. Danced with this Filo guy. He was nice, very very friendly. Didn't catch his name. Let's call him Tim. 

Tim and I were dancing to ANB and he put me up onto his shoulders at one point. And because the entire event was broadcasted live, apparently (so I was told about 8 times later) I was on the screen when I was up on his shoulders. I feel famous. We danced through Axwell who was amazeballz but Tim kept hugging me and wouldn't let me dance so I ditched him and the girls, Collin and I all moved closer to Armin <3333333333333333> Met some asians during Armin's set. There was a girl named Michelle. She was very nice, danced with her for a bit. She had a tall guy friend, lets call him Kevin cos he's asian. Kevin put me onto his shoulders too and Armin looked so good that high up. His shoulder's were very broad and I didn't feel scared up there like I did with Tim and even on Drew's shoulders LOL they're both so small. Anyway, Kevin was very nice, very friendly. We met some Aussie guys wearing kangaroo hats. They were cool. I danced with everyone around me and I felt like I was in love with everyone in my sober state. It was amazing.

I loved every second of Stereosonic.

And to think I was gonna bail the night before.

So glad I didn't.

One of the best days and nights of my life.

Collin and I had work the following day. When we went home I told him that the entire day was insanely slow and boring cos it didn't compare to the nights before. He agreed. I did serve a girl who went and still had her wrist band on. We had a good chat about everything.

I'm so happy

Taylor Swift's tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

How are ya'll?