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stay gold forever

being here with you

we were meant to fly

you got me
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and i got you
this layout was hand coded by twelfthnight ( else ) with inspiration from Gold Forever by The Wanted. Gold from colourlovers

Bucket List
Sunday, April 6, 2014 // 1:35 AM

1.        backpack through Europe  Close enough LOL
2.        meet my fave artist whoever it may be at the time
3.        get my fave contemporary book signed by author
4.        watch the sunrise while at sea  (Technically yes, but it wasn't as spectacular as I had hoped, so let's keep this one open)
5.        chill in a light house
6.        volunteer for a charity long term  ARCBS!
7.        shoot and edit a short film
8.       grow and maintain an edible garden
9.        shoot a gun
10.     visit the southern states of America
11.      drive across the US
12.     go to that beach thing in Greece (Zakynthos)
13.     go on a cruise GBR! (would still love to go on a p&o cruise though)
14.     work a meaningful job
15.     catch a fish  Ty Kent Su  :)
16.     expand my library
17.     eat at a crab shack
18.     ride a horse on the beach
19.     skinny dip at a beach LOL
20.    see the northern lights
21.     line dancing in a barn
22.     swim with dolphins
23.     drive a convertible down a freeway
24.     go to a drive in movie
25.     scuba dive
26.     walk on a frozen lake
27.     be in two places at once
28.    ride a motorcycle
29.     go skydiving
30.    ride a subway in NYC
31.     travel in a submarine
32.     learn another language
33.     dine and dash
34.     go camping  with Jamie, Kaan and James in the Blue mountains! It was the real kind, like pee in a bush and sleep on the ground kinda comping. So much fun!!
35.     bungee jump
36.     ride a camel in the desert
37.     save a life
38.    ride in a hot air balloon
39.     host the ideal picturesque cartoon-like Christmas dinner
40.    full moon party
41.     visit GBR b4 gone YASSSSSSSSSSS
42.     Oktoberfest in Germany
43.     climb a mountain
44.     attend Coachella
45.     attend tomorrowland
46.     hang glide
47.     amazon
48.    learn how to sail a boat
49.     visit Antarctica + every continent
50.    travel for more than 3 months straight
51.     ski in Switzerland
52.     live one month without internet
53.     finish a marathon
54.     taste a whiskey or scotch older than me when 30+
55.     keep a travel diary  Still in the process of keeping one!
56.     make crème brulee and croquembouche
57.     vegetarian for 1 month
58.    break into public pool and jump in
59.     visit more abandoned places
60.    get a full body massage Old Thai lady choked me LOL but it was quite relaxing
61.     send family portrait Christmas cards
62.     make a road trip mix tape
63.     minagertwaye
64.     camel ride along the beach in broome or wherever  (Anna Bay, Port Stephens. Also happens to be my new favourite beach!)
65.     learn to surf
66.     make my own wood fired/coal bbq and just roast stuff over it like cave men LOL (Banana's Sweet potatoes and that strangle apple potato thing at hill tribe! Would still love to cook meat though) [Cooked kangaroo meat (that we brought along, not hunted down, over an open fire @ camp)
67.     drive around australia with mates in a wagon and fire works
68.    visit a black sand beac
69.     become a certified scuba diver
70.    white water rafting
71.     travel alone
72.     find myself (lol) 


Today was a good day. I had done a good chunk of Gsat, gone to the gym and had my 5 serves of veg by 4 pm. Then you came over and we just hung out for a bit. Watched some netflix, wrestled and kissed. I missed you a lot over the last few days. We hadn't seen each other in 5 days cos we've both been soon busy, but at such inconvenient times that we'd always have to cancel on the other person if they were free. Everything we did was nice, but I still felt like you were so far away, like hugging and squeezing you and having you hold me just wasn't enough, I couldn't get enough of you. Then we played that DMA's song that you liked. We sat intertwined and just listened to the song and swayed. You sang to me, we sang together and we just held each other and danced our own little dance. It was like something out of a movie. It was just you and me and the music. It was one of those moments that make you feel so close and I guess I just don't want to forget it. 

Today was a good day.