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and i got you
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Saturday, August 23, 2014 // 5:51 PM

Dearest diary,

I realised that I ran out of tea on Thursday morning so I left for my 9 am tutorial food-less and hot-beverage-less. I had to resort to drinking coffee on Friday and this morning (Sunday) which was kind of a bad call cos coffee always makes me hyperactive and no one really has the energy to match that at 10 in the morning so I end up being super chatty and fidgety and I come crashing down in about an hour or two and I can no longer do work :(

I guess it was a good thing that I didn't have any yesterday morning. We were all called into Dymocks at 7 am for a staff photo shoot! One of my work mates was dragged back from Goulburn to attend this 7 am (fiasco, only jks) because that's how important this photo shoot is to Westfields LOL (and all of us ofc.) When my manager gave me the call, he was all like "So Jess... we need you here at 7 on Saturday instead of 9." "Well, Manager, you know that doesn't make me very happy... but if my picture is being taken, I guess I can make an exception" "Oh Jess, you're a star!" "Honey, I know"

That last line may or may not have been said (but I assure you that's how the rest of the conversation went... just with lots more sarcasm)

So I pulled an 11 hour shift yesterday and after I transported by sister to her friends party and helped mum with dinner, I completely clonked out in bed at 9 pm and didn't wake up until just now (10 am). Normally I wouldn't be so tired even after an 11 hour shift, but the last few days have just been party party party for me (knot really) LOl but on Thursday, Maria, Bobs and I went to Brooklyn Social to eat and we grabbed a few drinks (my hate for Gin has never been this great) to celebrate her completion of her essay and my good test score and Bobs' being bored :)

We walked through China town and Maria bought me blueberry pocky at a Thai grocer. I was still a bit drunk so I was just walking around looking at all their delicious goodies and near yelled "Oh my god, they have jelly!" in a crowded but very quiet store LOL. Everyone looked. And judged. I have not been intoxicated like that in quite a while. We went to get Emperor puffs and chilled in Morning Glory. Maria sold one of her milk tea drinks to one of the workers there?????

Anyway, Friday night Hellen, Collin and I bought a bottle of Vodka and walked up and down John St at 10 pm trying to find orange juice to chase dat liquor. We had to settle for lemonade. Which was okay by me. We bought maccas and played poker in my car until we felt sick, even though we weren't "gonna drink the whole thing". Drama came to pick us up and drove us to the Bistro. Bobs, Will and Bao were there. We chilled and chatted and fucked around with Collin until 2 am when Kim came to pick us up. LOL Collin was sooooo wasted mannnnn (Norwegian accent) and on the ride home, we just spoke spanish to each other and it was great. And In 3.5 hours I had to wake up for work, where I was most definitely a star LOL

I had heaps of fun at the shoot, even though they just wanted one nice proper photo, it took us 30 mins to get one and they didn't really let us be wild animals or anything (until the very end), it was still funny LOL.

Anyway, that's why I've been drinking coffee recently. I really need to buy more tea. One of my uni mates told me that I was the only other second year she has spoken to that doesn't drink coffee (the other exception being herself).

I swear I had a little more to right, but I just got a mad head spin and completely blanked out. LOL Now I don't even know how I'm gonna end this post....

Yours always,