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Gap Medics
Sunday, February 8, 2015 // 2:03 AM

So I recently came back from my first solo trip to Thailand! I met so many amazing people and I saw so many amazing things. Here are some photos of the trip, they're out of order but they'll help me remember this when I'm old and wrinkly, haha.
Our group at Thae Pae gate. This was like central Chiang Mai for us because there was a market here and we'd always meet up here and eat around here and do things around the gate LOL (it's not actually the centre of CNX doe)

First day of placement. I did not bring the right clothes, but I made do with my basics.
Induction arvo with Tik, who looks after gap medics. He got us to eat these, bamboo worms. They were more texture than flavour. Crispy with a hint of salt

We went to a temple
Pix with a monk
Taught him how to take a selfie

Selfie with this soldier. He was amused :)
I think this was on a Tuesday, after placement. A bunch of us went on a bike ride up a never ending hill.

On the way home, Pat and I went a little too fast down the hill. He had to use his shoes along with the brakes so we didn't die LOL
Second bike ride. We took a different path and climbed up a hill

The Jess' from NSW
Hill tribe weekend with our tour guides and the locals who were so kind to let us stay and show us around :) They had very monosyllabic names like Nok, Ake, Kan and Sook.

Don't mind the blur, I was just in a Thai sauna for a good 20 mins. It smelt so nice! Super relaxing :)

I really liked this outdoor bamboo shower
No seat belts for the daring

Our lovely elephant riding attire
Go pro qual

W/ my girl ellie

I should've instaged this
This was the first day of placement. It got kinda boring and I had a scratchy throat so I asked the doctor to examine me. She then go the nurses to take my temp and BP LOL
I think this was in the middle of the Pediatrics week. We really like this doctor. She took the time to go through each patient with us and even though she left for a good hour to do an emergency C-Section, we learnt so much from her
Adam, Anina, Kim and Kristen
On the back of a red taxi
Eating d*ck, the usual
Visited an orphanage. The kid was so amused at his own reflection on the selfie cam! This was probably the most heart-warming hour of my life

Fish massage
Chicken feet salad at the market outside Nakornping Hospital. It was Thai spicy (> 8 chilies per serving)
Back to hill tribe
Pat, Niamh, Jenny, Julie

They got us to release lanterns. We were told it was something that originated in the south after the tsunami hit. People would light and release lanterns as a symbol of letting go of the past and all the bad in your life, to make room for a brighter future. There's now an annual lantern festival throughout Thailand to commemorate those in the tsunami so many years ago. It was such a beautiful thing.

Week 2. Muay Thai after placement
Thai cooking class. It's actually so do-able. Just gotta go out and get all the ingredients

Am I a chef or what? No joke, this was the best tom yum I had in Thailand! and I made it!!

When we were too chicken to watch the C section

Ellie and Shelly in Koh Phi Phi

The sun set was nice
We went scuba diving!!
Aren't we cute? :)

Coral fan, whoa
Snorkel at lunch. Hey Juan

Our dive instructors name was Juan. He's from South Africa

There were swings everywhere!!

Titanic boat