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and i got you
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Friday, May 1, 2015 // 1:50 AM

 Our first pit stop. I showed them Lincoln's rock!
 Liam enjoyed it LOL

 Outside the HealthOne clinic in Molong

 David and Liam with Dr Christie. He was so nice :)

 Our Hotel in Trangie

 V nice dining room that we only used once
 Kitchen very spacious

 The hospital in trangie. I think the population was only about 1000 here. This is where Dr Ash bought us lunch and invited us to chill in his house lol. He also told us were the (2) cool/interesting places were in Trangie. We went into a Vinnies and all bought a sweater :) They're all v cute, I also found a pair of loafers which were my size and only 2$ for the pair! I cinderella
 Trunk of sheep
 Swinging in our lunch break
 waiting in Clinic for Ash to come back
 The drive to Tottenham was amazing. Up until this today (our 3rd day on the road) It had been cloudy or just pouring and shit. It was nice and refreshing to have the sun out :) It was also really nice to drive in the day time LOL

 Stopped 4 photoshoot
 I love dis omg lol

 Very well synchronized imo

 The bogan way
 moar sunset
 I love these things!!!
 Tottenham central school. I think there were only about 100 kids at this school which catered for years k-12. It wasn't locked. So we walked in. Checked out their library through the window, they have a lot of rural magazines n that. There was a zumba class on at the adjacent park. Was kee to join but also did not want to deal with the weird stares lol
 made pasta in a microwave LOL literally thought we were gonna blow the fuse on this little old hotel cos we had things in there for a total of like 40 minutes or something
 pls sir, can I have some more? (in the sweater we bought in Trangie)

 Brekkie on a balcony

The most westerly point we reach, Tottenham, which also happens to be the town closest to the geographical centre of NSW! The further out we went, the better the medical facilities were, which was kind of ironic cos we all expected it to be underfunded and just run down and stuff. But if you think about it, I guess the reason it is newer is because they were probably without any proper facilities or very poor facilities for the longest time and they've only recently gotten the upgrade.
 Centre of NSW
This is Trundle. Apparently, it is home to the widest road in NSW. This is Liam and David on the other side of the road! I'm not too sure about it being the absolute widest, but it is damn fat. The road itself where cars can drive is definitely wider than Sydney roads, probs over 1.5 times the width of each lane. Next to each lane though is just like a gap, like empty road, and there are spaces to park your car, and next to that moving laterally, towards the curb/foot path, there is another big gap where cars can do u turns and then there is the curb. LOL It's fucking wide.
Some fun announcements on the town's billboard. "The Shed" LOL I want us to have a place called the Shed.
Stolden tornado bike??
But anyt other day is ok :)
The CSIRO satellite in Parkes

Moar sunset. We had some good Chinese food in Orange, but they really skimped out on the rice so the boys weren't happy. We got home at 11 that night and I spent the longest time just processing all the things I had seen and experienced.

Definitely an eye-opening trip! I am so grateful to have been a part of such a keen and motivated group. And even though out of the 100+ people we called, we only got 3 OK's, it was worth it in the end and I wouldn't have had it any other way