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and i got you
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fodmn and the winds
Sunday, July 12, 2015 // 6:50 AM

Migratory birds' memories are significantly better than birds which stay put. Same with humans who move a lot. Not in a 'pack up your life and go' sense, but rather an explore/ travel sense. They not only remember more about the routes and such, but their declarative and procedural memory is a lot better than those who do not travel often. According to my lecturer, there is a paper on it somewhere .... lol

So Danny, Bobs, Ems and I went exploring today in the East. It's like a whole new world. They have gyms for their pets and everyone is super fit and friendly, kinda weird lol. Anyway, we went to Milk Beach which was pretty nice. Lots of photos and snaps of the Harbour Bridge and what not. We walked to and from the various small strips of beaches the harder but more adventurous way along the wet rocks, despite there being a very nicely paved path which occasionally sported nice, rectangular sandstone steps. We live life on the edge lol.

It got so windy so we went back to the car. As we walked along the street and jealously admired the big beautiful houses, a broken window caught my eye. We saw 2 garage type doors which were really old and forgotten about and inspected the exterior only to conclude that it was probably an abandoned property. So we tried entering it. As you do. One of the garage doors gave way and we entered an empty room which looked like someone had given up on it mid construction. The walls were there and there was a toilet in the corner, but hanging wires tickled the floors and there were holes in the walls that led no where in particular. We got some nice shots there. People kept saying that it'd be a nice place to shoot a film.

It wasn't too impressive, we left after about 20 mins. But as we kept walking we realised it wasn't just the 2 garage rooms that were abandoned, it was kind of the entire house. There was a nice stairway that led to the second floor that we could see from the road. None of us had the upper body strength to climb over a wall and walk up it, so we looked around and saw an actual opening into the building. Someone had removed a door, but planted a bunch of trees in front of it lol. We managed to get in, but that didn't lead anywhere.

After much contemplation, we decided to give each other boosts into the section with the stairs. We all made it over and walked up the stairs. It led to a room which had a bathroom that had a dripping tap and fresh toilet paper. We def thought something was up by this point. There was another stair case leading upstairs, into the outside world, something like a rooftop garden. We went up there and saw a pool and a bigger house which looked empty but completed in terms of construction. According to bobs, the curtains were old and the place looked kinda run down because of the paint. The pool was super clean though, no leaves or anything like that. We were super duper sus by this point because there were plenty of trees around and such, but the pool was so clean. Someone decided to yell out that someone may actually live here, so we scurried down the stairs and hopped over the wall, back out onto the street.

It was the sickest adrenaline rush and I'm kind of getting the hebe jeebees thinking about it, lol. Wish we had remained cool and explored a bit more, but we got some cool pics and a nice little kick out of it. Definitely made the day, haha.

 Sah wind
 Bridge lyf

 Mistaken Identity

 Jack's Mannequin

 There's an energy when you hold me, when you touch me, it's so powerful

 Went to Little Bay and La Perouse to catch the sunset