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and i got you
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I'm in London!!!
Monday, June 13, 2016 // 7:13 PM

Hey guys! Long time no post. So it's 2:49 am now in London and I can't sleep cos I'm still locked into Sydney time HAHAHHA (it's almost midday back home). So here I am blogging on my phone cos I didn't bring s laptop and everyone is asleep so I can't borrow theirs.

Anyway, it was such a fucking mission getting here. We did not plan the beginning part of our trip properly, but essentially we had to take 3 extra trains and travel under the sea to get to London cos our flight from home only landed in Paris. There are a few things that have really surprised me about London and Europe so far:

  • Everything looks the same. For the most part. I was expecting to be blown away by the difference in nature, the transport system, the buildings. But most things look exactly the same as they do in Sydney. 
  • French people are pretty rude. I've heard this from a few different people but I just assumed it was like how Sydney people are 'to themselves' rude like they're just going their own way and they don't interact with anyone else. But no. A lady pretty much sat on top of me on the train, didn't ask if the seat was free, didn't say excuse me or sorry or even 'move', she just sat on half my leg and I had to stand up, apologise, move my bag and sit in a different spot. Also in general, they're not too friendly at first like no one smiles or says hello. But I've been told it's rude to smile in France. Idk if this is true. Guess we shall see when we go to Paris for real in 3 days haha. 
  • It's so hard to get around. Like you think that every other country's transport system is better than ours ( it is) but that doesn't mean it's simpler or easier to catch LOL there are 3 train systems running in London, the international/ national I think is what it's called, the overground and the underground. They all interconnect too but they're not on the same map. Confusing, but they are very frequent and punctual! :)
  • I'm so happy to be in an English speaking country. I sorta hoped/ assumed everyone would know a bit of English but our short time in Paris showed that if u can't speak that language, ur pretty fucked haha 
  • I am actually really enjoying London. Now those who know me know that I've never been a big fan of the idea of London. Like I was indifferent, it's just another city like Sydney and there isn't a lot of nature or culture to soak in. But there is omg. Okay here is a short cut list of what I like about London: 
- the people are so friendly!!!!! 
- everyone speaks English lol
- the buildings are really nice
- there are really big parks with nice trees and sculptures and stuff
- you can rent a bike :) 
- food places and shopping centres close late, like there's an outdoor market down the road to us that closes at midnight and a westies that closes at 10 pm 
- the sun doesn't set til about 9-10 pm and it rises at 4 am!!! 

Anyway, we went to a club called Fabric on Sunday night. Running on like 10 hours of sleep over 3 days, we thought 'hey you know what will make our jet lag and fatigue better? a night out and lots of alcohol!' LOL it was a techno club and I had a good time :) we got home at around 5 am and had a mini photo shoot outside our house. That morning we all woke up at around 7 am cos fucking Danny wouldn't stop moving in the bed lol and so we all got up and made breakfast.

We went to the Museum of Natural History, Hyde Park (v nice btw) and Harrods which from my impression of it is just 1 really fucking massive store haha. We were so tried from all the shopping that we went home to nap. But Em went out again to shop on her own. When she came home we were supposed to have dinner but I was so tired I didn't wake up in time for dinner :( no one did in fact lol I feel so bad. Anyway, that brings us to now, 3:11 am where I'm blogging cos I can't sleep and no one else is awake to go for a walk with me. 

Anyway, have some photos 

Okay I need to download an app or something before I can. The photos will arrive shortly! 

How r y'all?