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and i got you
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Thursday, July 7, 2016 // 1:20 PM

I am so in love with Barcelona!!

It's probably my favourite Spanish city and Spain is probably my favourite country so far :)

So we're just over half way through our trip with 3 countries and 5 cities to go! I'm not ready to go but I do miss my friends and fam.

I feel like this is so forced lol lets pros and cons again


- SO MANY BEACHES!!! - this is probably why it's my favourite city! I fucking love the beach, and the beaches here are 100000x better than Ibiza and there's so much more Spanish culture, which is why Ibiza is second to baca.
- So many Asians. I know I know, I'm here to meet locals, but sometimes it's nice to see a familiar Asian face, and it's cool how they're as in and can speak Spanish :)
- It was the first time we got to hike/ walk for a long period of time to a lookout/ out of the city - if y'all have seen my fb or Instagram, the pic of the lookout at night and again at sunrise, Bunkers Del Carmel, was probably my fave place in Barcelona. It was just under and hour walk from our house and it's an abandoned bunker from the Spanish civil war days! Mostly locals go there but you do run into a handful of tourists. It's got a 360 view of Barcelona and is absolutely lit at night. It's also amazing at sunrise and during the day!
- Mercado de la Boqueria market! It's the one with all the fruit juice and salad lined up in the market front. Had such an amazing lunch there!!!! We went back the following day to have brunch but it was closed cos Sunday :(
- we went onto our rooftop and is was so fun! Such a thrill. Omg I just have so many good memories there !!!

- whole place smelled like pee
- not eating Spanish food (although this was a choice cos we were hella over it by this city)
- we walked everywhere - Both a pro and a con cos I loved seeing the city and saving money and getting the exercise but it was so hot.
- not going to drink/ club (again our own fault cos we were ceeb and Far away from people and also cos on one of the nights we woke up at 430am to go to the lookout for sunrise)

Not that many cons :)


- drinks were so cheap
- our bar tender/ waiter on the first night was super nice and serenaded us haha
- food was pretty g
- good night life

- we were there for such a short time, we wouldn't properly explore the city which is why it's my least favourite city so far
- everyone was so angry
- hard to find the house cos the owner gave us the wrong address
- he also said there was aircon but there wasnt. There were only 3 fans :(
- no beach :( haha
- it was too glam for me imo