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and i got you
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Sunday, July 10, 2016 // 12:28 PM

I'm so over pasta and gelato. I didn't expect the pasta to blow me away or anything, like I expected it to be more bland/ simple compared to home and it is, but even then it's still a bit disappointing. Like the pad Thai I had in Thailand is dry and bland ish, even though it's authentic. I'm just used to and I prefer the white washed Aussie one. I thought this would be different cos I'm going in expecting it to be about the simple flavours, and it is, but it's still a bit of a let down. I miss having a meat like steak or salmon with 3 veg. I actually miss it so much hahah. It's hard to get a balanced diet here cos they don't really eat meat and their salads are so bland/ basic and everything is carbs lol 

But in spite of that, I'm really liking Rome. We're on our way to Naples now and I kinda wish that I had 1 more day there cos I feel like there's still more to see and learn. 

Another thing I'm a bit disappointed about is not really learning much about the history. Like if we were on a tour, they'd tell you all about the history of a place or statue or like just a small fun fact. I live for stuff like that when I'm looking at ruins and temples and stuff. In Thailand we had a person look after us at the house and he took us around chaing mai and taught us about the temples and the markets and stuff. We're just doing things on our own and the most I get out of a place is 'oh this is massive' or 'oh this is beautiful' which is still better than not going, believe me. I just want a little bit more :( maybe ill just google it haha 

I went through a period where I really missed home, this was about 2 weeks into the trip in Paris/ Amsterdam. I still miss home but it's not as bad as it was during that period. You really start to appreciate the things you take for granted at home. Things are so different here. Like I'm so glad we have such strict road rules and speed/ red light cameras and stuff cos that means people will actually stop for u at a red light. They don't do that here even though there's a zebra crossing or a red light. And just basic things like free tap water at bars and restaurants. Omg the only countries with potable tap water are Italy and UK. What a violation of human rights like u always have to buy water in those other countries. In Ibiza, at a club called amnesia they sold tiny ~200 ml bottles of water for 9 euros (about 14 aud) and we found the exact bottle the next day at a convenient store for 50 cents. Like wtf. We have it so good in Australia lol. But yeah, in Italy there are water fountains on every corner and it's cool and drinkable and I love Italy for that! 

And finally, I do kinda wish we were staying in 1 country for more than a week. I wanted to immerse myself in the culture, but we're moving around so much. This is a good and bad point, like its a taster buffet. We're getting a bit of everything which is good because if something is shit/ underwhelming, we don't have to endure it for long, but obv that's bad when u get to a place that has so much to offer (Barcelona haha) and you're only there for a few days. You leave feeling a bit sad and deprived of a proper experience. When I come back here next I want to stay somewhere for a good month, and maybe just do weekend trips to other cities/ countries. I wanna really be part of a place. I wanna learn the language and the customs. I want to meet locals who will show me all the hidden gems or I want the time to be able to find them myself. 

Lol, this post was a downer. It really isn't that bad here. I'm having an absolute blast! It's just not always rainbows and sunshine so I thought I might write about some of the realities. In spite of everything I said in this post, I am so happy to be in Europe! I really don't know how I'm going to get back into my normal routine in 3 weeks. I wish I had unlimited money so I can travel for the rest of my life haha.